Tweets of 2016

Things I Said on Twitter in 2016

As I say each year: The year in review, in micro-blog form. This is mostly for my own reference, but, you might be bored enough to look at this as well. Who knows!

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Something quirky happened with October/November tweets, but as soon as I get bored enough to manually scrape those, you’ll see them here too! In all, I have around 1870 tweets this year, double either either of the last two years. I suspect a lot of this can be hung directly on the shoulders of a really shitty election cycle and a propensity for live-tweeting things that irritate me. At this point, my account in general is over 19,400 tweets and I’m almost assuredly going to hit 20k in 2017. That’s ludicrous.

  1. My lovely wife, @aglance_, hyper-focused on some New Year’s drumming!
    2016-01-01 07:48:42
  2. Oh… And 2016 is ruined, by the way!
    2016-01-01 07:51:50
  3. That’s a handsome group of folks that were definitely not too old to see midnight! I’m proud of us! :)
    2016-01-01 07:59:40
  4. If you told 25 year old me that new years would include board games w/friends, I’d have assumed you meant in my 70s.
    2016-01-01 08:04:41
  5. That’s because 25 year old me was a moron. 39 year old me couldn’t have had a better time this year. 70 year old me should be so lucky…
    2016-01-01 08:06:02
  6. Also, 39 year old me should not have consumed so much caffeine. His headache is back, he can’t sleep, and he is me talking in the 3rd person
    2016-01-01 08:08:03
  7. 2016 finally brought the snow…soon I’ll have to wear appropriate footwear!
    2016-01-01 21:22:52
  8. It is, apparently, yoga pants day. This is my favorite day! Thank you Lululemon!
    2016-01-02 15:34:43
  9. 2016-01-02 15:39:14
  10. If you thought “I wish to know about some of the players in the Hugo drama”, here’s your intro to John C. Wright:
    2016-01-02 18:01:27
  11. RT @ParkerMolloy: Imagine how right wing media would react if this were a group of 150 armed #BlackLivesMatter activists.…
    2016-01-03 04:57:18
  12. Okay, okay, I’ll join #DryJanuary already!
    2016-01-03 14:37:38
  13. It would be a silent film!
    2016-01-03 16:01:38
  14. 4 days, 3 nights of business travel. Clothing, gear, toiletries. One backpack.
    2016-01-03 21:21:23
  15. I will say, my travel backpack is getting its ass kicked by a fairly modest amount of travel. Replacing it with something similar is $$$ tho
    2016-01-03 21:25:00
  16. RT @crebma: If you’re interested in attending my @codemash precompiler, please have this repo cloned ahead of time:
    2016-01-03 21:38:20
  17. RT @jwiechers: Activists/protestors don’t
    -seize federal property
    -w/heavy arms
    -w/will to kill & die
    -to coerce policy
    Terrorists do
    2016-01-03 22:36:53
  18. RT @Femmenisms: Where are the leaders of the white community to speak out against the violence used by the #OregonUnderAttack ppl?
    2016-01-03 22:37:00
  19. RT @searls: Going to @codemash? Here’s a bunch of talks from @testdouble agents & clients. I personally guarantee they’re great! https://t.…
    2016-01-05 04:31:08
  20. I am not hating the view this morning…
    2016-01-05 12:12:09
  21. Uh oh! POTUS did something…time to red herring about weapons overseas, cherry picked 2nd amendment, and claims of over reach… *sigh*
    2016-01-06 02:38:30
  22. Neo-cons, your rhetoric would be more compelling if you cared about guns overseas or executive overreach during the Bush years. #SuddenCare
    2016-01-06 02:40:12
  23. No surprise that YallQueda is on government assistance. Conservatives are against helping OTHERS. Others = takers. They are merely in need.
    2016-01-06 02:46:24
  24. Half the folks I see posting on social media about the “takers” are CURRENTLY getting assistance. How do they reconcile that? *shrug*
    2016-01-06 02:48:01
  25. Okay, I’m done being cranky at the kids in the room; go back to making America great again or whatever bullshit you think you’re up to. Xoxo
    2016-01-06 02:53:08
  26. Seriously, I want to just troll conservative FB calling folk out: food stamps, government subsidies, Medicaid, ssi…takers, the lot of ya!
    2016-01-06 03:05:51
  27. Okay, NOW I’m done for the night. Go back to doing what you shunned the Dixie Chicks for, you insufferable hypocrites.
    2016-01-06 03:07:24
  28. Amy Schumer has a boyfriend.
    2016-01-06 22:58:14
  29. FINALLY! @davidcrosss is touring. Catching him in RO on Feb 14. Happy Valentine’s Day to ME! :)
    2016-01-06 23:25:39
  30. Why wouldn’t I be suddenly and inexplicably awake at 3:30am? It’s not like that would be a great time for sleep…
    2016-01-07 08:59:59
  31. RT @choochoobear: Erotic militia standoff fanfic from the lead singer of the Decemberists
    2016-01-07 09:02:17
  32. Thor and Hawkeye are gonna get you Winter Soldier!
    2016-01-08 21:23:56
  33. Wait! First Twitter finally takes action against hate activist @nero. Now MRAs and GGers are thinking of boycotting Twitter? #BestDayEvar
    2016-01-09 13:29:16
  34. Don’t get me wrong, merely un-verifying Milo is pretty much the least action Twitter could take; but if it leads to a hate boycott…we win!
    2016-01-09 13:30:54
  35. Just remember this: GG and their ilk have only one power–volume. When they try to actually accomplish more than noise, they fail. *shrug*
    2016-01-09 13:36:41
  36. My email sig should be “Meeting passive-aggression with open hostility since 76”!
    2016-01-09 21:27:45
  37. Is Trump a wannabe evil dictator? He hero worships Kim Jong-un. He is enthralled by the North Korean dictator!
    2016-01-09 23:19:57
  38. RT @selfconference: Looking for a great local event to sponsor? Consider #selfconf!
    2016-01-10 23:00:26
  39. RT @nickmullen: Shout out to everyone using the #ResistCapitalism hashtag on their iphone. its like get an android, the marxist phone, dips…
    2016-01-10 23:15:14
  40. Today’s post is a few hours (and a week) late. Dialing back the anger took some time. American Horror Story:
    2016-01-14 01:47:56
  41. And, yeah, I dialed back the anger quite a bit on that one…I cut it nearly in half, and most of that was just angry frothing.
    2016-01-14 01:48:39
  42. 2016-01-14 01:55:21
  43. Lmfao. @_chelseybaker @Kristina_Blott @aglance_
    2016-01-15 02:35:40
  44. Now that the facts have come in, I look forward to seeing many of you admit you were wrong about the Iran “hostage” boat! #HoldingMyBreath
    2016-01-15 11:36:22
  45. People of Flint are dying from a lack of water. I’ll match donations 1:1 up to $1k Please donate, please share!
    2016-01-15 16:02:46
  46. Email your donation receipt to myfirstname @ websiteURL so that I know what to donate. Include your name and/or twitter to be recognized!
    2016-01-15 16:04:13
  47. First donation in…$50 matched. You didn’t include your name or Twitter in the body, so I’m leaving you anonymous unless you ask otherwise!
    2016-01-15 16:43:26
  48. Another $50 donation, also anonymous. Thank you!
    2016-01-15 17:16:43
  49. And yet another $50 from @OakParkGirl. Thank you all for your donations so far. Remember, tax deductible and really, really important.
    2016-01-15 17:27:17
  50. This is awesome to see…another $100 in anonymously. Thank you all so much! :)
    2016-01-15 17:44:15
  51. And another $75 in..thank you @asetisis and anonymous person! <3
    2016-01-15 17:57:51
  52. And thanks to @amandalodden’s $200 donation, we’re up over $500; nearly $1200 total with match. Keep it coming, I might have to up my match!
    2016-01-15 18:38:53
  53. I’m turning in shortly…but y’all are amazing. I’m going to have to match nearly $800 from the last 10 hours. Beautifully done!
    2016-01-16 03:32:19
  54. When I sign in to my computer, it’s to use it, not to be told what exciting fun I’ll soon have…
    2016-01-16 13:19:21
  55. Watched The Force Awakens again. I enjoyed it even more on the second run. I love the interactions between Finn and Poe.
    2016-01-16 18:59:01
  56. I’m always a little skeptical of online forms that require my email address but don’t email me a confirmation. Bad UX.
    2016-01-16 20:26:51
  57. RT @igorvolsky: Iran shipped out 98% of nuclear fuel Destroyed plutonium reactor
    Dismantled 13k centrifugesAnd GOP is arguing that Obama…
    2016-01-16 23:52:28
  58. Thank you to those that donated for the people of Flint
    2016-01-16 23:55:43
  59. Thanks to tonight’s donations, including $100 from @ryanpfolsom, we are over $900! If we hit $1k tonight, I’ll raise my match cap to $1500!
    2016-01-17 00:27:47
  60. And with an anonymous entry plus $100 from @muffinchants, we’ve broken $1000! I’m now matching up to $1500, so keep it coming!
    2016-01-17 01:17:46
  61. My favorite response to reposting questions ever! An American hero! #MercilessAttack #TakingItBack
    2016-01-17 14:34:32
  62. RT @bechillcomedian: For all the dudes who cried when BBC introduced its “minimum 1 woman per panel show” rule. Meet Dr. Michael Kimmel: ht…
    2016-01-17 16:29:24
  63. Holy shit, if you use LastPass, read this and be careful…
    2016-01-17 20:46:08
  64. Corbin Bernsen: best TV dad. End of discussion! Harder to decide… Turk & JD or Shawn & Gus!
    2016-01-18 01:40:08
  65. I was lax in reporting today: after 3 anonymous donors, we are nearly at $1300 I’ll match about $200 more! Donate!
    2016-01-18 02:36:11
  66. The difference between fact check sites the morning after a Republican and a Democrat debate is sad. We deserve better GOP candidates.
    2016-01-18 11:32:42
  67. Wow, January is marauding through the greats. Max & Erma’s all over the midwest are closing. #RIPinPeaces
    2016-01-18 22:39:34
  68. I’d have more respect for the average SEO person I meet on the web if 100% of their suggestions weren’t from the Google Basics PDF.
    2016-01-18 23:39:00
  69. It was so chilly out today, I had to wear pants to work. C’mon winter, bring the real shit! Make me wear a coat!
    2016-01-19 01:39:40
  70. Think of it this way: his campaign isn’t losing money faster than his casinos! Finally he’s slowing the bleed…
    2016-01-19 01:45:14
  71. Day 2 of long pants. #PantsWatch continues. Your move, winter.
    2016-01-19 13:46:10
  72. Super glad we create an 80+ page document with a tool that doesn’t have find & replace. Super…fucking…glad…. #SuperSarcastic
    2016-01-20 01:24:46
  73. I want so badly to do a slam poetry reading of Palin’s support Trump speech. It’s crazy, illiterate, crazy, schitzo, crazy poetry. Crazy.
    2016-01-20 02:10:03
  74. I have done something terrible to my ankle; my timing couldn’t be much worse. Here’s hoping elevation and ice helps!
    2016-01-20 23:24:19
  75. Made it to the hotel. I’m currently successfully walking without a cane, so my chubby House cosplay probably won’t be necessary!
    2016-01-21 21:39:34
  76. There is an awesome turnout for the Guest of Honor dinner…Thursday night is hopping! #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 00:08:57
  77. Germaine to current conversation… Ernest Goes to Camp: good movie or great movie? #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 00:33:27
  78. Just watched @scalzi karaoke “Octopuses Garden”
    2016-01-22 03:04:34
  79. You know that thing where you’re at karaoke and just before you get up someone gets up and just kills? Just happened… #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 03:13:31
  80. 5/7, perfect score!
    2016-01-22 03:21:42
  81. Did you know that “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is like 5 minutes long and has a second movement? @aglance_ and I know that now. #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 03:23:58
  82. If you’re at #confusionsf and aren’t down at karaoke, you’re missing classic Bowie by @scalzi and @cmpriest!
    2016-01-22 03:28:36
  83. This, too, is entirely true!
    2016-01-22 03:32:22
  84. ConChair and the Fiction Players rocking some “I Will Survive” #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 03:34:48
  85. Including my lovely bride!
    2016-01-22 03:44:30
  86. RT @DelilahSDawson: Good news: @scalzi and @howardtayler wish to pour some sugar on you. #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 03:55:02
  87. . @BristolsBlog… @JebBush… You two should chat about unwed motherhood. Your move, Jeb.
    2016-01-22 09:42:40
  88. I’ve been tweeting about it…but this weekend I’ll be at #confusionSF
    2016-01-22 10:51:06
  89. Apparently, I’ll be using the cane today. Ouch.
    2016-01-22 13:08:55
  90. RT @ScottFilmCritic: Whoever stacked these books is both evil and hilarious.
    2016-01-22 13:46:43
  91. RT @Gwenda: Anyone else read National Hug Day as National Don’t-Touch-Me-WTH-Are-You-Doing Day or is it just me?
    2016-01-22 13:52:19
  92. Overheard: “Alright, when I get to the goat, I know I’m close” #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 14:53:57
  93. I play a very stationary game of laser tag…next up, subpress vs the rest
    2016-01-22 15:46:24
  94. Also, I have it on good authority that @YanniKuznia cheats at laser tag! #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 15:48:02
  95. RT @SubPress: Happy people about to shoot each other. #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 16:23:56
  96. The denizens of @subpress eked out a victory over the authors (plus two). Next up, zombies! #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 16:26:35
  97. I’ll be sitting out the rest of the games though…based on the uptick in pain and swelling, I made poor choices! #confusionsf
    2016-01-22 16:27:45
  98. The color appears accurate…I’m worried what this looks like unwrapped. I make good decisions.…
    2016-01-22 16:38:32
  99. RT @eacarlson: #FF some of my favorite #womenintech: @curlersandcode, @northofnormal, @crebma, @_chelseybaker, @leeanndrees, @AishaBlake, @…
    2016-01-23 05:43:21
  100. If you’re too tired to show up to your panel on time and to not yawn incessantly throughout…skip the panel.
    2016-01-23 16:01:42
  101. Time for the “Is the Golden Age of SciFi/Fantasy Tarnished?” #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:08:38
  102. Is canon stricter in SFF? It’s convenient for incumbent voices, we gatekeep an awful lot — @pnh #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:11:27
  103. “we’re in a new golden age…you can’t keep up with all of the amazing fiction in a given year” — @YanniKuznia #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:13:06
  104. RT @SubPress: There is a question of what’s even in the canon and what should have been (and isn’t), says @tobiasbuckell. #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:13:28
  105. Oh good, we’ve just been invited to the secret cabal that will decide the new canon! Hrmm, maybe I shouldn’t have tweeted that. #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:15:30
  106. You don’t have to be a “book blogger” to write about what you’re reading, just write about it! #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:17:18
  107. There is a massive cadre of young adults providing informal book critique on Tumblr –@tobiasbuckell #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:20:56
  108. We need to be forgiving of past lit, we can’t disregard older work just because it’s fucked up in new context –@saladinahmed #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:26:49
  109. RT @SubPress: We should be cannily forgiving of the past. Because I really want people to be cannily forgiving of me. @saladinahmed #confus…
    2016-01-23 18:27:25
  110. A recurring theme is that “golden age” is personal, not universal. Being upset about the death of the golden age is ridiculous. #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:30:26
  111. It’s okay to like problematic art and recognize that it’s problematic. Don’t get defensive over critique. –@tobiasbuckell #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:32:41
  112. The Hugo outcome is a definitive reaction, not against politics, but against fucking with the community’s award. –@pnh #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:35:37
  113. There are people that are getting their views challenged for the first time that are being huge babies about it. –@pnh #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:39:51
  114. I used to know every story by every author of color, now I don’t even know all of the names! @tobiasbuckell #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:40:52
  115. Marvel and DC led the way in showing people of color as leads in fiction. The first non-lilly white conventions. –@pnh #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:42:57
  116. And @tobiasbuckell spreads filthy lies about Airwolf not holding up. Foul, foul blasphemy! #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:47:59
  117. RT @SubPress: “The past is dead. It cannot clean up its act.” @pnh #ConfusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:48:36
  118. Prose doesn’t age well. Our writing will look stilted in 50 years too. Craft is context-based. –@saladinahmed #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 18:53:33
  119. Now for “Beyond the Hero’s Journey” #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:04:07
  120. . @maxgladstone has sold me on needing to read a 500+ year old serialized novel. Strong start! #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:10:14
  121. Do modern audiences have the patience for the “training montage”? Look at Harry Potter or Name of the Wind… #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:20:19
  122. Campbellian hero is based in wish fulfillment or projection. More about the path than the person. –@miriamannw #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:23:31
  123. Too much has been made to fit the mono-myth. @BookCannibal #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:28:16
  124. The Campbell framework might be a great tool during editing when you are trying to find what isn’t working –@maxgladstone #confusionSF
    2016-01-23 19:32:10
  125. So @SamSykesSwears is so in demand, I just watched him start a timer to spend 5 minutes of quality time with @wes_chu! #confusionsf
    2016-01-24 03:36:12
  126. My ankle is like, 1000x better today than yesterday. My treatment plan of “don’t play laser tag” is working! #AnkleWatch
    2016-01-24 20:09:50
  127. RT @michaellorg: Yeah, @robertjbennett has social media entirely figured out. #confusionsf
    2016-01-24 20:12:18
  128. The last day of con is when we all agree to pretend it’s not over for a few more hours. Hope to see you in May and next year! #confusionsf
    2016-01-24 20:14:34
  129. Oh drama llama, why must you entice people so!?
    2016-01-24 21:22:41
  130. Agreed. Thank you for an amazing year!
    2016-01-24 21:50:38
  131. I seriously hope that the return of X-Files is good; mostly so I don’t have to see weeks of articles about what’s wrong with it…
    2016-01-25 12:14:26
  132. RT @T_Frohock: This happens online, too, but I’m glad Kameron talks abt it: On Kindness and Conventions via @Kamero…
    2016-01-26 11:39:48
  133. RT @Gwenda: If you were at laser tag or did karaoke (or I pointed my phone at you), you may be in the @SubPress photo album:…
    2016-01-26 11:42:24
  134. A pounding headache plus a morning of mild irritations on a day of air travel (which I don’t enjoy). Keep calm, deep breaths…
    2016-01-26 13:12:00
  135. I’ve lived in the area for nearly 18 years now…how have I not thought of this!?
    2016-01-26 14:33:36
  136. Those smart folks at @Penguicon set it up so that you could request an invite to the Penguicon Slack! Join us! :)
    2016-01-26 14:34:44
  137. RT @schmonz: Solving a problem by developing software is expensive. Don’t, unless you have to. Here’s clarity on when that is.…
    2016-01-26 16:17:44
  138. Minivans with automatic side doors were made for Uber. *door slides open* *I get in* *door slides closed* I LIVE IN THE FUTURE!
    2016-01-26 17:08:22
  139. Yes! And it’s it too much to ask for a little *whoosh* noise up in here?
    2016-01-26 17:10:31
  140. Hello New Jersey. No, it’s okay, don’t feel like you have to honk. No…seriously…I’m good! Alright then…
    2016-01-26 22:04:18
  141. One difficulty of work travel is that I still have my actual job to do…makes for long days. It’s a 1st world problem, for sure! #whining
    2016-01-28 03:34:20
  142. Whoever designed the mobile version of the Pottermore site was clearly Slytherin.
    2016-01-29 02:20:56
  143. Dude! @ambertamblyn is touring with her book of poetry Dark Sparkler! I’m so there!
    2016-01-29 02:56:03
  144. I’m finally done with travel for a bit…and today I’m going to see a doctor to find out what I did to my right foot and ankle.
    2016-01-29 13:37:45
  145. I’m banking on my doctor dating that willing around on it, untreated, for two weeks was helpful in some important way!
    2016-01-29 13:48:10
  146. Nurse: what brings you here?
    Me (limping in): headache…Oh, and my right foot
    Nurse: tell me about the headache
    Me: I’m an asshole…
    2016-01-29 15:48:40
  147. I remind myself at least once each day that the failure mode of “clever” is “asshole”…
    2016-01-29 15:49:21
  148. RT @ConFigures: I give the people on my team the most interesting work when I can, instead of keeping it for myself.
    2016-01-29 16:08:39
  149. Kanye is so straight, he doesn’t even wipe his ass! #MasculinitySoFragile
    2016-01-29 16:14:14
  150. I’m not even a Clinton supporter, but there’s something entertaining and ironic about Trump or Carson supporters angry about her “lies”
    2016-01-29 22:37:46
  151. Ponder this: millions spent have still proven no lies of substance from Clinton–but she’s a liar to folks that discount Carson & Trump lies
    2016-01-29 22:41:12
  152. If you’re concerned about electing a liar like Clinton, but back Carson, Trump, or Cruz, you’re a partisan hack and should grow up some.
    2016-01-29 22:43:38
  153. If you respond to me with crazy Bengazhi conspiracies, I’m going to tell you to eat a dick then ignore you. I can’t fix willfully ignorant.
    2016-01-29 22:47:38
  154. …from a certain grassy knoll, I hear…
    2016-01-29 23:14:41
  155. I’m just saying, the squee noise that happened over here TOTALLY didn’t come from me!
    2016-01-30 00:21:06
  156. This began good…and ended AMAZING!
    2016-01-31 00:27:12
  157. The caption will end up being the title of @bfarrugi’s autobiography…
    2016-01-31 02:57:51
  158. A list of Hugo eligible works on Good Reads…I dunno how good it is, but it’s a start. Time to fill in some gaps:
    2016-01-31 15:53:58
  159. If you feel that people whose political views are opposed to yours aren’t American or hate America, should you:
    2016-01-31 16:12:39
  160. RT @selfconference: Early bird tickets are on sale NOW!!
    2016-02-01 23:20:48
  161. Ouch… Motorola 360 watches on Woot for under $200…I feel like that’s hardware’s straight-to-dvd…
    2016-02-01 23:25:36
  162. Holy shit, a hosting provider emailed me usernames, passwords, database names, and addresses for an entire web store. E…MAIL…!
    2016-02-02 15:30:57
  163. Boys and girls, if your hosting provider ever does this: demand they change usernames, passwords, and database names…then find a new host.
    2016-02-02 15:31:33
  164. I’m slowly, SLOOOOWWWWLY climbing out of the hole that I’ve been in at work. My goal: caught up by week’s end. I think I have a shot!
    2016-02-02 17:25:18
  165. RT @crebma: You can never drink nice, warm tea. You can either drink scalding hot tea, or tea that you forgot about after it burned you.
    2016-02-02 19:21:10
  166. RT @BNSciFi: Prepare your ereaders: 21 @SagaSFF ebooks are on sale for $2.99 until Feb. 9!
    2016-02-03 08:00:42
  167. 2016-02-03 08:16:21
  168. I finished @naominovik’s Uprooted this evening and it was amazing. Read this book!
    2016-02-03 08:22:23
  169. Unrelated to my previous tweet…I’d love to sleep now. I woke up at 230am wide awake and exhausted!
    2016-02-03 08:23:29
  170. I need to stop taking conference calls in the room with other people so I can launch my fucking phone and laptop across the fucking room.
    2016-02-04 21:36:09
  171. This is simply too delightfully ironic to be real!
    2016-02-05 00:59:38
  172. And this is how I got kicked out of monster training academy for sexual harassment…
    2016-02-05 20:59:23
  173. My brush with fame…I’ve totally met this guy! But seriously…I *need* one of these!
    2016-02-05 22:55:07
  174. You’ll probably be fine just barricading your mom’s basement!
    2016-02-06 01:59:37
  175. I guess it was a matter of time, @twitter has been trying to become Facebook for a bit. Time for a new platform!
    2016-02-06 02:53:06
  176. So our governor is claiming that he just found out about the Flint water issue last month, making him merely grossly incompetent, not evil.
    2016-02-06 13:51:47
  177. That’s right, @onetoughnerd is so fucking stupid he managed to hide this information from himself for months. Quite a feat!
    2016-02-06 13:56:56
  178. “Today we will spend $12M to switch back to Detroit water…please don’t tell me! I will be so upset!” -@onetoughnerd 10/2015
    2016-02-06 14:01:25
  179. I just found my digital recorder. This means I’ve found many old recordings. I have the opening ceremonies from the final ConStruct!
    2016-02-06 18:52:57
  180. Hey, @stormgren78, you were GoH at that con, and @CodexMagnolia was your liaison!
    2016-02-06 18:55:12
  181. I appear to also have the audio from a “SciFi on the Radio” from some past @Penguicon!
    2016-02-06 19:01:58
  182. I miss ConStruct. I genuinely wish I had the time to do it again. Time and energy.
    2016-02-06 19:05:18
  183. Ugh, the only Republican on the stage that would actually be a good candidate (Kasich) doesn’t get much time because he’s not stupid enough.
    2016-02-07 12:19:04
  184. The introductions last night are a metaphor for the GOP primary. Carson, Trump, et al preventing anyone from remembering the good option.
    2016-02-07 12:22:09
  185. How does the modern GOP not realize they’re our ISIS? Taking rights from women, wants to bomb and torture enemies, wants religious laws…
    2016-02-07 12:34:52
  186. This made my morning!
    2016-02-07 14:18:26
  187. This is gonna seem sorta out of touch for someone who loves Sherlock Holmes as much as I do; but there’s a show starring Jonny Lee Miller?
    2016-02-07 18:47:27
  188. Watching “Elementary” for the first time…I appreciate them avoiding making Gregson a buffoon. He was only stupid compared to Holmes!
    2016-02-08 00:03:27
  189. Carolina won 1 out of 1 coin tosses tonight? I assume there will be tons of uninformed outrage and statistics tomorrow! #CoinTossGate
    2016-02-08 00:10:55
  190. “Elementary” does nearly as great a job with the Holmes/Watson relationship as the BBC show. Symbiosis…mutual need and mutual benefit!
    2016-02-08 00:49:45
  191. Perhaps you could make…I dunno…an algorithm @twitter. Pretend there are ad dollars in it for you…
    2016-02-08 11:17:06
  192. I’m hopeful that we can figure out what I did to my foot today. We’ve more or less ruled out gout and a fracture.
    2016-02-08 14:05:40
  193. I love when assholes bitch out the receptionist for having to wait. Yes, you’re the only one stuck waiting, and yes, you are VERY important.
    2016-02-08 16:16:38
  194. What the fuck? These two dipshits are honestly candidates to lead our country? I’m so proud to be from ‘MURRICA!
    2016-02-08 16:18:48
  195. Time for new x-rays! There is, perhaps, a fracture in an area that they couldn’t see before? Specialist wants different views…
    2016-02-08 16:40:04
  196. Looks like it’s time for a specialist! I hope I can get an appointment expediently!
    2016-02-08 18:44:11
  197. The most frustrating part of dealing with my foot issue is that it keeps briefly improving, tricking me into waiting weeks!
    2016-02-08 20:05:34
  198. The irregulars, Moran, and Moriarty all in one episode!? Nicely played Elementary!
    2016-02-08 22:15:48
  199. Bowser doesn’t understand very well…
    2016-02-09 00:15:46
  200. I like it when it’s snowy out. It’s so pretty. I can briefly forget that we live on the decision-making cusp of a dystopia-to-be…
    2016-02-09 11:12:22
  201. NOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2016-02-09 11:55:59
  202. Thank you, secret valentine, for the giving me something to annoy my wife with! #shipadick
    2016-02-09 12:03:15
  203. An excellent point!
    2016-02-09 12:58:25
  204. Had a fantastic call with @BrightHouseCare tech support. Best provider support I’ve literally ever had. Eric is my hero!
    2016-02-09 15:18:22
  205. RT @meakoopa: imagine being embroiled in a war so asymmetric the side w submachine guns complained abt being critiqued VIA DANCE? https://t…
    2016-02-09 15:19:30
  206. Easily 25% of my day is spent trying to remember what the hell I was doing before this interruption. My estimate is very conservative.
    2016-02-09 16:09:10
  207. In “things that I don’t think are possible but are happening” news: we seem to have a web form submission that kills Internet connectivity?
    2016-02-09 17:46:55
  208. Begin reading here, then read through the replies…offensive bullshit examined. Really well explained…
    2016-02-09 17:50:53
  209. 2016-02-09 17:52:57
  210. And the prognosis is back to gout! After a very painful injection, let’s see how the pain is impacted! This is not a fun game!
    2016-02-09 22:37:39
  211. RT @davehogg: Rubio is preparing his concession speech: “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know wha…
    2016-02-10 02:13:10
  212. RT @TheTweetOfGod: RESULTS
    Huge A-hole 34%
    Normal A-hole 15%
    Fundy A-hole 11%
    Dynastic A-hole 11%
    Robot A-hole 10%
    Fat A-hole 7%
    She A-hole…
    2016-02-10 02:17:47
  213. Hrmm… Trump and Sanders in NH. I’m not really sure what to do with that…
    2016-02-10 02:20:40
  214. RT @neiltyson: If you never make mistakes then you are not on the frontier of discovery, for there is where mistakes are made all the time.
    2016-02-10 23:35:05
  215. A really thought provoking take on that @rooshv sack of shit and revenge when the Internet feel on his head recently
    2016-02-11 00:44:30
  216. Another important read…the Daggatt Dare: “Name any meaningful metric that got worse under President Obama”
    2016-02-11 01:00:41
  217. Tickets for Deadpool have been purchased…all is well with the world :)
    2016-02-11 01:32:28
  218. I have been informed, the lurkers in email hate me! Also, they’re terrified of me! Bow before my ludicrous power! #ExclamationPoints
    2016-02-11 22:51:14
  219. On a thread about bugs in software, Reddit gets it right!
    2016-02-12 12:09:35
  220. Pondering submitting a Self.conference talk about moving a delivery team to Scrum; is that even a needed talk? Are there enough of those?
    2016-02-12 16:43:21
  221. I don’t see the value in being the nth human to pontificate about the same topic for values of n exceeding 1 by very much.
    2016-02-12 16:44:29
  222. “You wanna be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make em wonder why you’re still smiling.” –a Claire
    2016-02-12 18:37:24
  223. Deadpool was better than I could have hoped. The funniest bits were not in the trailer…there’s plenty more to love! <3
    2016-02-13 00:17:18
  224. We have essentially been reciting the movie to each other since we finished, quoting our favorite parts (which amounts to the whole movie)
    2016-02-13 01:03:44
  225. Now the GOP can prove they hate democracy by blocking a SCOTUS appointment for 10 months. I’m sure they’ll manufacture a good “reason” tho!
    2016-02-13 23:17:12
  226. The GOP is gonna have to more-than-double the current record for delaying an appointment; I think they have the ignorance to pull it off!
    2016-02-13 23:19:36
  227. But seriously, I don’t mean to make light of Scalia’s death. This is tremendous news for non-racists and educated people in the US!
    2016-02-13 23:20:56
  228. RT @feraljokes: i’m starting to think that this is the last season of America and the writers are just going nuts
    2016-02-13 23:23:11
  229. GOP, if you don’t spend AT LEAST $5M in the next 10mo “investigating” Obama for his role in Scalia’s death, I’ll be about disappointed!
    2016-02-13 23:29:06
  230. Right on time, the GOP didn’t even wait for an appointment before trying to overturn democracy.…
    2016-02-13 23:38:45
  231. RT @Snowden: Counterpoint: Failing to confirm a #Scalia replacement could significantly increase voter turnout, which historically works ag…
    2016-02-13 23:57:49
  232. RT @moshekasher: Just to make sure I understand your argument: you want me to show respect for the death of a hateful man who disrespected …
    2016-02-13 23:59:54
  233. RT @SaraJBenincasa: It does not negate any empathy for the family of the deceased to point out that the deceased actively ruined lives for …
    2016-02-14 00:28:36
  234. I would take that over Scalia!
    2016-02-14 00:28:53
  235. So the Canadian thinks the only way to preserve our Constitution is to utterly ignore it? Presidential material!
    2016-02-14 00:32:10
  236. This is simple, plain truth. If you don’t want Obama to appoint, you aren’t in favor of our Constitution. Period.
    2016-02-14 00:42:11
  237. But if the current president doesn’t place a justice…mana burn!
    2016-02-14 00:43:53
  238. For fuck’s sake: “The American people should have a voice…” – two fucking elections for president don’t count as a voice? Fucking fuckers!
    2016-02-14 01:09:08
  239. Okay, enough angry ranting about politics for now. I was already going to skip the GOP “debate”, but I sure as shit will now.
    2016-02-14 01:18:18
  240. RT @TessaDare: If the aim is to win the votes of the American electorate in November, telling America their last 2 votes don’t count seems …
    2016-02-14 01:19:23
  241. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you all spend the day with someone you love as much as I love @aglance_
    2016-02-14 12:09:16
  242. Amber Tamblyn’s book reading was great! Amber was awesome, but the book folks were weird. Relaxing over coffee before the comedy show…
    2016-02-14 21:08:01
  243. Ger and I are the sole occupants of the entire dining area at Pronto…a nice way to spend a couple of hours on Valentine’s Day!
    2016-02-14 21:46:30
  244. This is no exaggeration. I was very embarrassed; first on behalf of the author, then on our own behalf!
    2016-02-14 21:48:50
  245. I’m totally responsible for the heart on this plate!
    2016-02-14 21:51:03
  246. Ger and I decided that we need a subscription service for @erinmallorylong’s wardrobe. $100/mo, and Ger just gets random outfits Erin finds!
    2016-02-14 21:59:40
  247. How do you kill time before a show at the Royal Oak Music Theatre? Goldfish Tea, obvs!
    2016-02-14 23:15:21
  248. The David Cross show was amazing…well worth the wait. I’d put this up next to Shut Up You Fucking Baby in terms of material.
    2016-02-15 03:26:32
  249. I don’t know how long ago it happened, but I laughed out loud when I saw Buddha’s eyes this…
    2016-02-15 14:24:21
  250. Hey @CVS_Extra, I don’t know how the fuck you got my phone #, but if you keep robo-calling me prescription reminders, you’re getting a bill!
    2016-02-15 22:09:19
  251. Wait, The Saint is on Netflix? There goes my evening!
    2016-02-16 00:09:54
  252. I forgot how much I love this soundtrack! Sneaker Pimps, Orbital, Moby…this sounds like the 90s to me…
    2016-02-16 00:49:49
  253. That sound you hear is the folks claiming that Obama was going with a recess appointment being wrong:
    2016-02-16 18:07:56
  254. Oh convention drama. I forget about its very existence, then it springs up again and I’m reminded: oh yeah, there are these folks out there.
    2016-02-17 14:37:44
  255. Currently listening to @bfarrugi teach our dev team…he makes the best slides!
    2016-02-17 19:48:50
  256. Today I whined about foot pain in entirely too much detail! Enjoy…
    2016-02-17 22:10:05
  257. RT @Snowden: This is the most important tech case in a decade. Silence means @google picked a side, but it’s not the public’s. https://t.c…
    2016-02-17 22:44:51
  258. RT @GreatDismal: People who feel safer with a gun than with guaranteed medical insurance don’t yet have a fully adult concept of scary.
    2016-02-18 01:35:38
  259. Did I miss the memo? appears not owned by @JebBush? Awkward!
    2016-02-18 03:03:34
  260. RT @SlaunchaMan: Imagine the response if the FBI forced a gun manufacturer to install a backdoor that remotely disabled guns.
    2016-02-18 04:24:10
  261. Doing dinner at Roast with @aglance_ before we go see the Cinderella musical. Date night!
    2016-02-18 22:36:16
  262. I haven’t been in years, the Detroit Opera House is gorgeous!
    2016-02-19 00:10:43
  263. We’re only half way through, and I’m in love with this. The cast is amazing, the execution of the choreography is top notch. See this show!
    2016-02-19 01:37:01
  264. Very dark theater selfie!
    2016-02-19 01:40:21
  265. So…you’ve never *read* the Constitution before? You’re hazy on the appointment process?
    2016-02-19 11:13:33
  266. Asked and answered…you *are* hazy on the appointment process. That makes sense…
    2016-02-19 11:14:38
  267. It’s okay, @lisamurkowski, we can’t expect our elected officials to actually understand how our government is supposed to work. You’re fine!
    2016-02-19 11:15:42
  268. True facts from Elizabeth Warren. We don’t exist in a vacuum people…
    2016-02-19 11:44:35
  269. If you think you can multitask, try reading an IM while speaking to a team on a call. Reality will become comically apparent…
    2016-02-19 13:19:31
  270. RT @erikvolson: @jer_ Try cooperative multitasking. Tell them to be quiet, your focus is switching to IM for a few cycles.
    2016-02-19 13:44:17
  271. So Cruz’s eligibility is going to court? While I think it’s largely stupid, it does feel just. He’s not MORE of a citizen than Obama…
    2016-02-19 22:57:57
  272. So @realDonaldTrump is calling for an Apple boycott. Luckily, his followers can neither afford nor understand Apple products. “Boycott”
    2016-02-20 01:16:21
  273. .@realDonaldTrump’s idiotic point of view is no surprise; he was going to ground terrorists by having Bill Gates shut off their Internet.
    2016-02-20 02:05:24
  274. He’s just “telling it like it is”, right hatemongers?
    2016-02-20 03:04:33
  275. Ooh, Sherlock and Watson are in Onondaga county. I grew up there, and it’s weird to hear it mentioned in a show.
    2016-02-20 18:36:12
  276. RT @noahsussman: Hi, this goes in ~/.gitconfig. You’re welcome.
    2016-02-20 20:36:58
  277. RT @catvalente: If you can’t support Bernie Sanders without trashing Hillary Clinton, maybe you should ask yourself how good the platform r…
    2016-02-20 20:37:40
  278. Death Before Dishonor in the GOP; subtitle: Goodbye Jeb Bush
    2016-02-21 15:21:17
  279. “I don’t care which cock I’m holding, I just want to know how it got there” –Watson, “Elementary”
    2016-02-21 19:03:27
  280. RT @seananmcguire: And don’t say “well, Guy At CVS should find a better job” unless you’re cool with having all the stores near you closing.
    2016-02-21 19:26:24
  281. This should be obvious: if you discard a policy as “socialism” rather than argue its merits, you can’t expect a seat at the grown up table.
    2016-02-22 13:59:40
  282. Those of you fetishizing the free market are as bad as those fetishizing social programs. Extremism is for children. Both extremes are dumb.
    2016-02-22 14:00:49
  283. “He’s not the hero we need, he’s the hero we’re insured for…” –@bfarrugi and @coryskelly about @jsabada
    2016-02-22 16:28:06
  284. Wait, The Black Crowes have albums out in the later 2000s? I am very, very there!
    2016-02-22 16:40:05
  285. Hrmm…I might have misjudged; I’m not sure that there is a Black Crowes album after 2000 after all, this might be something different.
    2016-02-22 16:47:14
  286. I will say this about late 2000s Black Crowes…it sure did remind me to go listen to late-90s Black Crowes…
    2016-02-22 19:43:07
  287. Last week I finally finished the extra work in my queue; this week was for catching up on my job. Predictably, this week exploded. #ThugLife
    2016-02-23 16:02:16
  288. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night leads to obesity, strokes, and dying young and alone…
    2016-02-23 18:52:28
  289. I’m shocked; the GOP has decided that 2 presidential elections doesn’t represent “the voice of the people”–the senate won’t do their job.
    2016-02-24 00:13:31
  290. That’s okay, I’m not crazy busy tomorrow…it’s definitely no problem that I’m wide awake in the middle of the night!
    2016-02-24 07:58:08
  291. RT @daveanthony: Only 130% of Trump’s supporters are racist
    2016-02-24 08:03:47
  292. RT @IsaacDovere: “Nearly 20 % of Mr. Trump’s voters disagreed with the freeing of slaves in Southern states after the Civil War.” https://t…
    2016-02-24 08:12:15
  293. RT @ParkerMolloy: Whenever someone says “I like Trump because he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind,” I just hear, “I, too, am a racist…
    2016-02-24 08:22:49
  294. Weirdest @SlackHQ issue: I’m not getting invites. Others in my org are, repeated attempts don’t work, it’s not in spam, etc. #mystified
    2016-02-24 21:32:30
  295. This is the greatest thing I’ve read in a while. Bernie Sanders is the Worst Candidate. Time to give up! #ReadIt
    2016-02-24 21:53:53
  296. I could stand to hear more…
    2016-02-25 01:13:02
  297. I can tell that I’m starting to overdo the accumulation of tasks; in beginning to let things that matter to me slip. Time to simplify.
    2016-02-25 02:13:03
  298. It’s annoying to know what you have to do and to not want to spend the energy. It’s more annoying when it’s 6 months overdue. #VagueBooking
    2016-02-25 02:50:23
  299. This is why I love them. We were having problems with invites, Slack reached out, one email later…we were good. Thanks @SlackHQ
    2016-02-25 12:56:22
  300. Leave it to Sharepoint to make color-coding entries on a calendar a non-trivial task. Well played!
    2016-02-25 13:34:01
  301. Microsoft, you’re frigging killing me today. OneNote on OSX can’t open a .onepkg file? What madness is this?
    2016-02-25 14:21:16
  302. So we are up to the third level of masturbating posts about being employed by Yelp; each more insipid than the last. Next drama please!
    2016-02-26 00:37:34
  303. Listen, you can believe what you want…but I’m pretty skeptical of any “doctor” that doesn’t consider health care a basic human right.
    2016-02-26 11:26:10
  304. RT @JRRParker: @jer_ you sound like you want there to be Doctors Without Borders.

    Wait a second…

    2016-02-26 11:35:34
  305. Nothing like the sheer panic of having half of your team ping you at 7:30 in the morning because nobody can push repos!
    2016-02-26 13:08:48
  306. “I […] came to one conclusion. I do need to check my privilege. Because what if I’ve lost it?”
    2016-02-26 16:14:51
  307. Here’s a link from your support pages: Is there an MS version of LMGTFY?
    2016-02-26 20:44:53
  308. RT @daveweigel: Melissa Harris-Perry, taking no shit.
    2016-02-27 04:05:57
  309. RT @_chelseybaker: What have you done to brighten someone else’s life lately? What have you done to brighten your own?
    2016-02-28 02:04:21
  310. Yeah! Err…Wait. Except me, I assume…
    2016-02-28 02:10:26
  311. I am irrationally annoyed that the @instagram app on Android doesn’t rotate. It’s a bunch of scrolling squares, rotate that shit!
    2016-02-28 13:36:24
  312. The GOP is doing a magic trick where they’re motioning toward illusionary socialism while producing fascism from mere decades of hate!
    2016-02-29 00:21:19
  313. “Look at her, she’s a liar! Look at him, he’s a communist! Pay no attention to this racist, hate-filled mob we’re rallying!” –the GOP
    2016-02-29 00:39:58
  314. “Nothing up my sleeves; certainly not a functional economic policy…and now voila! Your money is in the hands of an oligarchy!” –the GOP
    2016-02-29 00:43:42
  315. RT @NateSilver538: Strongest correlate I’ve found for Trump support is Google searches for the n-word. Others have reported this too: https…
    2016-02-29 00:46:02
  316. RT @JRRParker: @jer_ thank you for registering for the Republican primary. Would you like a torch, or complimentary pitchfork?
    2016-02-29 00:48:02
  317. Mr Oliver, you magnificent bastard! This is so worth watching, it should be mandatory… #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain
    2016-02-29 22:32:00
  318. So you’re telling me the party that repeatedly tried to incriminate Clinton and discard the ACA thinks Trump is asked about the KKK to much?
    2016-03-01 02:00:23
  319. Has @realDonaldTrump (aka Baby Fingers) responded to John Oliver’s piece yet?
    2016-03-01 02:13:45
  320. “let Trump happen”? If you shove someone off a cliff, you don’t lament having “let them” hit the ground.
    2016-03-01 11:29:31
  321. “Hypocrisy”, like “irony”, is a word oft misunderstood. If one’s behavior requires a very particular viewpoint to be hypocritical, it’s not.
    2016-03-02 11:51:22
  322. One can, for example, be morally opposed to killing, but morally fine with killing in self defense. Not hypocritical.
    2016-03-02 11:52:43
  323. Likewise, one can be against wilfully mis-gendering Caitlyn Jenner and still find hoisting Donald Drumpf by his own petard to be legit.
    2016-03-02 11:54:16
  324. In short (too late), it’s a grown up world full of nuance. Try not to assign things to narrow boxes of black and white.


    2016-03-02 11:56:16
  325. You can keep updating the settings for an Apache2 rewrite all you want, if you don’t enable mod_rewrite, it won’t work. Pro tip! *sigh*
    2016-03-02 12:54:58
  326. Every time you claim that “socialism” has never worked; you are drowned out by the laughter of several top GDP nations.
    2016-03-02 20:43:14
  327. Your claims that “socialism” never works are also hard to reconcile with our socialist schools, roads, defense, police/fire, farms, snow rem
    2016-03-02 20:45:43
  328. Another in a series of posts about our transition to Scrum; this time about training people to work
    2016-03-02 21:00:49
  329. It’s tough to see someone you generally respect won over by fear and ignorance and hate and thinking Trump is an alternative to anyone. Sad.
    2016-03-04 00:57:26
  330. An awesome speaker! I saw her at Self last year, she was great. Wish this conference was a different weekend :(
    2016-03-04 01:44:57
  331. RT @RellyAB: Today I found out who wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and I nearly fell out of my chair.

    Go on. Look it up. I’ll wait.

    I KNOW,…

    2016-03-04 01:54:44
  332. RT @Fredday95: White ppl: If Trump wins I’ll move to Canada hahehahahhe

    Minorities: I’m legitimately terrified for the safety of myself an…

    2016-03-04 02:05:20
  333. If you were dropped back in time circa 1933 and a hateful demagogue had just been appointed chancellor; what would you do to avert disaster?
    2016-03-04 13:14:01
  334. I want to hang a poster of this in my home office…
    2016-03-04 22:21:33
  335. Well, I know how I’m spending my weekend now!
    2016-03-05 15:45:57
  336. I suspect we have a difference of opinion as to what “concrete” means.
    2016-03-05 15:49:31
  337. RT @carl_diggler: My conservative intellectual friends are aghast that Trump penis has eclipsed their serious debate about racial science a…
    2016-03-05 18:49:27
  338. The view from my desk; finally hung my posters from zen_pencils!
    2016-03-06 14:25:35
  339. I spent several hours watching @SimoneGiertz videos last night…now I want her to be a Guest of Honor for @Penguicon… @Cylithria!! :)
    2016-03-06 14:41:06
  340. The “Man in the Arena” poster is a quote from Roosevelt, the poster is here:
    2016-03-06 18:49:42
  341. Amongst the Zen Pencils, this has become one of my new favorites, and will likely inhabit my wall soon as well…
    2016-03-06 18:55:47
  342. RT @BridgetPhetasy: Yeah I bet people who had their doubts about Hitler were told to “stop being so melodramatic” too.
    2016-03-06 20:16:24
  343. Completely unacceptable…
    2016-03-06 23:39:04
  344. RT @tpkroger: @saladinahmed I just stare at this picture until I reach a zen-like state of “Oh fuck…”
    2016-03-07 14:42:23
  345. In the same week, talks at @Penguicon accepted and talks at @selfconference rejected. Keeping it humble ;p
    2016-03-07 16:17:35
  346. Tomorrow is primary day in MI–no matter who you are voting for, get out and vote. All of our interests are best served by a high turnout.
    2016-03-07 17:56:08
  347. Happy #InternationalWomensDay, or the day tons of dudes pretend the other 364.25 days aren’t Men’s Day.
    2016-03-08 11:22:30
  348. I’m not sure what the Lance family crest would be, either…but this sounds about right…
    2016-03-08 13:00:01
  349. As I take a leisurely drive along the Huron River on a gorgeous day listening to Syd Matters, I’m not mad at the highway closure.
    2016-03-08 20:28:35
  350. Voting accomplished! Seriously, you still have time…get out and vote .
    2016-03-08 23:22:11
  351. RT @AP: BREAKING: Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic presidential primary in Michigan. @AP race call at 11:30 p.m. EST. #Election2016 #APra…
    2016-03-09 10:35:51
  352. What a weird coincidence…the candidates getting all the coverage are leading. How completely unexpected!
    2016-03-09 10:47:04
  353. Today’s post was about the folks that tell you you’re doing agile wrong (spoiler: they’re wrong):
    2016-03-09 20:20:25
  354. RT @skoobeedont: After criticizing Bernie Sanders for giving up a mic to a protester, Donald Trump gives up an auditorium.
    2016-03-12 11:47:18
  355. I love @DetroitLabs for doing a series of interviews with their team. They interviewed @_chelseybaker!
    2016-03-12 15:33:03
  356. I will be buying their entire stock!
    2016-03-12 20:07:55
  357. Lmao, just watched one of those “Watch Trey Gowdy DESTROY” videos. I love how poorly they use the term “destroy”. Just Gowdy being an idiot.
    2016-03-12 22:15:47
  358. Gowdy: “You’ve been good in not telling me how to do my job”
    SOMEBODY should tell you how to do your job, $6M ago.
    2016-03-12 22:17:33
  359. Gowdy: “I’m just surprised at how many people bought it”
    We’re thinking the same thing, big guy; but not for the same reason I suspect!
    2016-03-12 22:19:14
  360. Kids; the House (led by Rs that hate HRC) have found repeatedly that Clinton isn’t culpable. This is politics only, plain and simple.
    2016-03-12 22:21:08
  361. Everybody out there shouting about “that liar Clinton” over Benghazi are ridiculously uninformed, partisan, or covered in hats of foil.
    2016-03-12 22:22:13
  362. RT @OhNoSheTwitnt: It’s fitting that we set the clocks forward during Women’s History Month because it’s progress but a lot of people compl…
    2016-03-13 12:01:21
  363. There’s irony somewhere in the fact that @voxday continues to promote his “SJWs Lie” book after lying about the Trump rally Nazi. #Awareness
    2016-03-13 12:47:03
  364. RT @eacarlson: I hear the same kind of “us and them” rhetoric from many Sanders supporters as I do from Trump supporters. Take that as you …
    2016-03-15 19:42:16
  365. Ugh. It has not been a good day. I kinda want to just go to sleep and see if tomorrow is better. It’ll be better, right? *sigh*
    2016-03-15 19:44:18
  366. Sam is having the same day I am…
    2016-03-15 20:11:44
  367. Hah…for @_chelseybaker
    2016-03-15 20:37:06
  368. True or false; this doesn’t speak well of Carson. This is the strong, moral guy, right? Good values?
    2016-03-15 20:44:24
  369. Umm…can I vote for tacos or something instead?
    2016-03-15 21:23:17
  370. I’m not hating my drive home.
    2016-03-15 21:31:41
  371. RT @adambozarth: Things have shifted so far to the right in this country that the Dems are electing a republican and the GOP is electing a …
    2016-03-16 13:04:39
  372. Thoughts on building safe spaces for your team:
    2016-03-16 15:02:12
  373. Oh, I think this will be happening now! I like this plan…
    2016-03-16 17:57:02
  374. Spare me from folks that drive-by snark on social media then get huffy when snarked at in return. Their own medicine is not to their liking?
    2016-03-17 01:25:19
  375. I just love that he says what he thinks! He’s so outside the system!
    2016-03-17 01:29:55
  376. It is the grossest privilege to be able to say “I can support a person for expressing hate without supporting his hate.”
    2016-03-17 02:15:10
  377. What in the everything fuck; so, the whole party hasn’t read the Constitution? Also, hazy on the term “elected”?
    2016-03-17 02:44:17
  378. Part of revolutionary America was pamphlets and satirical cartoons. Punditry and satire are essential to activism.
    2016-03-17 02:50:58
  379. All of my picks are in…as usual, I have a Big East national championship (Nova v Syracuse) and, as usual, I will lose very early on :)
    2016-03-17 11:52:14
  380. Oh my god, fuck you Gonzaga! Every year you do this shit to me. If I pick you, you lose. If I pick against you, you win. Dicks! :)
    2016-03-18 11:01:12
  381. I thought we had settled this people…if you make a claim you cannot support with evidence, we ignore your claim. It’s that simple.
    2016-03-18 11:23:25
  382. Iggy Pop’s new album (collaborating with Josh Homme) drops today and Hugo nominations are due soon. This is the important news of the day!
    2016-03-18 11:43:38
  383. I just found out that I can buy a small airplane for under $50k. Why do I now own a small airplane? This seems like an obvious purchase.
    2016-03-18 12:49:49
  384. Holy shit, MI State! That’s brutal…
    2016-03-18 22:45:49
  385. Don’t think that most of us aren’t aware that most of you wailing about “takers” are 1-2 missed paychecks from welfare yourselves…
    2016-03-19 12:34:22
  386. RT @amyjokim: You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site – #FrankLloydWright #agile https://t.c…
    2016-03-19 13:44:50
  387. RT @sannewman: In a real American Bible, Jesus would feed the multitudes by teaching them how to fish.
    2016-03-19 20:21:04
  388. The overlap between folks saying to “get a better job” and saying their “hours got cut by Obamacare” should be slapped in the fucking face.
    2016-03-20 04:22:04
  389. I had so many plans for today…now I’d rather do a great deal of nothing!
    2016-03-20 12:24:08
  390. Impossibly, my elite 8 picks remain almost entirely intact because, while I picked ridiculously, reality has been even more ridiculous!
    2016-03-20 12:31:52
  391. I met myself half way…I did very nearly nothing today. Close enough!
    2016-03-21 00:23:40
  392. DevOps at 5:30am. Sure, I’m awake enough for this :)
    2016-03-21 09:58:13
  393. I’m gonna call bullshit on the ‘largest number using three digits’ post; that didn’t happen. Also, dude’s a dbag.
    2016-03-21 10:03:41
  394. RT @AstroKatie: The number of successful people who think “I worked hard and made it” implies “you will make it if you just work hard enoug…
    2016-03-21 13:17:54
  395. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was sung, not by Burl Ives as I’ve KNOWN for years, but by Thurl Ravenscroft. This is my Berenstain Bears.
    2016-03-21 16:37:59
  396. I’m so ridiculously in love with this sentiment.
    2016-03-21 16:59:53
  397. RT @d_haggar: It would it suck if you sent your man nudes and he texted back, “You are so brave.”
    2016-03-21 21:10:17
  398. I was hoping that this year’s Hugo drama would be minimized by cooler, wiser heads. Cue Hoyt’s usual spastic flail.
    2016-03-21 22:33:43
  399. In case you want to read Hoyt’s shitshow: Summary: people that want off the list are demons. Circle-jerk follows.
    2016-03-21 22:37:15
  400. Hoyt dipshittery aside, if you are looking for a solid list of eligible works, this year’s SP list is a great start.
    2016-03-21 22:52:48
  401. Sorry, I’m in a meeting and didn’t see your message. Please send your message again via every single communications platform available. xoxo
    2016-03-22 16:45:59
  402. RT @steve_buchheit: @jer_ Roger, wilco. :: sets internet to apocalypse mode ::
    2016-03-22 16:48:30
  403. Let’s make America great again in a non-specific but still xenophobic way!
    2016-03-23 10:54:53
  404. If your company rolls out a new set of KPIs and none address quality in any way, it doesn’t value quality. This is not debatable.
    2016-03-23 13:07:11
  405. I want to make a meeting scorecard: a tally board of uses of the words “quality”, “revenue”, and “profit”. Most tallies == company mission.
    2016-03-23 13:55:01
  406. I’m sleeping poorly and making decisions even more poorly. You can probably skip this post:
    2016-03-23 15:02:14
  407. Hrmm…interesting. Something to consider on our next build.
    2016-03-23 20:39:32
  408. Judging by the number of sites I needed being down for most of the day, it was a bad day to be devOps! Hope tomorrow is better y’all!
    2016-03-24 01:39:08
  409. Daredevil season 2 is great, just two episodes to go and I don’t want it to end. Matt needs to take a nap, he’s giving me sleep anxiety!
    2016-03-24 10:35:08
  410. Also, everyone is a far better friend to Matt than Matt is in return. Be a better friend Matt!
    2016-03-24 10:35:52
  411. RT @sageboggs: I’m not trying to get everyone’s hopes up but the last guy who died three days before Easter came back
    2016-03-24 23:19:36
  412. Sarah Hoyt, amidst years letting imagined “leftist oppression” define her, blogs about her past decision not to let oppression define her…
    2016-03-25 09:59:12
  413. It’s not ironic…Tone deaf? What’s the word for “Yeah, that’s about what I expect” followed by a world-weary sigh?
    2016-03-25 10:03:21
  414. These are killing me…
    2016-03-25 21:23:35
  415. RT @paprbckparadise: $14 #books
    2016-03-25 21:23:54
  416. RT @paprbckparadise: $4 #books
    2016-03-25 21:24:09
  417. RT @paprbckparadise: $4 #books
    2016-03-25 21:24:46
  418. RT @paprbckparadise: $2 #books
    2016-03-25 21:25:23
  419. RT @paprbckparadise: $4 #books #booksforsale
    2016-03-25 21:25:39
  420. RT @paprbckparadise: $4 #books
    2016-03-25 21:27:14
  421. I got a chance to watch “How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town”…hilarious and fun. @JewelStaite was awesome. Can’t wait for its release!
    2016-03-25 21:35:32
  422. The @twitter app is becoming useless. Ads every 3-5 tweets and misc other spam every other page. I can’t see the content I asked for!
    2016-03-26 11:10:51
  423. I don’t care what’s trending, I don’t care what happened while I was gone, I don’t care who you’re promoting. Show me what I follow @twitter
    2016-03-26 11:18:09
  424. The weather is so beautiful outside I want to go kayaking! *steps outside* Nevermind, no hypothermia for me today…
    2016-03-26 15:37:38
  425. 2016-03-26 20:00:13
  426. C’mon Oklahoma, you can do this! Smash those chalk brackets!
    2016-03-27 00:13:33
  427. Curse you automatic post tweeter!! I will try to ensure that my social media doesn’t explode as I migrate some posts over; sorry in advance!
    2016-03-27 19:56:46
  428. Blasts from the past! The first few posts have made the migration from an old blog.
    2016-03-27 20:55:57
  429. Was just listening to the @Penguicon 2012 feedback session…and was reminded of the birth of the Shasta Cafe *glares at @Cylithria* :)
    2016-03-27 23:37:38
  430. The birth of the Shasta Cafe at @Penguicon. I stand firm, what the fuck is Shasta Cola? (that’s a thinner me there!)
    2016-03-27 23:40:46
  431. I would say I threw up in my mouth a little…but I find myself intrigued…
    2016-03-27 23:50:19
  432. HOLY SHIT SYRACUSE! I was kidding when I said you were going to win it all…I like it when you make me right!
    2016-03-28 00:17:20
  433. I’m one UNC win away from a perfect final four!
    2016-03-28 00:21:49
  434. Wait until they win the whole shebang…AS I PREDICTED!
    2016-03-28 00:22:51
  435. I don’t think I knew until Ice Cream Sandwich…it seems super obvious once you know, though…
    2016-03-28 02:29:39
  436. You are genuinely confused by the process of aging? Increased height, appearance changes, etc? Are you 5?
    2016-03-28 02:51:10
  437. I suspect someone failed to fact check this tweet right here. It sorta makes your “fact checking” questionable…
    2016-03-28 02:53:58
  438. And I have a perfect final four! Next weekend, I’m looking for big wins by Syracuse and Villanova!
    2016-03-28 03:01:11
  439. My favorite: sportscasters sticking with the “SU doesn’t belong in the tourney” narrative. Everybody in the final 4 belongs in the tourney.
    2016-03-28 03:07:18
  440. “Oops, clumsy me, I slipped and accidentally won this basketball contest…four times in a row” –sportscaster impressions of SU
    2016-03-28 03:12:54
  441. A filter that cut out any posts with more characters in hashtags than in the original message would trim a LOT of stupid from social media.
    2016-03-28 11:58:08
  442. I found this fairly interesting: I scored 66 in @charlesmurray’s “Do You Live in a Bubble” quiz. Take it @NewsHour
    2016-03-28 13:12:01
  443. Being a web developer while our building intermittently loses Internet dozens of times per day for a minute or so each time is interesting.
    2016-03-28 19:16:18
  444. 2016-03-28 21:44:13
  445. The deluxe version of this looks gorgeous. It will be mine!
    2016-03-29 10:04:28
  446. As true today as it was on this date in ’09…
    2016-03-29 17:26:28
  447. Hrmm, I think it’s head shaving time… Low maintenance time!
    2016-03-29 20:51:42
  448. Back to shiny and unaffected by topless cars!
    2016-03-29 23:02:36
  449. Mind…blown… Now to ponder ways to clearly convey decision-making context…
    2016-03-30 10:07:06
  450. Bash shell coming to Windows 10? I rarely get stuck on Windows, but when I do this will definitely improve my life.
    2016-03-30 18:55:35
  451. We were born agile, why do we choose to add complexity?
    2016-03-30 19:02:27
  452. So NPM’s solution to unpublishing/dependency hell is to remove the ability to unpublish in most cases? That’s certainly one way to go…
    2016-03-31 10:43:23
  453. Always late to the party, I just found snapchat lenses. I cannot catch that butterfly! #GrownUp
    2016-03-31 10:55:52
  454. Stupid butterfly…
    2016-03-31 17:29:57
  455. Catching up on The Flash and Supergirl, and I just caught the crossover episode. This was ridiculously fun. They need to team up more often!
    2016-03-31 22:33:35
  456. 2016-04-01 22:36:45
  457. Caught up on Agents of Shield; if you didn’t tear up at Morse & Hunter’s bar scene, you have no damned soul. #DustyInHere
    2016-04-02 02:28:37
  458. This doesn’t sound like over promising at all!
    2016-04-02 17:33:25
  459. A great game was played by both Syracuse and UNC; there’s no shame in losing to a far stronger team. All but one of my brackets won!
    2016-04-03 04:06:41
  460. 2016-04-03 23:14:52
  461. RT @agilecoach: Has anyone on your transformation team ever been on an agile team, working to deliver valuable software? Or are they all ju…
    2016-04-03 23:38:46
  462. There is no better description of my relationship with @aglance_ than this comic: <3
    2016-04-04 15:16:40
  463. .@aglance_ consider it training you to fend for yourself if I die in the spider-pocalypse!
    2016-04-04 15:23:14
  464. RT @michaelianblack: People give Sean Hannity a rough time for being too easy on Trump, but you try asking tough questions with a dick in y…
    2016-04-05 02:19:58
  465. Raise your hand if you understand the difference between weather and climate! Not so fast @scottbaio…bad news bud!
    2016-04-05 02:33:37
  466. Dear gravity, Funny, today I released a helium balloon and it went up and up and up. I’m the bestest at science!
    2016-04-05 02:39:05
  467. Are you a mentor? A coach? What is the difference?
    2016-04-06 15:35:31
  468. The number of people who sent me this obviously speaks positively about my character, right?
    2016-04-06 19:44:58
  469. RT @TaraReed_: Hey! I’m moderating a panel in 2 weeks on Female Leaders in #Detroit @GrandCircusCo. Come! https://t…
    2016-04-08 04:10:48
  470. Today kicks off a quarter-long leadership course; the first I’ve taken since I taught leadership courses. This should be interesting!
    2016-04-08 16:14:48
  471. RT @ZachWeiner: SpaceX just threw a toothpick off a skyscraper and had it land on its tip.
    2016-04-09 05:06:38
  472. Happy April, @scottbaio! I’m enjoying my third April snow flurry this year. Have fun golfing!
    2016-04-09 13:02:12
  473. RT @rey_z: Looking to talk to people who have reported online threats of sexual violence to the police. DM/email in bio #journorequest
    2016-04-11 16:21:15
  474. Tom Hiddelston and Hugh Laurie together in an AMC miniseries? I’m there…
    2016-04-11 18:53:23
  475. Finally saw Batman vs Superman. I’d give it a 2.5-3 out of 5. Batman was very good, Wonder Woman was great. Superman disappointed.
    2016-04-11 22:10:59
  476. BvS did make me somewhat excited for the Justice League, even if I hate them recasting the Flash.
    2016-04-11 22:11:49
  477. I’ll also say, I enjoyed this Batman more than any movie Batman to date. It’s just a bummer they kept calling the Joker “Lex” so much.
    2016-04-11 22:13:48
  478. Zeds Dead “In the Beginning” is perfect driving music, if you want a speeding ticket…
    2016-04-12 11:19:48
  479. Today I learned…301 redirects are very risky to SEO apparently, and should be avoided even to fix URL structure because of…reasons…??
    2016-04-12 15:20:38
  480. Ponder this, according to the Peter Principal, most of those idiots ROSE to their current level of incompetence. Where were they before?
    2016-04-12 21:33:44
  481. Verizon profits $1.8b PER MONTH. To grow profits, they want to stop pay raises and freeze pensions. We don’t need unions though, right?
    2016-04-13 10:22:35
  482. Sad but true…!
    2016-04-13 12:29:53
  483. My @penguicon 2016 schedule:
    2016-04-13 15:41:50
  484. 2016-04-14 01:29:56
  485. RT @ParadigmBooks: Add this to your Fall reading list now–the lovely @MaraWritesStuff revealed the cover for her book of essays! https://t…
    2016-04-14 01:47:17
  486. RT @MingNa: Nothing against Scarlett Johansson. In fact, I’m a big fan. But everything against this Whitewashing of Asian role. https://t.…
    2016-04-15 10:22:34
  487. Howdy Syracuse!
    2016-04-15 21:37:08
  488. No, those aren’t pasty goggles…that’s today’s sunburn!
    2016-04-17 00:05:27
  489. It would not break my heart in the least if this headache would go away. I would not miss it even a little…
    2016-04-17 11:48:33
  490. Whoever invented jeggings has my undying respect and admiration. Thank you, sir (I assume)!
    2016-04-17 17:11:01
  491. I rarely want a motorcycle…days like today, though, I want a motorcycle!
    2016-04-17 17:38:40
  492. If I did have a motorcycle for days like today…these days would become known as “emergency room days” among my friends, I’m sure.
    2016-04-17 17:41:50
  493. I’m watching CNN demand that candidates show more decorum; as if they’re not complicit in this shit show. Media plants corn, they get corn.
    2016-04-18 11:49:49
  494. 30 seconds ago, I watched your pay-per-view style ad for the NY primary, now you call for decorum? Who’s the pot and who’s the kettle here?
    2016-04-18 11:52:02
  495. I would wish I thought this was a joke. I want to stab the author in the face with a fork over and over and over.
    2016-04-19 08:07:40
  496. When I first started traveling, it was all done painfully via phone. Today, trivially via app: air, hotel, rental, and taxi. #TheFuture
    2016-04-19 11:34:56
  497. If my Ubers start using driverless cars, I can avoid interacting with humans almost entirely! Bring on the robot overlords!
    2016-04-19 11:36:28
  498. When you take an Uber…do you get in the front or back seat? Apparently it’s weird that I get in the front seat. #TheMoreYouKnow
    2016-04-19 13:00:31
  499. …what have you heard?
    2016-04-19 21:25:21
  500. Having been unexpectedly away from the office for a week, I’m not even slightly looking forward to what I’m about to walk into…
    2016-04-20 09:57:28
  501. If you’re going to Chicago Code Camp, you should see @OakParkGirl’s talk. If you aren’t going, you should.
    2016-04-20 17:39:31
  502. Hahaha, please tell me y’all have seen this shit: Taxes simplified by someone who doesn’t understand taxes!
    2016-04-20 18:09:30
  503. We’ve all seen that Harriet Tubman is the face of the new $20, but check out the awesome changes to the $5 and $10!
    2016-04-21 10:27:56
  504. RT @AP: Native Americans celebrate removal of Andrew Jackson from front of $20 bill. Read why.…
    2016-04-22 00:06:40
  505. Food for thought: the folks that claim that global warming is fake because of “the money” trust rich folks’ belief in capitalism. Curious.
    2016-04-22 13:31:54
  506. Creators: if you lead your rant with “the powers that be/government/etc don’t want you to know about this”, you come off as a crackpot.
    2016-04-22 14:59:41
  507. So, so very ordered… @AnnaKendrick47’s book, arriving in November.
    2016-04-26 11:51:34
  508. Hugo ballot is out…not many surprises. Oh, make no mistake, “certain people” are going to sell you a false narrative of surprised folk.
    2016-04-26 18:54:11
  509. If you “stuff the ballot” with things that were going to win anyway, you aren’t “clever” so much as “following well.”
    2016-04-26 18:55:12
  510. Likewise, if you focus your “stuffing” efforts to the least populated elections, it’s not a coup so much as tilting at flimsy windmills.
    2016-04-26 18:55:55
  511. The bottom line for the Hugos remains: some good shit made it, some bad shit made it, arguments about which is which will ensue. Like usual.
    2016-04-26 18:56:36
  512. If Vox Day wanted Chick Tingle’s Hugo nom to be the thing the community derides, he should have made sure his work was as good as Chuck’s.
    2016-04-27 10:29:08
  513. Meanwhile, Chuck is being welcomed and folks are pointing out Vox’s “best editing” resulting in duplicate chapters. Keep teeing them up Vox.
    2016-04-27 10:30:51
  514. Make decisions to alleviate “decision debt”
    2016-04-27 15:01:25
  515. Very well stated Hugo post. I couldn’t agree more.
    2016-04-27 17:28:24
  516. Replace “virtue signaling” with the more accurate “being a decent human” in your criticism for more clarity, people!
    2016-04-28 12:07:17
  517. The soundtracks for today are Syd Matters’ “Brotherocean” and Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger”…50% chance of rage, 50% chance of a nap…
    2016-04-28 12:15:13
  518. Penguicon starts tomorrow (or today, if you’re going to be at the GoH dinner and pregame festivities). Who an I going to see out there?
    2016-04-28 12:27:07
  519. RT @eacarlson: “Applications are living things. They grow and evolve, and they should be able to change without breaking.” -@RedQueenCoder…
    2016-04-29 14:54:41
  520. I can’t find the rest of y’all…but @PaulDelaurier @lanaek @dsojda @ecstrato …
    2016-04-29 15:36:10
  521. Penguicon Facts: is not actually hotter than the surface of the sun in the hotel, but metal jewelry does bear a melting risk… #pcon
    2016-04-29 22:51:23
  522. RT @ranti: #Penguicon among other things that are new: official accessibility staff, official medical staff, a room for those who just want…
    2016-04-29 22:55:14
  523. Fair warning, my social media is liable to be pretty #Penguicon spammy this weekend. Be advised… #pcon
    2016-04-29 22:56:43
  524. This year, I’m attending panels at #Penguicon! First up, “When Being ‘On’ is What People Expect”! #pcon
    2016-04-29 22:58:07
  525. “There is the performative aspect of being expected to always have an opinion on stuff”-@MarkDoesStuff reliably exhausting!
    2016-04-29 23:07:06
  526. 2016-04-29 23:09:07
  527. RT @lanaek: Leadership is not being a hero, it is about making your team heroes, methodically and continually. #Penguicon
    2016-04-29 23:58:59
  528. The “being on” panel was good…it meandered from off-topic to on-topic and back, but was still very interesting! #pcon #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 00:01:32
  529. Now for “So You Want to Write Video Games” because maybe I do, you don’t know me! #pcon #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 00:02:07
  530. Placing the “speed dating” panel right next door to a 2 person panel is a bold move, Cotton, let’s see how that works out! #pcon #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 00:06:07
  531. Spoiler alert…it’s not working out well… #pcon #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 00:09:22
  532. Everyone keeps getting free because there’s nowhere near enough time to purposely apply duct tape…zip ties!
    2016-04-30 00:14:39
  533. #Penguicon fact: those carpeted runways between rooms are called “hallways”, blocking them is widely considered a bad idea. #pcon
    2016-04-30 00:47:04
  534. New rule: @scalzi needs to set the rules for panel questions at all panels. That was an insanely well organized set of questions. #pcon
    2016-04-30 00:51:50
  535. I’ve heard…from a friend…that there are mixed results…
    2016-04-30 01:01:13
  536. Time now, for restaurant con! #Penguicon #pcon
    2016-04-30 01:02:00
  537. RT @lanaek: @jer_ because a hungry Jer is a dick… Or some hear it told.
    2016-04-30 01:16:12
  538. Excellent day 1! Hung with friends, was visited by former coworkers I missed more than I knew, and saw great panels. #Success #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 04:17:41
  539. I also got the sweetest thank you for the things I have done for my con folk. It completely made my night. #Penguicon #MightHaveBlushed
    2016-04-30 04:22:25
  540. For real, though, vols, concom, and staff: never forget that your efforts create this thing we love. Your impact is tremendous! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 04:27:45
  541. #Penguicon Fact: At con, 6am is some bullshit and should be avoided. 7am can be given a miss as well. Single-digit times can suck it!
    2016-04-30 10:58:13
  542. RT @SimoneGiertz: Yes I think bed covers keep girls out of tech. Together w 1000 other small nudges we give kids as to what they should/sho…
    2016-04-30 11:14:16
  543. RT @SlaunchaMan: Another conference announced in the  ecosystem with no CFP, speakers ready to go on day 1. How are we ever going to get n…
    2016-04-30 11:22:28
  544. RT @jer_isadick: The Mystery Location on the schedule is my pants. #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 11:24:28
  545. Okay, time to clean up and forage for food…sleep is clearly over…breakfast buffet, here I come! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 11:25:49
  546. Upside to the first panel slot of the AM: doing last minute setup in an empty room. Tech Management panel Algonquin A, 10am! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 13:38:09
  547. The downside is likely to be: who attends a 10am panel? We should be able to take lots of questions, I’m guessing. #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 13:39:42
  548. Doh, it was Algonquin D!
    2016-04-30 15:01:00
  549. Now for “The Return of the Mary Sue”…I’ve been really looking for to this! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:03:59
  550. The mgmt panel went great; I wish we had more time. Already we have ideas for future panels to drive the conversation forward! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:07:11
  551. The N.E.U.T. crew are crazy good at clothespin tag! (or I’m impossibly oblivious) #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:11:05
  552. RT @cypheroftyr: People who are competent are the best. @annlemay #Penguicon #ReturnOfTheMarySue panel
    2016-04-30 15:11:46
  553. The 2nd time love was given to writers of fanfic here, this time by @ann_leckie. I love seeing it celebrated, not disparaged. #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:14:19
  554. On Finn and Rey’s post-escape celebration: “when have we seen a man and woman respect each other that way before” -@annlemay
    2016-04-30 15:24:17
  555. Holy shit, DO NOT be the guy sitting in the Mary Sue panel mansplaining how it happens to dudes too…what…the…fuck! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:37:11
  556. The “Mary Sue” panel was amazing. Standing room only, and I would have sat through another hour of it! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 15:52:16
  557. I just passed Mr. Tumnus while trying to find the #Penguicon Board meeting; we will not be offended if you don’t visit us in Narnia!!
    2016-04-30 16:35:39
  558. Am I even in the same hotel? Was that a moose? What’s with the dudes in red coats? Why does everyone keep saying “eh?” #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 16:40:40
  559. Finished the board meeting, now catching the “Where Did the Heroes Go” panel. #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 18:08:17
  560. Spare me from folks interrupting a productive conversation to show off their knowledge of useless, off-topic trivia. #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 18:24:38
  561. I’m loving @ssternberg’s take on heroes and the way he’s keeping panelists’ feet to the fire. Excellent thoughts! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 18:36:09
  562. RT @lanaek: I haven’t seen a post from @jer_ in hours… He might be dead.
    2016-04-30 20:50:43
  563. These raptors are making my day! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 21:17:45
  564. Dinner has been achieved, and thus sated, I return to the bar for coffee and conversation (but mostly coffee) #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 23:45:57
  565. Check out the article on us in the Free Press! #Penguicon
    2016-04-30 23:48:51
  566. The dick is right!
    2016-04-30 23:49:20
  567. It is breakfast time, #Penguicon people!
    2016-05-01 12:59:17
  568. Alas, for a variety of reasons, @BaDawnKDonk and I will be unable to do our 2pm talk today. Sorry folks! #Penguicon
    2016-05-01 15:32:53
  569. 2016-05-01 18:26:16
  570. RT @jer_isadick: The #Penguicon room party scene on Sunday night sucks dick.
    2016-05-02 09:00:48
  571. RT @Alairthephoenix: Congrats to @Cylithria who is the conchair for 2017! Also next year will be our 15th year!! #penguicon
    2016-05-02 09:07:02
  572. Gout has returned with a vengeance…add that to my normal post-event wreckage and today is not stellar… 2016 is ruined?
    2016-05-02 10:52:27
  573. RT @catvalente: I wish I saw discussion of the Gary Stu-ness of Jon Snow anywhere near as often as I see wringing of hands over the Mary Su…
    2016-05-02 18:55:02
  574. I’m really bummed that @kalamazoox and @Penguicon fell on the same weekend this year; but it sounds like X was amazing! Hopefully next year!
    2016-05-02 19:00:15
  575. The audio from @digitaldawn and my talk this weekend:
    2016-05-03 16:17:24
  576. RT @jer_isadick: Still at #Penguicon, very few panels, can’t find Ops anywhere, and the costumes are terrible.
    2016-05-03 22:39:35
  577. So it’s settled then, we really do live in the darkest timeline?
    2016-05-04 09:56:20
  578. Oh shit, a terrifying thought that sounds too true for comfort…
    2016-05-04 13:06:39
  579. We talked about decision debt, but how do you become more decisive? Better decision triage:
    2016-05-04 15:09:54
  580. This looks amazing. I want to do this. Ger needs a job that doesn’t require her to go in!
    2016-05-04 22:37:46
  581. Not a good day…here’s hoping the week picks up…
    2016-05-05 00:27:57
  582. Holy shit, tiny little hands run in @therealdonaldtrump’s family…
    2016-05-05 02:01:36
  583. RT @brockwilbur: not big on celeb culture stuff but this is just heartbreaking
    2016-05-05 02:03:49
  584. Irony: people supporting Congress’ refusal to work while being paid and complaining about teachers’ refusal to teach due to NOT getting paid
    2016-05-05 10:35:22
  585. And every twat that sends a message about “the people getting to choose” gets blocked; I don’t take messages from 3rd graders.
    2016-05-05 10:36:39
  586. RT @ivan_hernandez: I’m proBernie but would vote Hillary as I am a one issue voter and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and usher…
    2016-05-06 11:44:15
  587. .@scalzi @rachelswirsky my entire life is an elaborate Xanatos Gambit. I’m definitely winning; the explanation is too confusing for you tho.
    2016-05-06 11:49:15
  588. It’s international Tell Your Crush day. Ladies and folks that identify as ladies, there’s like a 99.9% chance I have a crush on you!
    2016-05-07 18:32:24
  589. If you don’t identify as fem, there’s still a good chance I have a crush on you, if Ryan Reynolds, Alan Tudyk, and others are any indication
    2016-05-07 18:34:04
  590. Captain America: Civil War was fantastic. One of my favorite of the Marvel movies; one of my favorite movies of the year. Worth a watch.
    2016-05-07 18:44:22
  591. That’s okay, just lay right on my head.
    2016-05-08 00:45:49
  592. Of *course* this was a flight to Syracuse. All joking aside, the ignorant hysteria is getting old…
    2016-05-08 13:41:16
  593. RT @choochoobear: It’s weird. I’m pretty much a selfish pig of an asshole and more and more I find myself being a voice of reason.
    2016-05-09 02:00:24
  594. Correct: I don’t mind us all paying a little more tax so more of us can have the privileges you and I have had.
    2016-05-09 12:14:30
  595. That’s so cute! *head pat* Yes, fire, roads, police, military…all should be done through charitable donations too!
    2016-05-09 12:59:13
  596. Totally! I mean, look how well the free market has worked! Clearly unfettered business interests are the answer!
    2016-05-09 13:17:10
  597. Everyone knows, the free, unfettered market has improved workers rights, the environment, customer health, etc!!
    2016-05-09 13:18:30
  598. It’s obscenely beautiful, Bottle of Smoke Press did a gorgeous job with @ambertamblyn’s book!
    2016-05-09 21:19:53
  599. I seem condescending when I respond to the “taxation=theft” folks? It is condescending! I’m not prepared to undo that level of ignorance.
    2016-05-09 21:51:01
  600. I’m not wasting my time teaching folks who have ignored the free market’s repeated failures. They missed reality, what hope do tweets have?
    2016-05-09 21:52:19
  601. Taxation=theft, takers, welfare queens, go get a better job, etc. These are childish notions. If you bring them, you get treated as such.
    2016-05-09 21:53:43
  602. Final thought: spare me the slippery-slope and strawman arguments you’re furiously typing. Your arguing will suck as much as your “politics”
    2016-05-09 21:55:11
  603. Thoughts on layoffs and those left behind:
    2016-05-11 15:01:12
  604. I want a unicorn to ride to work and a blow job fairy, while we’re listing unworkable fairy tales.
    2016-05-11 21:00:31
  605. RT @searls: Truth bomb about conference CFPs: who’s giving the talk usually matters more than what they’re talking about.
    2016-05-11 22:24:20
  606. From earlier today, drinking my lunch…Soylent and water!
    2016-05-12 01:05:07
  607. The team amidst a late night launch!
    2016-05-13 07:25:10
  608. I was going to watch Game of Thrones, but I didn’t have $6M to pay…and I don’t “distribute costs” like a socialist #AntiSocialistLife
    2016-05-13 15:35:18
  609. RT @r00k: Beginner: I wrote 1,000 lines of code!
    Intermediate: I deleted 1,000 lines of code!
    Expert: I prevented code from being written!
    2016-05-13 15:36:37
  610. I won’t pay for the public roads,defense, etc that I will benefit from. Taxes are theft. Theft of services is NOT theft. #AntiSocialistLife
    2016-05-13 16:08:15
  611. Why should I pay for roads? They’re already sitting out there, duh! Nice try, socialists! #AntiSocialistLife
    2016-05-13 16:09:34
  612. I don’t have a kid, why should I pay for schools just so our civilization doesn’t collapse under the weight of ignorance? #AntiSocialistLife
    2016-05-13 16:10:21
  613. RT @eacarlson: If you’re prone to distraction, I’ve found the #pomodoro technique to be incredibly helpful in allowing me to focus & get th…
    2016-05-15 19:23:47
  614. Thankfully, Louis CK announced a MI date…so the fact that Chicago’s dates were all sold out is no longer the saddest part of my summer!
    2016-05-16 20:14:38
  615. Nothing like some flat-out terrible news right before bed to end any possibility of sleep.
    2016-05-17 02:42:55
  616. Holy shit, it’s like if Alanis Morissette and O”Henry had a baby…
    2016-05-17 02:57:01
  617. There’s a time and a place for strict Libertarianism. It’s college, when our naivete knows no bounds. At some point ya gotta grow up though.
    2016-05-18 00:40:32
  618. Qotd: “I was perusing Dicks yesterday”…followed by…”I was putting my hands in the pockets of all the shorts”
    2016-05-18 14:55:55
  619. Is your consultancy order-taking? Why let yourselves be the fast-food vendors of your industry?
    2016-05-18 15:09:13
  620. Super glad to be back out of the sun…perhaps I won’t end up ludicrously burned!
    2016-05-18 17:09:08
  621. RT @crebma: Psst! There are 33 tickets left for @selfconference this weekend! Get yours now!
    2016-05-18 23:44:31
  622. The @selfconference app just updated, that must mean today is the big day! Who else am I going to see at #SelfConf?
    2016-05-20 11:24:50
  623. It’s a HelloWorld/ePrize reunion at #SelfConf! It’s a small world in SE MI dev!
    2016-05-20 12:34:08
  624. Thank you so much @crebma for always doing so much great work to put @selfconference on! You are, as always, awesome :) #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 13:08:35
  625. First up, “Reproducibility” by @garybernhardt #selfconf
    2016-05-20 13:21:12
  626. 2016-05-20 13:36:32
  627. Enable reproducibility by treating state changes as well defined, centralized functions (like git)…intuitive in hindsight… #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 13:43:46
  628. Next up, “Anatomy of a Good Pull Request” by @sgrif #selfconf
    2016-05-20 13:57:27
  629. “When you submit a pull request, it’s a sales pitch for your code” -@sgrif #selfconf
    2016-05-20 14:05:48
  630. “There is ‘free as in beer’ and ‘free as in free’ and pull requests are neither. A pull request is ‘free as in puppy'” -@sgrif #selfconf
    2016-05-20 14:20:09
  631. Those at #SelfConf… Be warned, MCC 3/4 signage really means MCC 3, MCC 4 is the next room! Still less confusing than git!
    2016-05-20 14:31:44
  632. Unsurprisingly, most tricky problems in our industry could be ameliorate by empathy! #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 14:36:00
  633. I’m trying something new: I’m attempting paper and pen note taking fit the first time in probably 6+ years. It’s weird… #selfconf
    2016-05-20 14:37:11
  634. RT @Rhanasaurus: One of the of being a human from @sgrif “the key to all of this is empathy” #selfconf
    2016-05-20 14:37:27
  635. Next up… “Challenging and Democratizing Algorithm Development” by @lizmrush #selfconf
    2016-05-20 14:54:52
  636. Slow facial recognition + bad at names = lots of “HI…..YOU!!” well after people blow past waving. #SelfConf #AllConferences #Awkward
    2016-05-20 15:03:08
  637. I miss the twitter hashtag feed in the @selfconference app; which is weird, it’s one app away. How lazy am I? #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:15:33
  638. Learning algorithms learn current reality, so they inadvertently REINFORCE current reality. #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:21:53
  639. Learning algorithms should actively seek ways to disprove their own models to prevent over-fitting – @lizmrush #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:23:13
  640. Algorithms/math are not natively “moral” or “right” or “fair”…they can be immoral or unfair by design or by learning… #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:29:09
  641. Is it inherently moral or right to promote a biased news “bubble” based on news you’ve “liked”? #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:30:49
  642. Agreed…I think we recognize it in human learning though, and affix mystical properties to machine learning.
    2016-05-20 15:32:20
  643. Lmao…very important to note!
    /me goes off to clean his now-yellow fingers
    2016-05-20 15:35:12
  644. Hrmm…Holy shit am I guilty in several of these that didn’t occur to me… #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 15:36:23
  645. RT @_chelseybaker: .@crebma sure puts on a solid conference #selfconf
    2016-05-20 15:59:10
  646. Looking forward to this one…
    2016-05-20 16:12:48
  647. Awesome lunch-time conversation and now @magnusstahre talks about git! #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 17:05:32
  648. RT @schmonz: Not livetweeting @magnusstahre because I’ll miss stuff if I do. 2 fast 2 furious. #selfconf
    2016-05-20 17:21:49
  649. 2016-05-20 17:31:58
  650. I just learned easily a half dozen git commands I didn’t even know existed in @magnusstahre’s session! #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 17:43:21
  651. One year ago, @onealexharms took us through a guided meditation and I vowed to meditate. I didn’t. We just it again, and I make the same vow
    2016-05-20 18:09:43
  652. I enjoy how I feel after guided meditation, then decide that feeling good isn’t sufficient reason to make the time for it. Not wise.
    2016-05-20 18:11:06
  653. A thought that blew my mind: Feedback should be an attempt to help the recipient reach THEIR GOALS. -@onealexharms #selfconf
    2016-05-20 18:22:39
  654. RT @JeffHoover: Feedback, can be given without offering a solution. Via @onealexharms #selfconf
    2016-05-20 18:32:14
  655. RT @mudetroit: If I have to come up with a solution myself it’s often simple and probably useless. @onealexharms #selfconf
    2016-05-20 18:32:25
  656. I feel like most of my successful feedback sessions have been luck…but now I have tools to be lucky mindfully and more often #selfconf
    2016-05-20 18:42:44
  657. Now, “Becoming Less Horrible at Diversity”…I need help! We all need help! #selfconf
    2016-05-20 19:01:52
  658. More mind blown-ness: Hiring diverse developers from other companies doesn’t improve industry diversity. Support intro programs #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 19:38:25
  659. Chalk the last one up to “things that should have been obvious, but somehow weren’t”…thanks for the lesson @testdouble! #SelfConf
    2016-05-20 19:40:14
  660. Time for a TDD Walk-through!
    2016-05-20 20:01:09
  661. RT @magnusstahre: Slides for my git gone wild talk at #selfconf
    2016-05-20 20:01:23
  662. RT @geekygirlsarah: TIL turn on mirroring for presentations on Macs with Cmd+F1. The things you learn at lightning talks! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 01:56:20
  663. I’ve found coffee* at the casino, day 2 of @selfconference has begun! #SelfConf

    * They literally gave it to me, I’m no hero…

    2016-05-21 12:17:12
  664. Some thoughts about @selfconference as we get ready for day 2… #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 12:45:23
  665. Many of the biggest assholes I know are *nice*. Nice can be a mask you wear while you position for attack.
    2016-05-21 13:31:12
  666. RT @lgdean: “Nice comes from a place of fear. Nice is a people pleaser. Nice eventually becomes resentful.” @kytrinyx #selfconf
    2016-05-21 13:31:46
  667. RT @krames12: ‘Nice is bending over backwards. Nice is a doormat’ – @kytrinyx #selfconf
    2016-05-21 13:31:51
  668. RT @krames12: “People ask, ‘How do you do it all?’ I…don’t. Something always suffers” – @kytrinyx #selfconf
    2016-05-21 13:44:24
  669. At my most productive–when I’m spinning the most plates–I’m also dropping the most plates. Busy doesn’t scale.
    2016-05-21 13:47:05
  670. RT @geekygirlsarah: Wow: “Until the 1940s,the word ‘priorities’ didn’t have a plural form.” @kytrinyx #selfconf
    2016-05-21 13:47:53
  671. Started my day with @kytrinyx’s “The Bait and Switch of Open Source”, now for “Programming for Human Interaction” by @feministy #selfconf
    2016-05-21 14:04:02
  672. This seems obvious, but often isn’t…45m or 50m talks give time for organizing your thoughts before the next session. Well done #selfconf
    2016-05-21 14:52:13
  673. RT @selfconference: At least a minute of @deaniusaur’s “Has Anybody Seen This Code” from last night! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 14:52:54
  674. A speaker just issued personal invites to his talk. What a genius idea…I’m not sure I have the self-esteem to pull it off! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 15:00:43
  675. Oh god, I am a giant, messy bundle of neurosis and self doubt…something like 90% of my “outgoing” nature is a sham
    2016-05-21 15:07:01
  676. It’s weird to hear of a perception of me as self confident, as I suffer from crazy imposter syndrome and constantly wait to be caught out!
    2016-05-21 15:08:28
  677. “Seek value fit over culture fit” -@caseywest… What’s important to us is a better ‘fit’ indicator than what we both like. #selfconf
    2016-05-21 15:17:58
  678. “You’re either building an inclusive culture or you’re losing to someone who is” -@caseywest…evolutionary theory of culture fit! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 15:30:34
  679. Inclusivity begins with the recognition that you aren’t (and your experience isn’t) always right (badly paraphrasing @CoralineAda) #selfconf
    2016-05-21 15:38:29
  680. RT @leeone1: Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it. #selfconf
    2016-05-21 16:39:45
  681. Got a ton out of @caseywest’s “Redefining Culture Fit” and I’m looking forward to @catehstn’s “Things I’ve Learned About Colour” #selfconf
    2016-05-21 16:44:43
  682. RT @schmonz: “My manager believed that by not giving me positive feedback he was training me not to need it.” —@catehstn #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 17:06:04
  683. “There are 6 causes of burnout, only 1 of them is overwork” -@catehstn This gets me right in the gut… #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 17:10:10
  684. RT @pwnela: “Are you doing stuff that you could just like, not do?” – @catehstn #selfconf

    ( yes)

    2016-05-21 17:15:45
  685. RT @schmonz: Attn: #selfconf
    2016-05-21 17:16:59
  686. RT @feministy: “what if you expected more from your side projects than your job?” @catehstn #selfconf
    2016-05-21 17:17:28
  687. I am loving how often my industry’s “meritocracy” is being called out. There…is…no…fucking…meritocracy! Full stop. #selfconf
    2016-05-21 17:20:02
  688. Be wary of people defending or industry’s “meritocracy,” they are benefiting from its absence either knowingly or unknowingly. #selfconf
    2016-05-21 17:21:38
  689. nb. I say this as a former defender of our “meritocracy” who benefitted from its lack. The evidence that I was wrong is obvious. #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 17:30:39
  690. A 45-minute talk made me tear up 4 times. Gut-level honest delivered with vulnerability and insight. @catehstn rocked #SelfConf!
    2016-05-21 17:43:29
  691. RT @factologist: On a healthy coworker relationship: “They question my ideas, but not my competence.” @catehstn #selfconf
    2016-05-21 17:44:22
  692. Now “Frameworks for Feedback” by @rmillerwebster… I want better, more accessible, and more useful feedback! #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 18:02:48
  693. Pre-feedback: expectation setting and plan sets the tone for feedback during! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:10:13
  694. RT @feministy: “values that are not lived are not values” @CoralineAda #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:10:26
  695. People want to be heard. That’s a important as fixing what they’re asking. -@rmillerwebster #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:21:46
  696. RT @alison985: Cut “always” from your vocabulary for feedback. #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:25:30
  697. The problem was real! Filled notebook pages, didn’t get much time to tweet!
    2016-05-21 18:47:55
  698. Now for my most needed session, “Estimates that Don’t Suck” by @nellshamrell #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:50:22
  699. RT @BaseCase: My brain is full but there are still two more talk slots @_@ #selfconf
    2016-05-21 18:52:45
  700. “Estimates based on hope are not based on truth, and an estimate’s value is tied to the truth right now” -@nellshamrell #selfconf
    2016-05-21 19:08:11
  701. “By asking you to make a commitment without enough information, they’re asking you to lie.” -@nellshamrell #selfconf
    2016-05-21 19:12:45
  702. “In asking you to lie, they’re being unprofessional.” -@nellshamrell…Holy shit yes! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 19:13:29
  703. Couldn’t attend #SelfConf? Couldn’t see @catehstn’s amazing talk? This can help with the broad strokes…
    2016-05-21 19:16:58
  704. RT @geekygirlsarah: Tech tasks should only describe tasks, not implementations.Ex: create models,create tables,research auth solutions.. @n…
    2016-05-21 19:21:55
  705. “Can every task be estimated? NO” -@nellshamrell…for real, anything with dependencies are right out! #selfconf
    2016-05-21 19:24:40
  706. Finishing out my conference day with @sdboyer’s “Package Management as Harm Reduction” #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 19:53:22
  707. RT @mokai77: I work incredible hours but haven’t yet burnt out. Community (reward!), values, fairness in spades.
    2016-05-21 20:19:35
  708. My new favorite big-O notation courtesy of @sdboyer: O(shit) #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 20:27:47
  709. RT @1mprov: Or


    2016-05-21 20:32:10
  710. I tweeted a slide about burnout. It has been retweeted/liked ~400 times. Others did the same with similar results. Burnout problem much?
    2016-05-21 20:49:22
  711. I have been involved in running events at many levels for over a decade, and I’m amazed at the job @crebma did with #SelfConf this year!
    2016-05-21 20:57:04
  712. “We are grateful to us for having spoken” -@onealexharms saying the truest thing that’s ever been said #SelfConf
    2016-05-21 21:22:34
  713. The most popular thing I’ve ever done is quote somebody smarter than I. There’s a lesson in here somewhere…
    2016-05-22 11:51:39
  714. Yeah, if it’s not painfully obvious, I’ll never catch on…
    2016-05-22 11:54:23
  715. RT @geekygirlsarah: “Can every task be estimated? No. (Feel free to quote me to your boss, manager, etc.)” @nellshamrell #selfconf
    2016-05-22 12:00:47
  716. Hey, @Windows … I just got an ad for office. How do I never fucking get ads from you again? Ever. Fucking ever. xoxo -fucking everybody
    2016-05-22 14:05:32
  717. Anybody I know an imzy member that would be willing to send me an invite? I’d like to check it out!
    2016-05-23 01:14:59
  718. This really is my favorite day ever!
    2016-05-23 18:09:51
  719. I keep checking Teddy Beale’s blog to see if he’s mentioned Tingle taking over I want to know how this is his plan!
    2016-05-24 01:05:17
  720. RT @BridgetPhetasy: Had he known what I was going to do with my freedom, I don’t think my grandpa would have fought so hard in the war.
    2016-05-25 11:24:23
  721. RT @rmillerwebster: @kwugirl it is my firm belief that all good developers go thru a phase where they are like “design pattern ALL the thin…
    2016-05-25 12:33:33
  722. This week has been one of continual yak shaving. Very unproductive, very unsatisfying…
    2016-05-25 13:45:03
  723. RT @actioncookbook: USERS: you’re alienating the people who actually use your product
    TWITTER: likes are now florps
    USERS: what
    TWITTER: ti…
    2016-05-25 16:40:11
  724. RT @ChuckTingle: my story will have TWO WARNINGS in Hugo Awards packet, one for explicit content and one for spelling. Thank you. https://t…
    2016-05-26 02:35:55
  725. Boardgame night #1 went great! “Codenames” was a blast…looking forward to next time. (No, it didn’t just end…I woke for no reason!)
    2016-05-26 06:19:41
  726. RT @TheAnarCHris: Apparently someone called Stone Cold Steve Austin an SJW, and the results are AMAZING
    2016-05-26 11:13:02
  727. RT @LethalDeadpool: R








    2016-05-28 10:37:55
  728. Finally, a nice day for kayaking that I don’t have to work during! ❤️
    2016-05-30 12:21:49
  729. These are a thing that exist!?
    2016-05-30 20:12:20
  730. In the pantheon of first world problems, the lack of energy I feel has to be up there…
    2016-06-01 15:12:17
  731. RT @JennyJohnsonHi5: I have to show my ID when I buy allergy meds. I can only buy so much because people make meth with it. But I can buy a…
    2016-06-03 11:19:41
  732. There is only one reasonable end to a week this shitty…
    2016-06-03 22:45:38
  733. I’m not sure what’s happening here, but it’s haunting me…
    2016-06-04 11:02:54
  734. He reminds me so much of Russ Hanneman…”I got 3 nannies suing me right now. 1 of them for no reason”
    2016-06-04 11:27:22
  735. Oh, @piersmorgan, you sweet, ignorant little boy! Speaking out about racial inequality isn’t “racist”.
    2016-06-06 11:04:02
  736. RT @BuzzFeed: Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker
    2016-06-06 11:22:35
  737. RT @doctorow: Brock Turner’s actual booking photo from the night of his arrest
    2016-06-07 10:44:50
  738. You hear that, all of the attacks to date were legit…but starting *NOW*, in the summer of 2016, it’s unacceptable.
    2016-06-07 18:43:52
  739. Estimate are not commitments, stop treating them as such!
    2016-06-08 15:12:07
  740. Can’t wait to play with this after playing with jasmine-node for the past few weeks!!
    2016-06-08 16:57:10
  741. I feel like 80% of my blog is just randomly assembled rants about software development…useful? Probably not. Cathartic? Sure!
    2016-06-08 17:31:02
  742. That’s a pretty solid ratio, in the grand scheme of things…!
    2016-06-08 19:29:43
  743. Videos of you reading from a teleprompter juxtaposed with clips of you mocking Clinton for teleprompter use?
    2016-06-08 21:43:25
  744. How much too much caffeine did I have tonight? It’s 400am and I’ve taken 3 brief naps so far this evening! #ExcellentPlanner
    2016-06-09 08:14:58
  745. Saying that Trump is destroying the GOP is like saying the victim that escaped to the police destroyed Dahmer. Revealed is more accurate.
    2016-06-09 08:26:18
  746. Estimate lifecycle:
    * Estimates are always wrong, fix them
    * Here are better estimates
    * These are way higher than before, fix that
    * Repeat
    2016-06-09 12:54:27
  747. RT @kalpenn: She wasn’t my primary pick either but can we just not be the cousin who flips over the monopoly board because someone else got…
    2016-06-09 16:04:38
  748. My wife just put ketchup on a sausage, pepper, and onion sandwich. That’s all it will say on our divorce decree…
    2016-06-09 21:08:16
  749. RT @shawnp0wers: @jer_ Maybe it was Sriracha in a mislabeled bottle. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET IT BE A MISLABELED BOTTLE.
    2016-06-09 21:17:59
  750. RT @janie: don’t change your avatar, change your SENATOR
    2016-06-13 20:51:07
  751. Disgusted by asshats posting stupid defenses of their misinterpretation of the 2nd amendment while sporting a rainbow avatar. Sacks of shit.
    2016-06-14 00:49:41
  752. Listen, if you’re so scared of life that only carrying guns makes you feel safe, grow up. You aren’t gonna be the hero of some action flick!
    2016-06-14 00:55:42
  753. “This guy, this asshole who murdered 49 people in Orlando? That guy? That guy was as American as it comes.”
    2016-06-14 22:11:29
  754. RT @Stareagle: We have one. It is engraved onto a statue in New York City. I’m surprised he’s never heard of it.
    2016-06-14 22:37:41
  755. For all of you splitting hairs about what is an “assault weapon”, there’s been an accepted definition for more than 20 years. Look it up.
    2016-06-15 11:26:19
  756. On a similar note: “assault weapon” and “assault rifle” have very different definitions. The former was used in Orlando, not the latter.
    2016-06-15 11:41:14
  757. “…we overburden ourselves and frustrate our teams. Frustrated teams are not high performing teams.”
    2016-06-15 12:20:22
  758. I try to stay out of vaccine arguments, but sometimes…
    2016-06-15 15:25:23
  759. If you can’t differentiate between a tragic military action at Wounded Knee and an armed civilian in a club, leave the talk to the grownups!
    2016-06-16 00:31:15
  760. RT @BlunderingIdiom: I don’t know why so many people are afraid of losing their guns. All I keep hearing is how easy they are to get illega…
    2016-06-16 08:16:30
  761. “…arm your support troops, so no matter where the enemy strikes, they meet resistance.” Larry Correia confusing armed citizens with troops
    2016-06-16 12:40:10
  762. Oof, work just gutted the dev practice and let go of a substantial number of people (myself included). Tough Thursday for many!
    2016-06-16 17:55:07
  763. .@JRRParker you’d better believe I don’t!
    2016-06-16 18:02:48
  764. To be clear, this isn’t much of a surprise for me, I started the month by stepping down from my position. It’s brutal for all others :(
    2016-06-16 18:08:58
  765. Tweets were becoming a terrible way to convey info about the layoffs. If only I had a blog…
    2016-06-16 18:42:59
  766. The next time someone trots out the “good guys with a gun stop crimes” statistic, point them here. They’re wrong:
    2016-06-16 20:46:11
  767. I write TERRIBLE emails. In email, more than in any medium, the fact that I find myself very amusing shines through quite clearly! :)
    2016-06-16 22:52:31
  768. 1st, thank all of you for the outpouring of well wishes, sympathy, job leads, and fun memories. I’ve responded to some, but thank you all!
    2016-06-17 01:32:56
  769. 2nd, it’s been an interesting day. I’m sure the next several will be too. After a brief camping trip, it will be on to new adventures!
    2016-06-17 01:34:59
  770. Serendipitously, my day started with this song…it seems fitting to end with it as well. Things will be fine!
    2016-06-17 01:40:15
  771. Sexy new front bumper is on the jeep! #FreeTime
    2016-06-17 13:13:51
  772. Things to be grateful for post layoff: I can’t get laid off again, I don’t have to explain to clients where their entire team went, naps :)
    2016-06-17 14:08:12
  773. I missed the most important thing to be grateful for! I don’t have to use a timecard system with a 90’s era interface. (Thanks Lana)
    2016-06-17 14:45:37
  774. Person posts flat-out lies about a candidate.
    I post a link to corrected info.
    They delete the comment.
    Yeah, you just want the truth right?
    2016-06-18 11:55:16
  775. Make America safe again? “We” could begin by not promoting xenophobia, jingoism, nationalism, or hate crimes! “We”
    2016-06-18 23:39:22
  776. Achievement Unlocked: turn 4 trees and 16′ of fence into lumber using only a handsaw and irritation! #NotBillableTime
    2016-06-19 16:37:46
  777. It’s weird discussing guns with my friends on social media; there’s an even split between “pro” and “anti”; I’m pro “facts” / anti “emotion”
    2016-06-19 17:13:44
  778. That’s me! :) Some thoughts on being a leader during a layoff (how timely, eh?)
    2016-06-20 16:10:58
  779. If you want to make a breakthrough…
    2016-06-21 10:00:42
  780. Reaching out to employees you laid off to ask them to help you with their projects (especially without offering compensation) is a dick move
    2016-06-21 13:12:31
  781. “Yeah, we can’t afford to keep you on staff, but we’re really hoping you’ll do the work still for free” — Mind-bogglingly stupid companies
    2016-06-21 13:13:26
  782. My bad, I forgot!
    2016-06-21 13:14:52
  783. Not a bad Tuesday! #nonbillabletime
    2016-06-21 17:33:54
  784. I knew I forgot something while out paddling today…sunblock. It is fair to say that I’m more than a little red!
    2016-06-22 00:41:45
  785. Fuck it, I’m running for president in 2020. My slogan will be “All of you shut the fuck up, dipshits!” You’re welcome, America.
    2016-06-22 01:51:56
  786. I just need 100 of you to vote for me, and for each of the 100 to get 1,000,000 of their friends and family to vote for me, I’ve got this!
    2016-06-22 01:57:18
  787. On gun control: law abiding citizens can have all the guns they want, criminals can have all the ammo they want. Nobody gets firing pins.
    2016-06-22 02:01:03
  788. On gay rights: we gather all the Christians that are against this, give them the history lesson they missed in 5th grade, and move on.
    2016-06-22 02:02:42
  789. On politics: reintroduce the fairness doctrine and require that “infotainers” wear full clown or jester garb during all broadcasts.
    2016-06-22 02:05:13
  790. On government salaries: legislative and executive branches get minimum wage plus travel expenses. Minimum wage will be $200k/yr by 2021.
    2016-06-22 02:08:12
  791. On lobbies: totally allowed. Lobby monies go into a general fund to get distributed to all sitting members like tips at a Starbucks.
    2016-06-22 02:09:59
  792. Taxes: you can complain about how your taxes are spent, but only if you actually pay them and don’t receive subsidies/payments out of them
    2016-06-22 02:12:36
  793. Holy shit, if this is real (and I have no reason to doubt it is) this should be devastating to the HRC campaign
    2016-06-22 11:20:10
  794. How to properly value time, or “My Lawn Guys Aren’t Ripping Me Off”!
    2016-06-22 15:05:52
  795. Drinking some tea, getting ready for @agilesoftware’s DevOps session…I feel very hipster right now…
    2016-06-23 21:35:16
  796. Moving to a new laptop is the quickest way I can think of to find out which settings files you never back up. Hello iTerm 2! :O
    2016-06-23 21:37:50
  797. What the fuck did I tweet?
    2016-06-24 00:45:45
  798. Perfect timing for me, this goes in the queue
    2016-06-24 01:34:34
  799. I’ve had essentially no caffeine for several weeks. I had a hot tea and an iced tea this evening. I’ll be up forever now!
    2016-06-24 02:37:04
  800. Wow, this has been quite the year for fear mongering and rampant nationalism and bigotry in developed nations. Ill tidings, and all that…
    2016-06-24 05:51:35
  801. Every so often, for reasons unknown to me, my phone’s display switches from “sleep after 30 seconds” to “sleep after 30 minutes”. Subtle.
    2016-06-24 13:23:44
  802. If you prefix anything with “cuck”, you have just engaged the universal “I have nothing of value to say” signal. Thanks for the heads up.
    2016-06-25 11:19:29
  803. …unless you’re prefixing “olded” because you’re looking to get cuckolded, at which point, you be you! Good on ya!
    2016-06-25 11:20:55
  804. This is a really interesting read: Why Garbagemen Should Earn More Than Bankers.
    2016-06-25 21:35:46
  805. “The Last 5 Years” is fantastic if you’re into musicals. Like “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant” in long form and brilliantly played.
    2016-06-25 23:03:43
  806. I can add a crush on Jeremy Jordan to my Anna Kendrick crush. Great voice, and really solid acting—he plays a difficult role so well…
    2016-06-25 23:04:47
  807. RT @housecor: Speaker tip: If you do enough thinking in advance, all your brain needs is a little list, and most of the speaking will take…
    2016-06-26 20:08:02
  808. Holy shit do I identify with this: It was so hard to identify as an addict for so unbelievably long.
    2016-06-26 20:24:23
  809. Yoshi and Bowser have been very clingy this week. Also, Yoshi looks life a demon here!
    2016-06-27 01:18:15
  810. RT @robdelaney: “Now I don’t know what this is, but I know I don’t like it.”
    2016-06-28 10:41:32
  811. Saying that sex is good unless taken without consent is “…at best confusing, at worst profoundly incoherent.” WTF?
    2016-06-28 12:34:41
  812. It takes some serious mental gymnastics to say “people are acting slutty, that’s how rapes happen.” That’s some sociopath-apologist shit.
    2016-06-28 12:36:29
  813. There is a culture that promotes rape, but it’s not hookup culture. It’s a culture that still considers women property in need of guidance.
    2016-06-28 12:40:23
  814. We got a chance to see “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”…I loved it, both @aglance_ and I laughed out loud repeatedly throughout.
    2016-06-29 01:06:34
  815. If you were thinking “I’d like to read some painfully self-absorbed pap, but @jer_ hasn’t posted yet,” here:
    2016-06-29 01:38:27
  816. “Behind the flushed cheeks, I sense the legacy of past wounds. Her hesitant visage betrays a silent plea…” was it “please stop writing”?
    2016-06-29 01:40:41
  817. “I had contemplated canceling [my trip to burning man while my wife struggles with hormone therapy]”…she’s better off without you, chief!
    2016-06-29 01:44:10
  818. “my heart erupts into urgency. All I can think: “…finally remembering your poor wife and her miscarriage?

    “my camera”…you sack of shit

    2016-06-29 01:47:38
  819. “It happens again: always a different and worthy woman.” At least the parade of women you cheat with are “worthy” or it would be awkward!
    2016-06-29 01:50:35
  820. “I grow closer to a particular woman, Mya. We speak in poetry and myth…” Oh my fucking god I couldn’t hate you more than I do…
    2016-06-29 01:53:23
  821. “I pleaded. ‘How could I have saved us?’ ” Well, not being a serially cheating narcissist that demanded an open marriage would be a start.
    2016-06-29 01:58:10
  822. “…she had wisely fled to the nearest, safest ship.” No. You picked her up, put her on a nearby ship, and were shocked that it sailed away.
    2016-06-29 02:00:25
  823. “At home, into the quiet evening, I craft a poem:”
    Roses are red
    You have no baby
    Shut the fuck up
    I hope you get rabies
    2016-06-29 02:06:01
  824. After that shit show, I need a palate cleanser. This is a gorgeous photo by @davehogg
    2016-06-29 02:14:52
  825. More posts migrated from my old blog, including an old favorite, exploding bees!
    2016-06-29 21:40:51
  826. RT @housecor: Status: Setting my phone for 30 minute “focus blocks”. The pomodoro technique just plain works.

    Take breaks from focus, not…

    2016-06-30 13:40:15
  827. How to make more time as a developer, stop trying to learn every new framework:
    2016-06-30 19:32:12
  828. Waiter at a restaurant shoves his hand forward toward mine and mutters something. As I shake his hand I realize he wants my plate. #Cringe
    2016-07-01 00:31:52
  829. A good guy with a gun stopped a shooting in SC! That makes it about 1:1100 against accidental shootings this year. Only about 1100 to go!
    2016-07-01 00:34:47
    2016-07-01 08:04:42
  831. My brain: time to be wide awake!
    Me: O…okay. I’m pretty exhausted though…
    My brain: that’s fine, be exhausted awake!
    Me: *sobs*
    2016-07-01 08:36:32
  832. Today was an excellent day. It was great to see much of the work gang again. I really miss those folks. Well worth a phone sacrifice! :)
    2016-07-02 07:36:50
  833. I was asked today, so a reminder: I don’t often check direct messages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. My email is listed on each! #li
    2016-07-02 08:23:01
  834. My phone took a beating while kayaking today, and possibly a long bath. It’s definitely not working. This is a tough time for me!
    2016-07-02 08:33:32
  835. As always, @DreamHost and @DreamHostCare come through with helpful and quick tech support. Love working with them!
    2016-07-02 17:10:45
  836. The comparisons to Hitler are obviously melodramatic hand-wringing, it’s not one he’s using antisemitic imag… Uhhh
    2016-07-03 00:52:00
  837. Savage. True. Too soon!
    2016-07-03 17:28:13
  838. Staying up late and not drinking; it doesn’t seem fair to get the hangover anyway, does it?
    2016-07-03 18:14:22
  839. What I’ve most learned from Trump passing on more missives from white supremacists is how few Trump supporters know what an octagon is.
    2016-07-03 21:07:56
  840. Don’t bother arguing with the “it’s a sheriff’s badge” folks. They’re not confused, they’re denying. Thinly veiled deniability…
    2016-07-03 21:15:00
  841. I mentioned this to several people last night…but here is a DIY way to wrap your dog to possibly reduce anxiety:
    2016-07-04 01:50:59
  842. I don’t know how I’ve been so lucky, but I’ve never had a dog that was freaked out by fireworks. Bowser and Yoshi are just chilling here…
    2016-07-04 03:26:11
  843. This is absolutely fantastic…and I continue to be impressed by what a great human @johncena is. #WeAreAmerica
    2016-07-04 12:30:17
  844. Our home is situated where we can sort of see, but definitely hear, three different city fireworks displays. Very pretty, bad for sleep tho
    2016-07-05 02:16:04
  845. We have had fireworks visible/audible from our house for over 30 minutes so far. It’s sort of impressive!
    2016-07-05 02:19:13
  846. It’s hard to be upset about the noise. Many places, explosions outside are far more menacing than dumb neighbors burning their house down.
    2016-07-05 02:24:50
  847. It was recently pointed out that I am just over 650 twitter followers…I’m running out of time to figure out how to pin it at 666!
    2016-07-05 03:09:35
  848. RT @crebma: I’m looking for companies interested in sponsoring @relaxconf. If you know of any, let me know!! <3
    2016-07-05 21:21:57
  849. RT @mattgutmanABC: An Open Letter to Jared Kushner who is the son-in-law of @realDonaldTrump From One of Your Jewish Employees https://t.c…
    2016-07-05 23:40:42
  850. Anybody have experience with the Warbonnet Blackbird? I lust after it so!
    2016-07-06 13:01:46
  851. At any given time, I have over a dozen draft blog posts that will never see the light of day because I wrote them, and now I hate them. :(
    2016-07-06 14:04:09
  852. Apparently, some folks are trying to make #HeterosexualPrideDay a thing?
    2016-07-06 15:12:25
  853. I’m thinking about a 3-night kayak-camping trip down the Au Sable river; around 50miles all in. Who’s coming with me? ⛺⚓
    2016-07-06 15:29:13
  854. One of us doesn’t understand Christianity and the difference between labia and vagina. I don’t think it’s me…
    2016-07-06 21:39:00
  855. I’ve got a charmander and a rattatat, but now Pokémon Go wants me to walk around…deal breaker!
    2016-07-07 03:00:46
  856. Recent Docker for Mac update breaks something. Annoyed, I put it down until later. Today’s update fixed whatever it was. #LazyWin
    2016-07-07 18:31:31
  857. RT @MrChuckD: When government does NOT answer to the PEople, it’s thereby a Police State. A militia to serve the few not the many https://t…
    2016-07-07 21:18:15
  858. RT @jordansdiamonds: When a black man is murdered, the media shows us his mugshot. When whites kill, we’re shown their Instagram selfies. h…
    2016-07-07 23:36:40
  859. RT @iSmashFizzle: One of the most radical things white folks could do to end systemic racism is believe us when we tell them what it’s like…
    2016-07-08 01:04:51
  860. On light of tonight’s events, consider…
    2016-07-08 07:56:19
  861. My sleep schedule is just trashed…good morning, I guess?
    2016-07-08 08:22:16
  862. Every single interesting, fun, or cool thing I’ve done in my career…
    2016-07-08 09:51:13
  863. I couldn’t sleep, so I read. Finished “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” and read @Gwenda’s new book “Double Down”; both fantastic!
    2016-07-08 09:56:16
  864. RT @choochoobear: Can we please, please, PLEASE wait til info about the shooters & their motives is released before we play armchair crimin…
    2016-07-08 11:02:28
  865. Spent the morning pontificating about how to approach organizational problems; it’s basically my favorite hobby (that I also do for cash)
    2016-07-08 11:10:44
  866. Troubled by the #BlackLivesMatter movement? Give this a read:
    2016-07-08 13:04:25
  867. So we demand unrestricted access to guns, but one robot rolls up with a bomb and suddenly we’re all into risk assessment? Fuck off!
    2016-07-09 03:45:50
  868. I stand humbly corrected!
    2016-07-09 03:48:44
  869. The people that bitch about “wasting” tax dollars feeding the hungry continue to throw buckets of cash at HRC investigations. Priorities!
    2016-07-09 10:01:46
  870. We might have talked about Pokemon too much at breakfast! :)
    2016-07-09 13:53:31
  871. I remember getting travel advisories when going overseas; I never thought we’d be on the receiving end.
    2016-07-10 00:04:16
  872. I can’t read anything by David Foster Wallace without immediately wishing I was brave enough to chuck everything and just write anything.
    2016-07-10 14:52:14
  873. I was wrong to think that the river would be quiet on a Sunday evening…but I got a nice paddle in anyway!
    2016-07-11 01:12:20
  874. I get weird enjoyment out of watching the unread count for FB messenger messages climb and climb. My record is 52 before I cleared them.
    2016-07-12 15:26:42
  875. As I put together waypoints for an upcoming kayaking trip, I made a repository for the resulting GPX files:
    2016-07-13 00:19:21
  876. I forgot what a solid soundtrack “Tank Girl” had. Bjork, Portishead, L7, Bush…great stuff…
    2016-07-13 13:32:56
  877. Is anybody else going to Ann Arbor’s Float Fest on Saturday? If so, look for me!
    2016-07-13 14:58:47
  878. I pinned this post for an announcement that will now never come.
    2016-07-13 15:05:46
  879. Kayak camping trip next week! If you’re in SE or mid Michigan and want to flop around on a boat for a bit…
    2016-07-13 15:53:43
  880. RT @codinghorror: If you don’t encourage your employees to speak freely in public about your company, you don’t trust your employees.
    2016-07-13 22:36:29
  881. Wow, the irony of this…
    2016-07-13 22:38:22
  882. He may not have the faintest clue how our government works, but at least he speaks his empty, empty mind!
    2016-07-13 23:12:14
  883. Women get death threats every day…that’s just business as usual. Now, suddenly LEOs have a way to stop it? Weird
    2016-07-14 00:46:20
  884. Every tweet that @realDonaldTrump begins with “If I’m elected president” should end with “in the wasteland I’ll rule with a tiny iron fist”
    2016-07-14 00:48:29
  885. Please somebody superimpose Trump’s terrible visage on the head of the “fist-pump-kid” meme for this!
    2016-07-14 00:50:06
  886. “If you want to change people’s minds, you need more than evidence. You need persistence.” My secret for success.
    2016-07-14 12:55:23
  887. RT @leahfinnegan: .@caseyjohnston is annihilating the buzzFeed muscle man and i am just watching, it’s beautiful, cheers, thanks https://t.…
    2016-07-14 13:54:06
  888. Can we do the same with people that think of laws should come from Christianity, then? I don’t see a difference.
    2016-07-15 09:54:05
  889. How about, instead, every politician who has this little understanding of our Constitution is immediately fired?
    2016-07-15 10:01:39
  890. Say it with me folks: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF…”
    2016-07-15 10:10:06
  891. My twitter feed is like 80% shit they’ve thrown at me (ads, etc), 20% people I follow. I’ve been forced to view using lists only.
    2016-07-15 10:20:37
  892. .@twitter: I don’t need “while you were gone”, “people to follow”, “trending”, etc inserted into my feed. That’s what my feed does for me.
    2016-07-15 10:22:05
  893. Something in my home emits a faint, high-pitched whistling/warbling noise. @aglance_ claims she can’t hear it. I’m not losing it…it’s real
    2016-07-15 10:53:45
  894. I forgot that for an alarming number of Republicans, the Constitution starts in the middle of the 2nd amendment!
    2016-07-15 10:56:05
  895. I think about this a lot. It is frustrating…
    2016-07-15 11:49:58
  896. A gorgeous day on the lake, and now a lovely night with my wife. Tomorrow, float-fest in Ann Arbor. Relaxing weekend!
    2016-07-16 01:13:04
  897. Had a really nice time at #a2floatfest! I was worried that it’d be crowded, but it was perfect. Photos to follow!
    2016-07-16 21:05:30
  898. RT @jpbrammer: People say my Twitter might be a problem for employers but I know a guy who tweets white supremacist memes and he’s running…
    2016-07-17 08:54:51
  899. So I have just learned of the thing that will hospitalize me this summer: Slip n’ Slide Kickball. Mini pools for bases, slippery base lines!
    2016-07-17 13:23:31
  900. ‘That’s not to suggest that there is “open season” on young black gangbangers’ in a post suggesting exactly that:
    2016-07-17 13:55:04
  901. Please be true, please be true, please be true…
    2016-07-17 16:02:47
  902. The way that Twitter automatically posts to Facebook has changed for the worse, hopefully IFTTT does a better job…
    2016-07-17 16:13:43
  903. Ghostbusters was fantastic! Go see it…nearly as great as the original, better than the sequel. Kate Mckinnon is my spirit animal…
    2016-07-17 20:53:45
  904. Hrmm, shit weather looks to be trying to interfere with my camping trip next weekend. Not a fan!
    2016-07-18 01:19:47
  905. That thunder was seriously impressive. Nicely done, nature! I’m indoors, though, so if it’s all the same to you, I’m going back to sleep..
    2016-07-18 07:48:39
  906. RT @HarlanCoben: Forget the politics. A fascinating look at what a ghostwriter does.
    2016-07-18 13:24:57
  907. This is largely what I think of every time I hear the “he says what people are thinking” line…
    2016-07-18 22:06:14
  908. Holy…fucking…shit. GOP reps aren’t even trying to hide racism and religious bias…
    2016-07-18 22:55:14
  909. RT @RachieBros: Hey Tweeters, send some love to @Lesdoggg! She’s had a long day filled with heinous abuse no one ever deserves to have to p…
    2016-07-19 00:44:36
  910. Wow, I guess you really do love her speeches!
    2016-07-19 07:50:24
  911. RT @AgileFortune: Letting stakeholders drop work directly into dev teams is basically inflicting a DDOS attack on flow… ^ @stevenborg https…
    2016-07-19 10:55:16
  912. All of my gear for 3 days and 2 nights traveling the river…plus a PFD & paddle!
    2016-07-20 00:16:59
  913. So…much…this…
    2016-07-20 00:28:38
  914. I really need to make a gear list describing all of the stuff in those bags…but every time I crack my gear, I just want to get out there!
    2016-07-20 00:31:01
  915. When customers eschew QA or UX, they are getting what they pay for, and that’s not good…
    2016-07-20 15:04:24
  916. RT @davidcrosss: Let’s check back in in exactly two years (seriously) and find out if he’s right. Culture War clock begins…now! https://t…
    2016-07-20 18:51:59
  917. More publicity…than any speech…in the HISTORY of politics. Than any speech in all of politics; let that sink in.
    2016-07-20 18:54:47
  918. A quick test load to make sure I have all my gear and tie-downs…I’m ready to camp tomorr…
    2016-07-20 20:46:56
  919. As a rule, if you ask “can we hop on a call” and don’t follow it with considerable information about the topic, the answer is simply “No.”
    2016-07-21 02:57:44
  920. All the way down the river, the question of the day has been, “think you’ll beat the storm…
    2016-07-21 17:06:30
  921. So, we all get that “I’m voting for Trump as the lesser of two evils” is code for “I’m voting for the racist, but can’t defend it” right?
    2016-07-24 07:05:53
  922. RT @avantgame: A Buddhist monk once gave me excellent advice: “If you’re having a bad day, imagine that you’re in a comedy, not a tragedy.”
    2016-07-24 07:14:28
  923. RT @whirringnoises: Hey folks! Please RT if you are above 20 and play Pokemon and/or think it’s acceptable to play Pokemon when you’re 20+.
    2016-07-24 12:09:55
  924. Yes! In any dysfunctional system, the first step most be providing transparency into the system in some way!
    2016-07-24 14:44:44
  925. RT @jobot935: Saw this posted elsewhere and OMG JUST YES TO ALL OF IT! #Ghostbusters
    2016-07-24 15:08:56
  926. I’m amused by the number of folks equating “politics” and “rigging” the DNC. Promoting their “product” is fixed? TV ads must suck for you.
    2016-07-24 19:30:34
  927. I say this as someone who would have preferred Sanders, but make no mistake, the PURPOSE of the *NC is to push THEIR agenda, not yours.
    2016-07-24 19:31:32
  928. My willingness to watch misogynist gymnastics around electoral buffoonery has been exhausted. We get it, no chicks in charge! #JohnsonGate
    2016-07-25 22:24:35
  929. Finally got my Hugo votes in…it turns out when most of the material is actually readable, it takes longer to catchup! :)
    2016-07-26 13:45:22
  930. Translation: why aren’t the democrats employing fear and uncertainty as vote drivers? Better question, why are you?
    2016-07-26 13:53:59
  931. In the Venn diagram depicting those who actually read the leaked DNC emails and those whining about “cheating”, the circles barely touch.
    2016-07-26 15:48:54
  932. Holy shit, the Squirrel Nut Zippers are playing the Magic Bag in October!
    2016-07-26 17:03:31
  933. *sigh* I think anyone calling out rhetorical fallacies should learn them first…ESPECIALLY the oft misused strawman and ad hominem.
    2016-07-27 00:44:43
  934. If you think someone merely name calling is committing ad hominem, do some damned research. Likewise, made up facts aren’t a strawman.
    2016-07-27 00:47:11
  935. The results of my kayak/camping trip on the Au Sable river last week!
    2016-07-27 15:02:45
  936. If you demanded Obama’s birth cert and are still gonna vote for Trump despite his refusal to release his tax info, your motives are clear.
    2016-07-27 15:05:04
  937. So Trump is legitimately asking for foreign countries to meddle in a US election. This is some presidential stuff!
    2016-07-27 19:13:52
  938. If Russia or any other country or person has @realDonaldTrump’s tax returns, perhaps they should share them with US voters?! #RussiaListens
    2016-07-27 19:32:35
  939. So, I’m not saying that this is the best news I’ve gotten all year; but it IS the only hope of turning 2016 around:
    2016-07-27 19:34:01
  940. Spider-yoshi does not live my new birthday present… Thanks Dawn and family!
    2016-07-28 17:02:17
  941. Only a few minutes into @Penguicon veteran @ClayDowling’s and Jeeva Nadarajah’s session on refactoring legacy code and learning tons!
    2016-07-28 22:39:28
  942. RT @scalzi: This speech is a dagger through Trump’s cowardice and ignorance.
    2016-07-29 02:04:02
  943. Hillary is delivering speech that is as much about hope and freedom from fear as Trump’s was about cowering in terror. So nice to hear.
    2016-07-29 02:43:24
  944. RT @maureenjohnson: To the men, I wish you knew…how it feels right now. No matter who you support. Just how this is, right now. #DemConve…
    2016-07-29 02:43:46
  945. RT @pattonoswalt: No, Hillary’s not a great public speaker. She’s a four-hours-of-sleep-a-night workhorse. Trump’s a shitty speaker & a zil…
    2016-07-29 02:52:44
  946. “When any barrier falls, it clears the way for everyone! When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit!”…fantastic
    2016-07-29 03:00:07
  947. “And…I believe in science” followed by a chuckle. So….fucking…good…
    2016-07-29 03:05:08
  948. Almost as powerful as the speech itself is seeing the impact her nomination has had on the women I follow on social media. ❤️
    2016-07-29 03:18:02
  949. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who should be in charge of nuclear weapons”…the math checks out…
    2016-07-29 03:19:50
  950. This guy legit dropped a “smile” on Clinton. He’s trying to solo a misogyny bingo card. Bold strategy, Cotton…
    2016-07-29 03:26:22
  951. RT @mcuban: I want to see a video of the people playing keep away with @realDonaldTrump’s phone to keep him from tweeting
    2016-07-29 03:27:14
  952. I hope they plan on selling the DNC soundtrack at Starbucks…I’m all over it.
    2016-07-29 03:30:45
  953. It’s been too easy to follow the GOP’s lead into cynicism and resignation. The DNC has been a reminder that there is considerable hope.
    2016-07-29 03:35:04
  954. RT @kelly_erin: Kind of amazing that we’re watching a female presidential nominee argue that her male opponent is too hysterical & emotiona…
    2016-07-29 03:39:50
  955. Okay, I’m gonna go to bed now, so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow to find that everything is the worst again…
    2016-07-29 03:41:04
  956. How does it compare to your military record?
    2016-07-29 22:46:30
  957. So necessary…I’m looking forward to seeing this grow!
    2016-07-31 18:16:09
  958. I got mine in, did you get yours in?
    2016-07-31 18:17:49
  959. Sadly, Corgan is more of a piece of shit than back in their heyday, and that’s quite a feat. No thanks
    2016-07-31 22:15:02
  960. I feel like this is a trick question…are you looking for “build a wall”? It does seem to be your go-to answer…
    2016-08-01 01:16:13
  961. Michigan folks, don’t forget tomorrow’s state primaries. If you are upset about 3rd party viability, vote!
    2016-08-01 23:12:37
  962. This sounds about right…
    2016-08-02 10:36:58
  963. A positive side effect of how terrible I am at Overwatch: I have no fear that I’ll accidentally get banned for the appearance of cheating!
    2016-08-02 10:42:46
  964. Politics achieved…get out there and vote, MI!
    2016-08-02 14:43:38
  965. Kids: If a post says “man, people who think X should Y”, and you don’t think X, don’t bother writing your defense; it’s not about you!
    2016-08-03 01:44:15
  966. I’m seriously over folks making everything about them…not all men, all lives matter, etc…we get it, it’s all about you snowflake!
    2016-08-03 01:59:37
  967. As pleased as I am to see my local millages pass, I’m bummed to see a nearly complete sweep of incumbents. Not mad enough, eh folks?
    2016-08-03 03:05:59
  968. Trump’s popularity secret; he sounds like everybody I’ve ever heard advocating “nuking ___ back to the stone age”
    2016-08-03 12:58:12
  969. “pure breeds”…ladies and gentlemen, straight from the mouth of Trump campaign leadership. No racism in there tho!
    2016-08-03 13:07:05
  970. Fucking…terrifying…
    2016-08-04 10:30:08
  971. RT @garybernhardt: Destroy All Software is resurrected. First up: computation, explained using code rather than mathematical notation. http…
    2016-08-05 10:22:01
  972. It should be illegal for a “news outfit” to flat out lie. There’s no free speech issue, lies aren’t news.
    2016-08-05 10:52:08
  973. Grocery cashier, fast food worker, “soldier”, developer/sys admin, it manager, developer, developer/it manager
    2016-08-05 13:17:17
  974. Note well that, as an adult, I’ve worked fast food, landscaping, roofing, carpentry, and misc labor. I’m not “too good” for a job.
    2016-08-05 13:22:15
  975. Serious question: climate change deniers, how do you reconcile your view with a reality that increasingly disagrees?
    2016-08-05 16:49:43
  976. All these people thinking Instagram will crush Snapchat forget a simple truth…the app that allows nudity will win. Your move Instagram!
    2016-08-05 17:25:26
  977. I miss Bawls… :(
    2016-08-05 17:25:55
  978. Apparently @Aerotek, with whom I worked fora month in 1998 when I first moved to MI, reported I was last with them in 07? #RecordKeepingWin
    2016-08-05 18:40:07
  979. RT @bencasselman: Your monthly reminder that virtually all the employment growth in the recovery has been full-time.
    2016-08-05 20:01:22
  980. RT @bencasselman: But: Picture looks very different if you go back to start of the recession.
    2016-08-05 20:01:39
  981. 2016-08-06 00:08:45
  982. Holy shit, Louis CK’s show was amazing. One of my favorite sets from him ever.
    2016-08-06 03:38:38
  983. At the bar before the show I bought a couple some drinks. After the 13,000 person show, they bumped into us again in the crowd! #SmallWorld
    2016-08-06 04:20:06
  984. Last show post, but opening acts @RachelFeinstein, @JoeListComedy, and @joemachi (who I’d never heard before) all killed! Hilarious!
    2016-08-06 04:26:18
  985. Such a great thread…and such a great example of the sort of derail that POC have to suffer regularly.
    2016-08-06 11:18:16
  986. The more I read from each group, the more I think the only difference between white apologists and white nationalists is use of epithets.
    2016-08-06 12:12:29
  987. Of course, my point of view is influenced by a white apologist sea lion lecturing me for a half hour with fake facts, so I might be biased.
    2016-08-06 12:13:58
  988. Was literally just told “I don’t have privilege, I am a nurse, work long hours with POC”…that’s where I bailed on trying to educate!
    2016-08-06 12:19:23
  989. This photo set is fantastic, I don’t care who you’re voting for:
    2016-08-06 16:31:29
  990. Yeah, replacing the grill elements might have been overdue…
    2016-08-06 20:27:39
  991. It sounds like a pretty shitty day to be flying Delta…
    2016-08-08 12:50:10
  992. …seems like a shittier day to be a Delta employee…
    2016-08-08 17:25:17
  993. Watching someone childish make an ass of themselves publicly…I mean yeah, I sorta feel bad…but it’s still fun as hell to watch!
    2016-08-08 23:01:48
  994. Many people say the Earth is flat. Many people say you should be President. Well, “many” might be a stretch…
    2016-08-08 23:25:36
  995. 2016-08-09 15:03:47
  996. Let’s try again, but with a link that won’t cost folks cash: Vindicated?
    2016-08-09 15:06:49
  997. Trump just advocated for assassinating Clinton. This isn’t hyperbole. This isn’t misrepresenting him. He said it.
    2016-08-09 20:33:21
  998. This is a fairly terrifying time we live in. The extremists are perceived as merely edgy. Moderates are perceived as an opposite extreme.
    2016-08-09 20:35:06
  999. This has to be actionable, doesn’t it? I mean according to the law ( this feels pretty cut-and-dried, eh?
    2016-08-09 20:36:12
  1000. Thank you, that’s positively a pain in the ass to find without knowing the name of the case or solid specifics!
    2016-08-09 20:37:44
  1001. I find myself genuinely disgusted by the folks that will wave off Trump’s latest shit as “ambiguous” or “all talk” or merely “in poor taste”
    2016-08-10 02:55:34
  1002. Fantastic thoughts on humor and “just joking”…read his whole thread!
    2016-08-10 12:21:43
  1003. RT @milanaknez: Just a quick heads up from Yugoslavia – when your political leaders literally start inciting violence, you need to start wo…
    2016-08-10 13:57:23
  1004. RT @milanaknez: Ppl take peace for granted. Things can turn ugly really fast. Yes, even in your stable country. And undoing that ugliness i…
    2016-08-10 13:57:25
  1005. Honesty with your team is as important as honesty with your customer
    2016-08-10 19:55:04
  1006. In publishing? Want to fix the dearth of authors that aren’t white men? Read this: from @nkjemisin
    2016-08-11 15:38:57
  1007. Too cloudy for perseids tonight :( Tomorrow it’s happening!
    2016-08-12 03:56:41
  1008. As far as I can tell from reviews, No Man’s Sky is a profoundly underwhelming, un-fun game that everyone loves and recommends. Why not!?
    2016-08-12 04:05:46
  1009. If you enjoy a game but write a think piece about how poor it is, you are over-thinking things! It’s okay to like things, we forgive you.
    2016-08-12 04:08:01
  1010. Fantastic headline! It’s weird to be confronted by how much we don’t know about physics…
    2016-08-12 14:09:20
    Visual Basic
    2016-08-14 22:30:53
  1012. We live in a David Baldacci novel.
    2016-08-15 11:43:22
  1013. Shut up and take my money? @JRRParker @bfarrugi and like a million others…
    2016-08-15 18:30:59
  1014. But you swore you’d never forget!?
    2016-08-16 00:15:08
  1015. Excited to be headed to KC with @aglance_ for Worldcon…should be a good time!
    2016-08-16 02:08:42
  1016. Kansas City…we are in you! #MAC2
    2016-08-16 19:19:43
  1017. Is your manager a Panic Monkey? I feel your pain…
    2016-08-17 15:04:15
  1018. Kansas City has a really nice downtown…considerable construction, but everything not being rebuilt is really nice! #MAC2
    2016-08-17 16:43:30
  1019. I know one thing I’m DEFINITELY attending! #MAC2
    2016-08-17 17:34:39
  1020. Yeah, for an otherwise fantastically run convention so far, hotel operations has been abysmal for weeks…
    2016-08-17 17:56:38
  1021. First panel, and Jack McDevitt is reading something of his published by @SubPress. Very entertaining! #MAC2
    2016-08-17 18:06:45
  1022. Moderators: if your panelists have to fight you to have the discussion, you’re doing the OPPOSITE of your job. #MAC2
    2016-08-17 19:10:04
  1023. “I’m the moderator, I can interrupt if I want” -a fucking terrible panel moderator; moderate the panel, it’s not the moderator show! #MAC2
    2016-08-17 19:24:42
  1024. “The Hugo and the Mega Novel” an otherwise great panel that was often hamstrung by a moderator that LOVES his own opinions. #MAC2
    2016-08-17 19:30:44
  1025. The menu choices at Drunken Fish seem appropriate for this crowd…
    2016-08-17 21:39:11
  1026. Some late notice, but I’m at Worldcon this week, so if you’re uninterested in the potential tweetstorm mute me until Monday! #MAC2
    2016-08-17 21:47:15
  1027. RT @CaitSpivey: #WorldCon #MAC2 pro tip: silence your cellphones when watching a panel or event.
    2016-08-17 21:47:40
  1028. This card was handed out at registration. Great idea I’d love to see at more cons #MAC2
    2016-08-17 22:26:34
  1029. Mute is such a welcome fallback option for when you find out that the conversation you’ve been having is with a troll. No hesitation, plonk!
    2016-08-18 00:52:03
  1030. This thread…yeah, for the “not all men” crowd; also for the crowd that (like me) often feel we’re not the problem.
    2016-08-18 14:22:56
  1031. Custom dice for the event…I think it’s time for ‘Jer’ branded dice…a middle finger per…
    2016-08-18 16:04:40
  1032. Watching the setup of the Mistborn board game…the equipment is really nice quality #MAC2
    2016-08-18 16:07:28
  1033. The Mistborn: House Wars boardgame looks like a must-buy…now for “Extreme, but Workable Societies” #MAC2
    2016-08-18 17:18:26
  1034. “From my [Finnish] perspective, American society itself is extreme” -Nina Niskanen…our society dictates what is “extreme” in fiction #mac2
    2016-08-18 17:18:26
  1035. RT @constablewrites: There needs to be a term for people who don’t understand that they’re not on the panel. #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 17:27:41
  1036. “Well, actually…” STOP. Stop right there and shut up. Nothing you have to say from here forward will be worth your lead-in… #MAC2
    2016-08-18 17:43:30
  1037. After a quick meal with my wife, time for more panels. Genre Shows You Should Be Watching! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 18:51:13
  1038. We began on painfully safe ground (Firefly) but the list is getting good now: Space Ghost, Johnny Quest, Beauty & the Beast #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:09:37
  1039. Continuing historically: Gargoyles (duh), but Sliders, Forever Night…I forgot about the Highlander show! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:11:41
  1040. Are we headed for peak genre fic? -@maxgladstone…It feels like we could watch genre fic endlessly without overlap now! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:19:23
  1041. By my math, if this one panelist does a full 5 minute rundown of every show she likes, we’re gonna hear about 6 shows here #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:24:07
  1042. Holy shit, the moderator literally woke up to interrupt a crazy long monologue…hilarious to watch! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:26:30
  1043. Shows I’ve not seen that have been mentioned: Brain Dead, Steven Universe, Librarians #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:37:02
  1044. Quick way to start a fight in this room: wasn’t that show a better, British show first? #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-18 19:38:14
  1045. Holy shit, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr… I’d forgotten about that one #Worldcon #mac2
    2016-08-18 19:44:59
  1046. Great panel, now for “The Past, it Ain’t What it Used to Be”…alt-history improv! #worldcon #mac2
    2016-08-18 19:57:15
  1047. I have to say, #worldcon has been going incredibly smoothly. Running a show of this size is hugely difficult, and they’re killing it! #mac2
    2016-08-18 19:59:43
  1048. “She can’t find a copy of her book to hold up, ooh, that’s a rookie mistake” -@DavidGerrold as @tneilsenhayden searches #worldcon #mac2 lmao
    2016-08-18 20:09:00
  1049. “you don’t get a good approximation of wolf culture by dumping unrelated wolves in a cage you get high school” -@matociquala #worldcon #mac2
    2016-08-18 20:33:12
  1050. Next up, “SF as Protest Literature”, one of the panels I’ve been really looking forward to… #Worldcon #mac2
    2016-08-18 20:57:21
  1051. SF carries implied critique. You can’t say “what if this happens” without some examination of now. -@ann_leckie #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:11:38
  1052. SF allows you to address protest with deniability…”this story isn’t protest, it’s just aliens!” -@bluejowalton #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:13:44
  1053. How do you hide protest in your stories? “You don’t, put it out there” -@ann_leckie #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:15:36
  1054. It’s interesting how much is perceived as “message fiction” (protest fiction you disagree with) that has no real message #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:17:47
  1055. Heinlein and Doctorow employ the “trick” of the protagonist “confiding” in the reader; presumes agreement. -@bluejowalton #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:25:43
  1056. Is it inherently protest to write about the world that you see? Does equitable representation of gender make it protest? #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:41:17
  1057. How many gay characters am I allowed? Is it 3?what’s the cutoff? -@bluejowalton #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:42:21
  1058. RT @yamainu: Do the best we can where we are, and accept the fact that if the world gets better we’ll be embarrassed by what we did. @Bluej…
    2016-08-18 21:44:08
  1059. Be on the lookout, there is only one ribbon I need, and it is the “I am Chuck Tingle” ribbon… #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 21:59:52
  1060. RT @MarySueRenfrow: Attention #MAC2 — BBQ Recommendation from a KC person. You’re welcome.
    2016-08-18 22:02:21
  1061. “How many of you know somebody who thinks they are funny and just aren’t” -Connie Willis …oh…god…yes #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 22:11:03
  1062. Taking a brief panel break to people watch…the convention center has awesome, wide bridges full of seating and people! #mac2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 23:21:35
  1063. Next up, a standup comedy panel at 7pm, dinner, then to see how long I can last in the party scene! #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-18 23:23:45
  1064. Let’s go to this really popular BBQ place, she says. At dinner rush. It’ll be fine, she says! #HourPlusWait #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 00:10:44
  1065. RT @AntiBae: I love seeing positive couples who support each other and still grow as separate individuals and still adore the hell out of o…
    2016-08-19 00:14:34
  1066. My faux-extroversion is fading fast…I suspect parties might not be in my future tonight. #mac2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-19 00:19:18
  1067. I’m confused…background checks WON’T work for guns because they’re pointless…but they WILL work for Muslims because they work?
    2016-08-19 03:17:08
  1068. Maybe we should use the same forms that will find immigrant criminals-to-be to test prospective gun owners!? *mind blown*
    2016-08-19 03:18:12
  1069. Sure, let’s wale up ALL THE WAY at 330am!
    2016-08-19 08:47:30
  1070. Sometime yesterday, IFTTT stopped sending tweets to FB (lucky Facebook folks!)

    Until I can investigate, it’s back to the native method.

    2016-08-19 13:13:17
  1071. First panel of the day is 100% no-show on panelists, which works out…catching “Enjoying Urban Fantasy” instead! #Worldcon #mac2
    2016-08-19 16:14:30
  1072. I would listen to @maxgladstone explain almost anything; always a new point of view, always well articulated… #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 16:19:17
  1073. Monsters as an idea have always been around, urban fantasy just updates their context to modern times -@melissafolson #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 16:21:08
  1074. People discard UF as vampires having sex; James Bond has sex, that doesn’t define the genre. -@dianarowland #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 16:23:36
  1075. Highlight: @maxgladstone and @MelissaFOlson making a human Venn diagram to illustrate a point…look for photos! #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-19 16:28:23
  1076. “Enjoying Urban Fantasy” #worldcon #mac2 Great panel…
    2016-08-19 16:33:31
  1077. RT @wordfey: Kuznia problematizes Leicht’s definition of the unreliable narrator: isn’t that just all narrators? #panel3147 #MAC2
    2016-08-19 16:34:56
  1078. “Unreliable narrator” isn’t “narrator we disagree with” or “narrator with a perspective”, it’s “narrator we can’t trust” #MAC2 #Worldcon
    2016-08-19 16:41:33
  1079. “The end of the book is the one place the first person narrator can’t mislead, the book is over” -@maxgladstone #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 16:47:58
  1080. RT @aglance_: I really like seeing a panel where the women are never interrupted or talked over by the male panelists or audience members.…
    2016-08-19 16:48:16
  1081. Charity auctioneer @brainwane is hilarious, and definitely has drawn an inappropriate amount of bidding out of me! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 17:31:19
  1082. The room for @scalzi’s reading is a bit full… #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 18:01:33
  1083. Hearing about differences between historical research and futurist research is surprisingly (to me) fascinating… #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 22:15:01
  1084. Writers are very nosy and will do research just to find it more about something without any other motive. -Mary Turzillo #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 22:32:20
  1085. 2016-08-19 22:37:23
  1086. Concerned that panelists never answer your questions well? Ask a question that takes less than 5 minutes, you wordy fuck! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-19 22:55:02
  1087. RT @d_ruddenwrites: SF editor at #Worldcon yells bout ‘snowflakes ruining everything’ while guys lose shit bout MJ not being redheaded.. ht…
    2016-08-20 03:12:41
  1088. While it’s not my fav, a highlight of #Worldcon is the usual suspects trying to create outrage over failed protest & losing to joy #MAC2
    2016-08-20 03:22:26
  1089. Few things are a better symbol of what fandom is about than #Worldcon attendees ignoring the hate and embracing shared enthusiasm! #MAC2
    2016-08-20 03:23:49
  1090. Duh! Anybody that needs the cash would by definition be a “taker” and therefore undeserving. He must keep it!
    2016-08-20 05:29:41
  1091. I get the purpose, but I don’t love 1 in 3 trips to a hotel bathroom resulting in me sweating under a heat lamp like a chicken nugget!
    2016-08-20 11:02:46
  1092. RT @kellyoyo: For the record, I’m having an amazing #worldcon and have seen nothing but smart, open-minded people saying fascinating, funny…
    2016-08-20 14:22:35
  1093. RT @ChuckTingle: it is MORNING OF HUGOS AWARD and i am very excited. me and jon are having a big party today hope i win big and become my b…
    2016-08-20 15:35:29
  1094. The greatest advertisement for a single-payer system is insurance company greed…surprising few that part attention
    2016-08-20 15:41:59
  1095. At first I thought this an overreaction, but I’m not a constant recipient of DT’s sort of shit.
    2016-08-20 19:34:36
  1096. I WILL say that the morons crying “wrongthink” should, perhaps, examine the difference between “think” and “act” in the context of DT’s acts
    2016-08-20 19:36:40
  1097. We’re in the room, so prepare for some Hugo spam #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 00:33:55
  1098. Lookin’ mildly fancy for some award ceremony for nerdy books! #worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 00:36:40
  1099. I was told I was getting pearls for attending…not so much :( #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 00:40:32
  1100. Here we go! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 01:05:52
  1101. “If you don’t behave yourself, I will pound you in the butt…with my butt” – @Cadigan #Worldcon #MAC2 #ChuckTingleLove
    2016-08-21 01:12:11
  1102. RT @MidAmeriCon2: Welcome to our live coverage of @TheHugoAwards! Are you ready for the fun to begin? #MAC2 #worldcon…
    2016-08-21 01:13:03
  1103. Record involvement for the Hugo this year! Kudos gang :) #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 01:14:48
  1104. RT @strangelove4sf: Best fan artist Steve stiles #hugoawards #MAC2 #worldcon
    2016-08-21 01:18:13
  1105. Mike Glyer with the Best Fan Writer…so well deserved! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:21:28
  1106. Best Fancast… The first no award #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:22:45
  1107. Best Fanzine… File770, again, so well deserved! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:25:41
  1108. I’ve been informed that the online feed is somewhat behind; I’m now drunk with an outrageously small amount of power! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:27:43
  1109. RT @jasonsanford: The Forrest J. Ackerman Big Heart Award for outstanding contributions to SF/F community goes to Joe Siclari and Edie Ster…
    2016-08-21 01:37:53
  1110. Campbell Award…Andy Weir! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:41:33
  1111. The award was accepted for Weir by Stan Love! So perfect in the diadem/crown/tiara #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:42:54
  1112. RT @GabeEggers: Hey, I know what a diadem is! #Hugos #Worldcon #Mac2
    2016-08-21 01:44:40
  1113. Can I just say, @Cadigan and @Siegel_Jan are KILLING IT. So funny, so great! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:47:08
  1114. Best Semiprozine…Uncanny Magazine…excellent! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:48:06
  1115. As the Uncanny crew comes up to get their award… “HUGO FOR BEST DRESSED” from the audience! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:49:11
  1116. Omg, if you’re watching at home…pay close attention when feed catches up in the next few minutes …Holy shit!!!! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:54:25
  1117. Just kidding. I told you… Drunk with power! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:56:14
  1118. Best Related Work… No award… To great applause! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 01:58:53
  1119. The ‘no awards’ , thus far, have been wisely voted, IMHO. #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:00:30
  1120. Best Pro Artist… Abigail Larson! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:01:14
  1121. Best Graphic Story… Sandman: Overture by Gaiman #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:05:00
  1122. Fuck yes…shots fired by Gaiman at the pitiful puppies! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos #PitifulPuppies
    2016-08-21 02:06:12
  1123. The #PitifulPuppies might need this… #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:09:40
  1124. Best Dramatic Presentation-Short Form… Jessica Jones (which @cadigan points out is NOT based on her) #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:13:06
  1125. Best Dramatic Presentation-Long Form… The Martian…ACCEPTED BY JEANETTE EPPS!#Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:19:04
  1126. I’m not going to lie, I’m enjoying the #PitifulPuppies whimpering along sporadically on social media as this unfolds! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:21:17
  1127. Best Editor – Short Form… Ellen Datlow! (which we almost got before the nominees were read… Oops) #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:23:16
  1128. Best Editor – Long Form… Sheila Gilbert! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:24:48
  1129. RT @peregondusoir: Vox Day Is Not A Very Good Editor: A long form anthology.
    2016-08-21 02:27:04
  1130. Best Short Story… Cat Pictures Please #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:31:14
  1131. The right story was chosen, and I still love you @ChuckTingle! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:32:05
  1132. Best Novelette… Folding Beijing #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:35:05
  1133. Hao Jingfang torn between wanting to win and wanting to go to her favorite author’s Hugo Loser’s Party is my favorite thing! #Worldcon #MAC2
    2016-08-21 02:38:41
  1134. RT @jasonsanford: Obviously #Worldcon voters recognized when deserving stories were put on the puppy slate in attempt to mess with the Hugo…
    2016-08-21 02:39:06
  1135. Best Novella… Binti#Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:40:47
  1136. I’m simultaneously bummed that Penric’s Demon didn’t win and delighted that the amazing Binti won! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:42:03
  1137. Best Novel… After an excruciating (and wonderful) intro… The Fifth Season!! #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:48:14
  1138. Can we give @nkjemisin another Hugo for her acceptance speech? Amazing and hopeful. Awfully dusty in here suddenly… #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 02:51:52
  1139. RT @SoonLeeNZ: Hugo Awards 2016 statistics
    #MidAmericon2 #Worldcon @MidAmeriCon2
    2016-08-21 03:56:10
  1140. Based on the totals that he and Castalia pulled, it looks like Vox’s pity party are worth just shy of 300 votes. Terrifying. #PitifulPuppies
    2016-08-21 04:34:09
  1141. RT @MrsSheaWong: If you missed Neil Gaiman’s #HugoAwards speech (and everyone else!), it’s here: via @YouTube
    2016-08-21 04:52:40
  1142. Some thoughts on the Hugo results: #Worldcon #MAC2 #hugos
    2016-08-21 05:27:20
  1143. RT @scalzi: I can’t help but think the jerks who keep trying to game the Hugo awards must be pretty pissed we end up having so much damn fu…
    2016-08-21 12:13:30
  1144. I’m feeling pretty good this morning, I just found out I’m probably worth about $1M less than billionaire @realDonaldTrump. #RichInDebt
    2016-08-21 12:36:33
  1145. I’m happy to discuss the Hugo Awards, but I have a hair-trigger on my mute this morning. I see a hint of tinfoil hat…plonk!
    2016-08-21 12:45:19
  1146. RT @SpacefaringK: In the #HugoAwards, NA in Fancast was IMHO regrettable (if understandable). Here’s a cool unheld acceptance speech. https…
    2016-08-21 12:55:43
  1147. RT @nkjemisin: We really need an award for @ChuckTingle. Kritzer slayed, but his Puppy trolling was glorious. Best Related next yr? https:/…
    2016-08-21 14:07:04
  1148. Boom… This is the one…
    2016-08-21 14:07:54
  1149. RT @eacarlson: “Most of the developers I know would much rather read a doc than confess they don’t know how to do something.” -@wiredferret…
    2016-08-21 15:01:40
  1150. RT @rcade: E Pluribus Hugo, a vote-counting system that reduces the ability of bloc voting to make a joke of the #HugoAwards, has passed at…
    2016-08-21 17:38:51
  1151. Folks are confused about how the Best Editor awards work. They’re not lifetime achievement, it’s for the eligibility period… #HugoAwards
    2016-08-21 22:30:36
  1152. RT @MaryRobinette: My MidAmeriCon II badge was just suspended. That is awesome. This is why.
    2016-08-21 23:07:21
  1153. RT @rkoutnik: Conference speaking:
    week before: PANIC
    24hr: PANIC
    10min: PANIC
    During: (how is this working)
    After: That was fun! *applies…
    2016-08-22 13:12:28
  1154. I really couldn’t hate dealing with SSL more than I do. It’s pretty much the worst.
    2016-08-22 14:16:55
  1155. Why wouldn’t it be a RAM usage issue? Surely small servers aren’t allowed SSL right?
    2016-08-22 14:39:07
  1156. Just to round out my whining: in order to renew my TLS certs, I had to increase the size of my server to provide enough RAM. Why not? *sigh*
    2016-08-22 15:01:35
  1157. Why I love tech: after only 1.5 hours of effort, I was able to accomplish the 5 minutes of task I initially planned. Go me! :)
    2016-08-22 15:04:46
  1158. Wonder why women worry at conventions? Read this thread…as a bonus, know that so many women have similar stories
    2016-08-22 19:00:02
  1159. Dave Truesdale posted the audio of his panel hijack; he expected vindication, but I bailed after 30m off topic!
    2016-08-22 19:12:19
  1160. RT @andrhia: I worry that too much push against cultural appropriation also shuts down the cross-cultural conversations that lead to peace…
    2016-08-23 15:32:26
  1161. For @aglance_, @Kristina_Blott, @YanniKuznia, e tc
    2016-08-23 17:24:09
  1162. RT @crashwong: Really good thread on how harassers aren’t always men. One of mine was (is) a woman. :///
    2016-08-23 21:08:11
  1163. I stand by this!
    2016-08-24 15:54:46
  1164. Wow, the Trump campaign must be getting desperate, look at that discount!
    2016-08-24 21:17:59
  1165. Happy birthday to one of the best things to happen in my life, @aglance_! I married way out of my league, and she proves it more each day!
    2016-08-25 11:35:55
  1166. …which is going to make it so rough to replace her with the younger model now that she’s old!
    2016-08-25 11:36:35
  1167. RT @WIRED: Dear Internet: This is not fine. None of this is fine.
    2016-08-25 20:07:28
  1168. I forgot how much wind noise the overhead lights added to the Jeep… Now that I’ve moved them down, it’s ridiculously quiet on the highway!
    2016-08-25 22:19:04
  1169. RT @veschwab: Rules for the rest of 2016:
    –Eat simply
    –Create daily
    –Time is precious
    –So is sanity
    2016-08-26 01:28:14
  1170. RT @ChuckTingle: thank you billings paper @lithub for important story on CHUCK AND HANDSOME SON JON. @msophianewman very kind read https://…
    2016-08-26 15:57:51
  1171. In or around Grand Rapids? Want to learn to code? Grand Circus is headed your way!
    2016-08-26 18:39:39
  1172. Hah, took me longer than I’m entirely pleased with!
    2016-08-26 18:57:21
  1173. So much of what I find grossest in “nerd culture” discussed here; part of why my convention attendance has dipped.
    2016-08-26 20:00:25
  1174. What the fuck!? I’m an alcoholic; I’ve been catastrophically intoxicated hundreds of times; it never made me rape.
    2016-08-27 05:04:44
  1175. Perhaps we could ban *rapists* from campus to prevent rape? Like, if you’re convicted of rape, expelled+barred from campus? Seems simple.
    2016-08-27 05:07:56
  1176. I’m like 90% sure that Trump’s doctor gave me a 10 minute long hernia check in exchange for a Vicodin scrip once…
    2016-08-27 05:12:19
  1177. I’m so torn: on the one hand, I want badly to win this dinner. On the other, I’d have to donate to this trash fire!
    2016-08-27 15:12:48
  1178. These people, who professionally keep their shit together, can’t handle an interview with Ryan Lochte…so good!
    2016-08-27 16:17:29
  1179. RT @kcatwalk1: I’m full but I’m still eating: An autobiography
    2016-08-27 20:27:59
  1180. This here is a pretty common thing, too!
    2016-08-27 20:54:37
  1181. RT @ChuckTingle: to all fighters dissapointed that all internet fighting has offically stopped, a good NEW idea is to talk about fun times…
    2016-08-28 17:56:50
  1182. “If we’re at a con together and you could use some support being sober […] I’ll do what I can to help.” Ditto!
    2016-08-29 01:18:09
  1183. Tomorrow starts the next chapter of my work life just in the nick of time, vacation has become insanely boring! Very excited…
    2016-08-29 01:33:58
  1184. “Nice country you’ve got there…shame if something happened to it…”
    *takes bat, destroys GOP entirely*
    2016-08-29 01:39:09
  1185. RT @rtyourkink: being sleep deprived
    2016-08-29 02:04:11
  1186. RT @rtyourkink: 1990s folk punk
    2016-08-29 02:07:47
  1187. I feel gross just having read that.
    2016-08-29 23:11:55
  1188. Tonight is a Blazing Saddles night; tomorrow, I think Silver Streak…farewell Gene Wilder!
    2016-08-29 23:43:44
  1189. God I love that movie…it’s a shame that one of our greatest comedic actors made so few movies.
    2016-08-30 01:28:52
  1190. RT @annabel_lea: Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Talk to me when I’ve got headphones in
    And I’ll fucking end you
    2016-08-30 10:14:53
  1191. I’ve written a bit about my job hunt this summer:
    2016-08-31 15:32:15
  1192. RT @AlsBoy: Guys, don’t let this headphones thing mislead you, women that aren’t wearing them probably don’t want to talk to you either
    2016-08-31 21:13:34
  1193. This morning’s shuttle is blaring what can best be described as smooth porn music. I’ll admit, I’m more awake now than I was, I guess?
    2016-09-01 11:29:59
  1194. I dunno what key combo I’m used to from Macs that triggers narrator in Windows, but I need to turn down my headphones before I wet myself!
    2016-09-02 13:20:12
  1195. Bingo, that’s the one!
    /me sends form
    2016-09-02 15:36:35
  1196. Them: Are you angry?
    Me: No, just listening
    T: You look angry
    M: This is my listening face
    T: You must HATE listening
    2016-09-02 15:48:04
  1197. Not a bad place to spend my weekdays!
    2016-09-02 19:37:46
  1198. Random thing that was mailed to me today. I’m very confused!
    2016-09-02 20:41:12
  1199. In the long list of math and science subjects you don’t take seriously, statistics is an unsurprising find.
    2016-09-03 01:09:23
  1200. RT @fakedansavage: Is it possible that Lena Dunham was just joking around, the way we all do, when we’re talking shit with a friend?
    2016-09-03 01:24:07
  1201. Had a great time at a beautiful wedding, although it reminded me how much I miss my old teammates. It was nice to see everybody nonetheless!
    2016-09-04 01:56:47
  1202. American Ultra is a ridiculously fun movie…I didn’t expect much, but it was way better than I coulda hoped. I hope they sequel!
    2016-09-04 02:01:01
  1203. 2016-09-04 02:18:44
  1204. Having read some 58 pages of FBI report ( it’s clear that most HRC email whiners haven’t bothered…shocking!
    2016-09-04 02:35:58
  1205. Seriously, fuck politics and fuck partisanship, go read the fucking report. It’s fair to say that the FBI found no lies, nothing to hide.
    2016-09-04 02:41:21
  1206. If your reasons for disliking HRC include email servers, Libya, or lying, the best case scenario is ignorance. Worst case is lying misogyny.
    2016-09-04 02:42:54
  1207. There are, of course, real reasons to not wish to vote for her: they’re called her policies. You should familiarize yourself with them.
    2016-09-04 02:47:08
  1208. .@latimes I’d be happy to pay for your content if your web devs could learn CSS that didn’t constantly reflow the page on mobile devices!
    2016-09-05 12:38:29
  1209. “Framed” was a compelling, engaging read that I repeatedly bailed on because the reflowing was insane. Test your mobile delivery @latimes!
    2016-09-05 12:40:30
  1210. RT @paulkrugman: True fact: I was reluctant to write today’s col because I knew journos would hate it. But it felt like a moral duty https:…
    2016-09-05 16:57:31
  1211. Hah…”news” organizations…
    2016-09-05 22:49:10
  1212. RT @TheRickWilson: Look, I don’t know one way or the other, but many people are saying — on the shows — that #TrumpCantSwim
    2016-09-06 07:52:55
  1213. It’s that time of year again; we’re raising money for sick kids with Extra Life! Donate!
    2016-09-07 15:07:38
  1214. What an awkward way for you to learn the difference between email and mail! Great Photoshop fodder though!
    2016-09-07 22:18:52
  1215. RT @alanstorm: Have fun in Austin folks — if you see a Magento architect be sure to ask them why they’re opposed to documenting their syst…
    2016-09-07 22:22:55
  1216. If only we had something like this…a martial court. We could call it a court martial…this could work!
    2016-09-08 01:44:29
  1217. RT @CrabSmutPeddler: Trump isn’t aware of military courts because JAG ran opposite The Apprentice.
    2016-09-08 01:45:03
  1218. Voting for Trump? You don’t get to use HRC’s supposed corruption as a reason anymore: He’s demonstrably corrupt.
    2016-09-08 11:37:09
  1219. Day 1 of (hopefully) 1 for jury duty. Very Jer-hostile… No shorts, no jeans, no electronics… Just sadness and waiting!
    2016-09-08 12:46:45
  1220. I’ve seen this exact thing in hundreds of job interviews: talking through the question. Sad to say, it often works.
    2016-09-08 13:00:11
  1221. Talking through the question: just keep saying shit that is vaguely related and hard to follow, people tend toward assuming you know shit.
    2016-09-08 13:07:15
  1222. I’m not a fan of Gary Johnson, in fact, I think he’s a shitty candidate…But this Aleppo thing is being blown up cartoonishly.
    2016-09-08 20:43:54
  1223. If you’ve never miscontextualized a phrase and came up blank on it: congratulations on sticking to childish conversation.
    2016-09-08 20:45:09
  1224. I’m breaking the rules!
    2016-09-08 21:13:32
  1225. Learning things at a new job is merely an exercise in organizing your yak shaving; every task is a series of recursive research trips.
    2016-09-09 11:51:29
  1226. Because of all of the casting about for information, it’s really easy to feel unproductive and overwhelmed by all of the side quests.
    2016-09-09 11:52:25
  1227. Jer’s Law: You can best measure your success at learning your new job by the reduction in count or length of yak shaving trips on new tasks!
    2016-09-09 11:53:20
  1228. RT @DawnHFoster: “You might be a working astronaut, BUT I AM A MAN”
    2016-09-09 18:32:27
  1229. RT @MsPackyetti: Things they did not #boycottNFL for:

    Domestic abusers
    Racist mascots…

    But taking a knee?…

    2016-09-09 20:49:27
  1230. That’s okay, I didn’t want to sleep ever again anyway, body. Let’s just stay up forever!
    2016-09-11 07:43:09
  1231. RT @stevesilberman: Breaking: Same Trumpites who call my autistic friends “retards,” and call me a “filthy jew faggot,” demand apology from…
    2016-09-11 14:13:30
  1232. New waitress called me “baby”. One of the other waitresses contributes, “oh, I wouldn’t do THAT hon, his pet names are VULGAR” #SugarSnatch
    2016-09-11 14:38:06
  1233. Time for us to warm up for our Nov 5 LAN with a mini-LAN. Overwatch, Prop Hunt, and more. Streaming off and on!
    2016-09-11 15:28:07
  1234. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), please donate (if you can) and signal boost!
    2016-09-11 15:36:08
  1235. Time for us to continue playing the friendship-ending Overcooked! Live stream:
    2016-09-11 19:02:23
  1236. RT @HarlanCoben: Interestingly enough, the current medical experts on my Twitter feed were zoologists back in May #Harambe
    2016-09-11 23:01:51
  1237. You see the GOP hand-wringing about Hillary’s pneumonia, I see Republicans caring about a woman’s health for once! #SilverLining?
    2016-09-11 23:20:08
  1238. If we told the GOP that they had Clinton’s medical records, I bet we could get lifetime funding for Planned Parenthood by week’s end!
    2016-09-11 23:22:17
  1239. If you think that someone exercising their rights in a protest is a disgrace to a symbol of that right, you don’t understand that right.
    2016-09-12 00:34:23
  1240. If you care more about the flag or the anthem than you do the ideals they symbolize, you don’t understand those ideals.
    2016-09-12 00:36:18
  1241. Nothing is less American than demanding people stop exercising their rights in favor of “being patriotic”–the stuff of tinpot dictators.
    2016-09-12 00:38:08
  1242. We mock video from dictatorships where citizens are forced to express national pride, but how dare you not stand up for our special song.
    2016-09-12 00:41:38
  1243. RT @saladinahmed: shitty societies need big flags the way shitty men need big cars
    2016-09-12 00:44:46
  1244. Unpopular truth: all our “patriotism” has done for 15 years is excuse our most unAmerican behavior. Hate, violence, fear called “patriotism”
    2016-09-12 00:46:50
  1245. …so forgive me if I’d rather see people sit through the anthem or burn a flag than see hate cast at them by fake patriots.
    2016-09-12 00:49:35
  1246. And stop doing that shit on behalf of veterans. Folks died for the right to burn flags, protest, and freedom fight, not Facebook platitudes.
    2016-09-12 00:53:20
  1247. Sorry for the rant, but I’ve watched one ass after another do this all day…on this, a day that should be a reminder of our higher ideals.
    2016-09-12 00:57:53
  1248. *sigh* the earth isn’t flat, we landed on the moon, vaccines are safe, Obama’s American, Clinton is honest, the Holocaust happened, AGW…
    2016-09-12 02:05:53
  1249. RT @samphippen: Worth noting:

    testing micro services is necessarily harder than testing a monolith.

    This is a feature, not a bug.

    2016-09-12 11:28:47
  1250. Holy shit, flat earther is messaging me “proofs” that the Earth is flat. They are as foolish as you think they’d be. It’s great! :)
    2016-09-12 18:20:54
  1251. Lord, save me from motherfuckers that think they’re clever!
    2016-09-12 19:08:06
  1252. Alright, day, let’s do this shit!
    2016-09-13 11:40:07
  1253. You get what you measure, a lesson to learn from Wells Fargo
    2016-09-14 15:30:13
  1254. RT @BadAstronomer: Are you a) a woman, and 2) want a 4-year *full* STEM scholarship? Cards Against Humanity wants to throw $$$ at you. http…
    2016-09-15 10:22:50
  1255. The only rule that matters… Everything else flows from this…
    2016-09-15 10:25:11
  1256. So, I just found this twitter account. I will now model my life after his teachings. I am a bear.
    2016-09-15 10:36:41
  1257. RT @tvanfosson: Developer progression: instead of junior to senior
    1. Simple and wrong
    2. Complicated and wrong
    3. Complicated and right
    2016-09-15 10:37:20
  1258. Getting ready to start the Mortgage Platform Olympics, day 1!
    2016-09-15 18:22:28
  1259. RT @SarahKSilverman: When the most beautiful writing collides w the most stunning acting it can really move the shit out of you https://t.c…
    2016-09-16 11:09:55
  1260. Holy shit, Fallon… There can’t be enough showers in the world for how filthy you feel this morning.
    2016-09-16 11:12:02
  1261. RT @BillCorbett: FALLON: Welcome, you look great! What have you been up to lately?

    POL POT: Filling mass graves with my enemies.


    2016-09-16 11:12:44
  1262. RT @meganamram: Fallon interviewing Hitler: “Let’s talk about your book!”
    2016-09-16 11:12:50
  1263. RT @MattMira: Jimmy Fallon is the Tonight Show host we deserve.
    2016-09-16 11:13:39
  1264. If you are concerned about folks taking a knee during the anthem but NOT with blocking immigration, you are confused about what’s unAmerican
    2016-09-16 11:48:38
  1265. Call Rebecca Black, because it’s Friday!
    2016-09-16 15:00:11
  1266. Me: *drops tablet trying to pick it up* Fuck you!
    Teammate: Did you just swear at gravity?
    2016-09-16 18:23:00
  1267. RT @nosliWtrautS: Thinking cyclists don’t pay tax makes you an idiot.

    Thinking ppl’s right to safety depends on how much tax they pay make…

    2016-09-17 18:18:35
  1268. Man, I’d trade for lawyers that actually know the law! #IrresponsibleIntent
    2016-09-17 23:47:37
  1269. Anybody else on @BrightHouseCare currently having quick outages in southeast Michigan? It just started.
    2016-09-18 00:27:59
  1270. RT @rkofman: Bullshit/harmful concept: “emotions don’t belong in a work environment”.
    2016-09-19 11:17:34
  1271. My bowel of Skittles has dozens that will rape you… Ready to ban men from public places yet Republicans?
    2016-09-20 10:34:05
  1272. I assume that we’re ignoring, in this metaphor, the very real amount of poisons Americans willingly ingest each day?
    2016-09-20 10:35:24
  1273. In order for this metaphor to hold, the bowl would contain 60 MILLION Skittles. Yeah, I’ll eat a handful.
    2016-09-20 10:37:44
  1274. My Twitter feed this morning: bigots claiming that by not wanting to ban immigrants out of fear, I’m a coward. The cognitive dissonance…
    2016-09-20 11:27:45
  1275. Boom! And just like that, the thin veneer behind which the bigots were hiding is removed.
    2016-09-20 11:31:18
  1276. RT @sbrezenoff: #Skittles
    2016-09-20 15:11:12
  1277. Every single day that I end without having to fill out timecards in like 5 different archaic systems is a day I love my life! #FWP!
    2016-09-20 17:36:28
  1278. Make no mistake, the sacks of shit spreading the Skittles metaphor are perfectly comfortable with their bigotry, by…
    2016-09-20 21:30:51
  1279. Germaine to a conversation on Twitter, my work badge photo looks like a cautionary tale…
    2016-09-21 13:28:58
  1280. Resting Murder Face….an apt description and my new band name!
    2016-09-21 14:55:50
  1281. Verifying myself: I am jer_ on oNuxu6ju3RHyqvUDQ8Xw57tKDeCEwMIrqeuh /
    2016-09-21 19:56:06
  1282. So, so in love with this.
    2016-09-21 20:19:30
  1283. Watch the whole thing, you’ll thank me:
    2016-09-21 21:00:38
  1284. ALTAR TABLE …not so much
    ALTER TABLE …yep
    5-10 minutes of “what am I doing wrong with this simple query?” *sigh*
    2016-09-22 00:30:02
  1285. Fun thing I did this evening..whipped together a personal URL shortener! So much left to do on it, but it works!
    2016-09-22 00:39:01
  1286. Pretty fantastic set of answers to a question about best and worst managers. Worth a read!
    2016-09-23 12:52:17
  1287. Great Patreons: @selfconference and @greaterthancode Support the best of our community.
    2016-09-23 19:24:31
  1288. Long day has been LOOOOOOONG
    2016-09-23 20:35:18
  1289. Does nobody make a MBP case that doesn’t crack simply from the stress of sitting on the laptop? @speckproducts is the latest to crack :(
    2016-09-23 22:25:40
  1290. Because my morning started off rant-filled… (Also, @aglance_, @Kristina_Blott, @margaretpearce, @_chelseybaker)
    2016-09-24 12:30:12
  1291. It’s been a bit since I’ve played Diablo 3…almost IMMEDIATELY I found myself complaining that I need more inventory. That’s about right…
    2016-09-24 16:27:58
  1292. Racist shitbag on FB just said “Maybe some selective genocide may help with the lack of common sense that’s leaving our country(sarcasim)”
    2016-09-24 16:33:22
  1293. Ignoring, for the moment, thespelling and grammar…are we currently at a point where a sarcasm tag absolves calls for genocide?
    2016-09-24 16:34:48
  1294. I can assure you, if you “jokingly” call for genocide in my forum, you are reported, blocked, and ignored for the sack of shit you are.
    2016-09-24 16:35:38
  1295. RT @lauraolin: Kirk Douglas, who is 100 this year and remembers when Hitler was considered a “joke”:…
    2016-09-26 00:36:37
  1296. There’s no more shameful a chain of thoughts that you can have skimming FB/Twitter than:
    “She’s cute, what’s her story”
    “Oh, missing person”
    2016-09-26 10:29:57
  1297. Any .Net folks looking for a gig? I am in need of your expertise! Please, feel free to spread the word if you know of good folks…
    2016-09-26 12:24:14
  1298. So, lemme tell you where I fucked up: I asked for .Net devs, and staff aug/recruiting firms exploded from the woodwork. *sigh*
    2016-09-26 12:46:26
  1299. For those unclear: “I have a job if you are a dev looking for one” !== “hey, contract firms, here’s an opportunity”
    2016-09-26 12:50:00
  1300. 5 contract houses, outsourcers, and staff aug joints blocked. 3 emails spam-binned. 5 minutes spent being thankful I’m not a recruiter.
    2016-09-26 13:05:36
  1301. RT @BridgetPhetasy: There should be a jr high level poli sci pop quiz at the beginning of the debate. If you don’t pass you can’t be presid…
    2016-09-26 18:32:44
  1302. Finally, let’s get fact checking involved in the debates: (doesn’t matter, most Trump supporters are fact-immune)
    2016-09-26 20:30:28
  1303. Interesting… Thoughts @SubPress folks?
    2016-09-26 20:34:27
  1304. The number of folks hiding behind “liberal media bias” that can’t provide actual facts to support the lies being fact checked…astonishing.
    2016-09-27 00:34:20
  1305. It’s pretty simple, kids: someone says something; “liberally biased media” refutes with facts; find facts that support the original claim.
    2016-09-27 00:35:31
  1306. If your algorithm goes: someone says something; “liberally biased media” refutes with facts; cry that there media is biased…you’re whining
    2016-09-27 00:37:42
  1307. For real: the combo of “just because you know more doesn’t make you smarter than me” and “facts and opinions are th…
    2016-09-27 00:42:33
  1308. For what it’s worth, a perfect debate scenario is that both candidates lay out their actual policies with actual details. Unlikely. #Debates
    2016-09-27 00:49:30
  1309. HRC explains policy ideas to improve our already improving economy. Trump opines that we’re being ruined by foreigners. Nothing new #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:11:51
  1310. How will you fix income inequality?
    Clinton: profit sharing, raised minimum wage
    Trump: lower corporate taxes
    2016-09-27 01:13:28
  1311. Lester tried to pin Trump down on explaining his completely undefined plan; snake-eyes on that roll… #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:14:52
  1312. I’m loving seeing twitter explode about HRC “attacking” Trump–apparently answering the question is an attack. #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:16:39
  1313. “Some country is going to be the leader of clean energy”… That’s a solid idea for growing the economy #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:18:34
  1314. Holy shit, did Trump not do any prep on the economy pre-Obama? I don’t love Clinton’s fiscal policies, but she’s brutalizing him. #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:21:51
  1315. It did not take long for Trump to start just yelling nonsense over the top of actual facts. Sadly, most of his base is eating it up #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:25:01
  1316. What the fuck is he talking about now? She’s been fighting ISIS for her entire adult life? Truth is not on his side… #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:27:31
  1317. The moderator should have a mute button for candidate microphones. This overstepping shit is out of control. #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:30:29
  1318. RT @CarouselonFire: This is Trump’s two minutes. It will be followed by Trump talking over Hillary for two minutes. #debates
    2016-09-27 01:34:02
  1319. Wait, is it true that Trump had been under audit for 15 years? How is that not a concern? #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:37:42
  1320. Clinton could not have been more clear about the emails. I can’t wait to hear how that doesn’t matter… #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:39:09
  1321. The honest candidate, right gang?
    2016-09-27 01:45:37
  1322. Annoyed that HRC alludes to policies to fix racial violence without describing there policies. Explain your policies! #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:47:27
  1323. “Stop and Frisk was found unconstitutional”… Trump: “Nuh uh!” #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:50:34
  1324. Fuck yeah, one of my favorite things HRC lifted from Bernie’s campaign: we must fix the systemic racism in our legal system. #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:53:54
  1325. No, @HillaryClinton, the no fly list that is a complete black box with no due process shouldn’t be used for gun control. No! #Debates
    2016-09-27 01:55:19
  1326. RT @GovGaryJohnson: .@realDonaldTrump, #stopandfrisk adversely affects the black community #debates
    2016-09-27 02:00:54
  1327. Attempt 2 at trying to get Trump to explain why he took 5 years to stop calling Obama unAmerican… Failed. #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:02:30
  1328. Attempt 3 at getting Trump to explain why he continued to claim Obama wasn’t American for 5 additional years… Another miss! #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:03:39
  1329. Holy shit: “I have a much better temperament than Hillary,” says Trump at the end of a psychotic rant. Without a sense of irony… #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:23:53
  1330. As this thing ends, I’m sure Trump fans will continue to applaud his bombast and volume, but he failed to answer most questions. #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:34:56
  1331. “The questions are biased against Trump” All the questions are “explain this thing you said” or “explain your plan”. Vicious stuff! #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:37:46
  1332. Next debate: stop the bullshit questions and focus solely on policy inquiries. #Debates
    2016-09-27 02:40:21
  1333. RT @petridishes: finally the whole country will watch as a woman stands politely listening to a loud man’s bad ideas about the field she sp…
    2016-09-27 02:46:17
  1334. RT @BernieSanders: If Trump is concerned about companies going abroad maybe he should move his plants out of Bangladesh where workers are p…
    2016-09-27 03:36:36
  1335. RT @wkamaubell: Many people are saying that @realDonaldTrump’s #sniffles are the result of a cocaine problem. Many, many people. Credible s…
    2016-09-27 03:41:39
  1336. I’m having trickle down economics explained to be by someone who inadequately understands it while reading how Clinton was “too mean” *Sigh*
    2016-09-27 03:44:04
  1337. The first pass of fact checking is lacking surprises. Most untruths from both sides were pretty apparent last night.
    2016-09-27 10:11:59
  1338. Over prepared? This is for the presidency of the US and you’re still in high school yelling “nerd” at people that d…
    2016-09-27 10:36:30
  1339. RT @HeerJeet: These suggestions that Trump is a cocaine user are irresponsible. If he were, he’d be quick-tempered, flighty, and arrogant.
    2016-09-27 11:43:13
  1340. Back to my regular work day, where I work in cyber doing the best cyber. It’s really important cyber.
    2016-09-27 11:44:09
  1341. RT @PragmaticAndy: Perhaps instead of “we must get better at estimates” we should try “let’s become less dependent on fortune telling.”
    2016-09-27 12:18:52
  1342. Were I to estimate the temperature of this room… One million degrees? Plus or minus a bit? I’m dewy….
    2016-09-27 13:18:59
  1343. New favorite phrase: bureaclown #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 13:30:28
  1344. RT @QLTechnology: @cavsdan and @JDFarner are now on stage! #qltechcon16
    2016-09-27 13:32:39
  1345. It’s amazing to listen to the highest levels of leadership say “innovate innovate innovate” instead of “profit profit profit” #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:11:17
  1346. Typically, innovation is suggested but profit is reinforced. It’s clear here that innovation is the focus from leadership. #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:13:23
  1347. The worst thing you all can do is come up with a great idea and think “someone must have thought of that” -@cavsdan #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:22:21
  1348. I think that empathy is the most important thing in the business world -@cavsdan … So great to hear this… #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:27:34
  1349. You can’t take one no and go back to your desk. Sometimes you have to eat 10, 20 “no”s! -@cavsdan #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:30:04
  1350. Looking forward to “Voice of the Team Member” now… #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:37:39
  1351. This will go at the bottom of all of my slides from now on… #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:43:28
  1352. Replacing an employee costs 40%-60% of their salary -@OnTheAggregate #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 14:54:16
  1353. Cool idea for a leadership dashboard, especially when used with trends over time… #QLTec…
    2016-09-27 15:09:19
  1354. If I give feedback and I don’t see action, that’s almost worse than not being asked for feedback. -@OnTheAggregate #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 15:33:27
  1355. Almost one month in, and I continue to be amazingly lucky to have ended up with another fantastic team. The karmic debt I must be accruing!
    2016-09-27 17:35:03
  1356. RT @Thunderwood25: Dr. Dario Gil from IBM giving a keynote talk on Beautiful Ideas #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-27 18:00:04
  1357. If you’re at cognitive ease, you believe things more. We react much more strongly to losses than to gains. -@dariogila #qltechcon16
    2016-09-27 18:15:52
  1358. A glorious philosophy…@dariogila proposes a world where we train technology rather than program it. What blocks us from that? #qltechcon16
    2016-09-27 18:17:51
  1359. That was amazing…next up for me, Testing RESTful Services! #qltechcon16
    2016-09-27 18:40:20
  1360. A well deserved shoutout to Swagger for RESTful APIs! #qltechcon16
    2016-09-27 19:07:21
  1361. I’m not feeling too bad about a 121 for the first time picking up a bowling ball in probably a decade!
    2016-09-27 22:43:54
  1362. Game 2, however, is a heartbreaking series of 9/- to make me sad…
    2016-09-27 22:48:53
  1363. About a 112 average across three games. I’ll take it!
    2016-09-27 23:11:06
  1364. I cannot be the only one who sees these stupid before and after diet ads and thinks “hot…and also hot” right?
    2016-09-28 01:42:21
  1365. Hot…and also hot.
    Hot…and also hot.
    Anyone who wants a flat stomach, blah blah, call me.
    Anyone who doesn’t? Al…
    2016-09-28 01:44:16
  1366. RT @paulg: In 1662 William Petty noticed a phenomenon that will be familiar to everyone who has tried to do something new:…
    2016-09-28 10:35:56
  1367. RT @popcornmits: please #explain, @robdelaney
    2016-09-28 13:08:28
  1368. Business Analysis Bootcamp: We need to get to the why of the problem rather than just solve the what – Dakota DeRidder #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-28 13:32:14
  1369. Duuuuude. “The Haunted City” by @rey_z … great read.
    2016-09-28 14:57:37
  1370. Goals that are not written down are just wishes; they’re just talk. – Stanley Pierre-Louis #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-28 15:27:11
  1371. I wrote down my goals, then my objectives…now I have to act – @stanleyplouis Oh yeah, you have to do the work now! #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-28 15:28:40
  1372. Your key is to move from authority-driven compliance to passion-driven commitment. -@stanleyplouis #QLTechCon16
    2016-09-28 15:49:07
  1373. This is important to note: some goals can be used against you in a court of law!!
    2016-09-28 16:01:39
  1374. I do not understand why any of you follow my twitter: it is all over the map! Come for the tech, stay for the angry rants or vice versa…
    2016-09-28 18:27:18
  1375. Thoughts on Monday night’s “debate”:
    2016-09-28 18:37:21
  1376. Man, I’m so glad it’s Friday, I’m exhausted for some reason…
    2016-09-28 23:34:43
  1377. RT @TotherAlistair:
    2016-09-29 10:31:32
  1378. Sitting amongst the geeks listening to the soft chorus of everyone’s phone making the ‘important weather alert’ sound.
    2016-09-29 14:16:52
  1379. Wait, Obama vetos the 9/11 bill, McConnell and his gang of dipshits overturn that veto, and it’s Obama’s fault they finally read it?
    2016-09-30 10:18:25
  1380. Congress has confirmed what we’ve known: they simply vote the opposite of our sitting President, no matter the cost. Keep voting Republican!
    2016-09-30 10:20:46
  1381. RT @Fahrenthold: NEW: @realdonaldtrump’s Fdn, totally reliant on other people’s $, lacks state certification to raise $ from others. https:…
    2016-09-30 10:28:12
  1382. If you feel the need to add so much cologne to you that others must sit in your fog…take that shower you’re thinking of skipping.
    2016-09-30 11:08:19
  1383. Some of the things that I found somewhat uncomfortable about Portlandia contained herein. Disappointing. Kudos to I…
    2016-09-30 18:52:05
  1384. Sure, Gary Johnson is all about weed and fixing taxation…his views on civil liberties and foreign policies are conjoined trash fires tho.
    2016-09-30 21:46:11
  1385. If you want to drop down a rabbit hole of “geniuses” follow any link about the amazing “cheating” she “did” at the “debate”. Mindblowing!
    2016-09-30 22:46:04
  1386. My favorite wacko theory is the “signaling” the moderator. Just ignore the numerous “signals” he ignored and make all moves signals! VIOLA!
    2016-09-30 22:47:30
  1387. Secret projector in her podium is my 2nd favorite conspiracy. Despite dozens of easier and more concealable methods, they caught her!
    2016-09-30 22:49:16
  1388. I feel like I say this fairly often, but I’m not even much of a fan of HRC. The supernatural powers she’s ascribed make me love her though!
    2016-09-30 22:50:49
  1389. RT @Vakkotaur: I like libertarians, but Libertarians need to learn foreign policy at the very least.
    2016-09-30 22:52:42
  1390. My ultimate favorite is when conspiracy theorists draw weird dividers. “Listen, OBVIOUSLY the moon landing is real, but Obama’s a Kenyan”
    2016-09-30 22:59:21
    2016-09-30 23:12:47
  1392. You get my political commentary when one candidate is a bigoted sociopath demagogue and you treat the other like a pariah for having a vag!
    2016-09-30 23:15:00
  1393. You get my political commentary when, despite not bothering with downticket voting you expect a 3rd party candidate to win by fucking magic!
    2016-09-30 23:15:55
  1394. You get my political commentary when you can’t list three fucking policies that matter, but you can list 30 fake scandals you’ve been sold.
    2016-09-30 23:16:57
  1395. You get my political commentary because I keep thinking “if they’re reading this, they can AT LEAST read, so they must have some thoughts”
    2016-09-30 23:17:45
  1396. You get my political commentary because I keep giving you all credit for understanding how stupid you’re being when it’s pointed out.
    2016-09-30 23:18:17
  1397. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time profoundly disappointed by an astonishing number of you.

    Thus endeth the rant.

    2016-09-30 23:18:45
  1398. Played Benny Mardones’ “Into the Night” for @aglance_. How did they get away with playing this at our school dances? Also, stuck in my head!
    2016-09-30 23:48:33
  1399. Long day… About 16 of the last 18 hours spent troubleshooting a pesky problem…taking a sleep break and hoping fresh minds work better!
    2016-10-01 05:32:02
  1400. RT @erikvolson: Today, in 1791, the Bill of Rights passed. To this day, you can carry a gun and troops are not quartered in your house.
    2016-12-15 11:36:58
  1401. As someone who has organized events, conferences, etc for years…and as a white, male speaker at conferences, this…
    2016-12-15 11:41:30
  1402. White, male speaker seeks microphone! More whining from entitled conference speakers…ugh
    2016-12-15 16:01:07
  1403. Sort of a balls-out approach to holiday parties at Cobo #BigChillDetroit
    2016-12-16 00:56:34
  1404. 2016-12-16 01:46:49
  1405. Our Uber driver is literally doing 120mph right now. It’s nuts.
    2016-12-16 02:07:21
  1406. Correction, our Uber driver is doing 120mph in a Tahoe with the check engine, low tire, and air bag fault lights on…
    2016-12-16 02:13:22
  1407. I’ve tried to take several pictures, but as you might imagine, they’re pretty blurred…you know…because of the sound barrier…
    2016-12-16 02:15:07
  1408. I’m not sure how to rate the drive…I mean, yeah, dangerous or whatever…but I was pretty tired and really wanted to get home…
    2016-12-16 02:17:33
  1409. My lovely, drunken wife tried to help get a clear picture. Her flash was on. Not even slightly dangerous at high speeds!
    2016-12-16 02:36:56
  1410. RT @NorCalGino: Elliot Lusztig has gotten death threats and quit Twitter. Remember this.
    2016-12-16 03:11:18
  1411. This is an amazing idea; a pledge to do the right thing. I’ve submitted my pull request…
    2016-12-16 20:54:26
  1412. Almost caught up to my podcast backlog and was delighted to hear my shout-out on Greater Than Code!
    2016-12-16 21:51:08
  1413. The fact that there are folks calling the pledge “virtue signaling” indicates it’s on the right track.
    2016-12-16 23:14:22
  1414. Remember, people without an actual ethical code mock those who adhere to theirs out of discomfort. Keep them uncomfortable. #VirtueSignal
    2016-12-16 23:16:58
  1415. Growing up, I remember seeing countries like Columbia and Egypt crumble into corruption and wondering how folks let it happen. Not any more.
    2016-12-17 10:05:47
  1416. Sounds like someone has created an “unpresidented” diplomatically hostile environment “unpresidentially” chasing hi…
    2016-12-17 13:29:09
  1417. Trump’s voters will say “well, you made us give poor people insurance” as the first shots of WWIII are fired over this fool’s bumbling.
    2016-12-17 13:37:05
  1418. Herniated disks have been causing pain for about a week. I just shoveled the driveway. My back is pain-free and loose feeling. I’m fucked!
    2016-12-17 18:26:20
  1419. The @LivoniaPD just issued a snow emergency advisory through Nixle retroactive to last night; better your car off the street retroactively!
    2016-12-17 18:34:31
  1420. RT @pattonoswalt: Ooo! Trump made a Twitter boo-boo! Ha ha ha! HE’S FILLING HIS STAFF WITH DANGEROUS PSYCHOS PEOPLE FOCUS!
    2016-12-17 19:38:56
  1421. Holy shit I want to make sweet, sweet love to the folks running M-W’s Twitter. They’re reliably on point!
    2016-12-17 19:42:13
  1422. RT @questionscast: Episode one has just been scheduled for delivery; see you Tuesday morning! #Excited
    2016-12-17 21:28:12
  1423. Ruh Roh…wife went to bed early because she didn’t feel well…she’s been asleep for 12 hours. Bad sign…
    2016-12-18 13:43:10
  1424. Turns out, we’re bad at hypotheticals!
    2016-12-18 15:00:42
  1425. Yes, you have finally figured out why you and your followers are being scorned and called (accurate) names. Kudos,…
    2016-12-19 00:57:51
  1426. Shitty neighbor from across the street has very suddenly moved out this weekend…Merry Christmas to me!
    2016-12-19 02:15:46
  1427. Jer weather report: hoodie, pants, AND gloves. In other words, it’s really fucking cold out!
    2016-12-19 12:27:14
  1428. You know what…we flat out don’t deserve freedom. We have the fascist we’ve earned. See you on the other side of t…
    2016-12-19 21:19:40
  1429. Much, but not all, of the wrapping done…
    2016-12-20 01:54:52
  1430. Ugh, I think @aglance_ infected me with her death spore from this weekend. That or someone used a turkey baster to fill my skull with mucus.
    2016-12-20 11:30:03
  1431. Those of you ready to pitch the electoral college in favor of direct democracy…YouTube comments are a democracy. Baby…bathwater.
    2016-12-20 12:34:09
  1432. Make no mistake, the money spent stealing the electoral college can just as easily be spent stealing a popular election; probably cheaper.
    2016-12-20 12:35:50
  1433. That hypothetical podcast? @BaDawnKDonk and I made it less hypothetical…episode 1 went live this morning…
    2016-12-20 17:25:37
  1434. If I were a wizard, I’d be casting “chain meetings” right now…I’d also be suffering from serious self loathing as a result…
    2016-12-20 17:29:49
  1435. Hey @stitcher, I’d love to know more about your service…but I need to sign in to see the FAQ, and registering isn’t working so well.
    2016-12-20 22:32:09
  1436. RT @ZeddRebel: Not to sound like a broken record but really can’t stress this enough. The FPO was founded by LITERAL Nazis…
    2016-12-20 23:50:41
  1437. I, personally, thought my voice sounding like it was in a bass-amplifying echo chamber lent me a certain gravitas.…
    2016-12-21 00:20:12
  1438. I’m really excited about this! And I’m not just saying that because we will need Cory’s brand of subversion in the…
    2016-12-21 00:47:35
  1439. A bit more about the thing that @digitaldawn and I created…
    2016-12-21 18:07:28
  1440. “I’m told he now just disclaims that. He now says it was cute, but he doesn’t want to use it anymore”
    2016-12-21 23:33:39
  1441. So…Uhh…For those of you that caught that…My bad. For those of you that didn’t, situational awareness! :P
    2016-12-21 23:34:35
  1442. Watch this safety video 1) it’s important to know how to do this 2) because this guy is a bad ass!
    2016-12-22 00:32:14
  1443. RT @Khanoisseur: Financial Times compiles an annual list of worst business people and companies.

    They’ve outdone themselves this year. ht…

    2016-12-22 12:40:02
  1444. Holy shit, I’m miserably sick. Dislike so very much…
    2016-12-23 00:58:27
  1445. I knew they’d get me!
    2016-12-23 00:59:24
  1446. And here goes! Hold on to your hats, because this fucking crazy train has zero fucking brakes! President-elect Chee…
    2016-12-23 01:04:15
  1447. And lest you think I’m employing hyperbole, no…the sky really is falling, chicken little!
    2016-12-23 01:08:38
  1448. I can only assume you intend to drain it by filling it with billions of dollars bills from your rich, insider cabin…
    2016-12-23 01:12:04
  1449. I want to put together my thoughts on this: I have many, and most collide with one another with a satisfying crunch!
    2016-12-23 07:14:07
  1450. Unrelated, passing out before 8pm means I’m up and not happy about it at 2am. Not optimal. Upside: more time to blow my nose…
    2016-12-23 07:16:34
  1451. So much to unpack here: only “so-called” A-list folks want to come…even in his own lie he’s not very popular…
    2016-12-23 07:24:47
  1452. …People are only valuable to him if they can do something for him; famous people aren’t people (aside from his famous “friends”). Too good
    2016-12-23 07:26:41
  1453. I’m not saying there’s a correlation, @twitter, but compare @elonmusk’s approach to platform problems and yours. No…
    2016-12-23 07:33:11
  1454. RT @Luvvie: Comic: The weirdness of being black in white spaces after the election | @Fusion <– Real. So real.
    2016-12-23 11:28:50
  1455. How dare the president and his family be forced to follow the laws he was appointed to protect! (This sounds nothin…
    2016-12-23 20:49:14
  1456. 2016-12-24 00:39:40
  1457. I don’t normally go out on new year’s eve…but seeing as it’s the last one before the apocalypse, I feel like I sh…
    2016-12-24 00:42:15
  1458. But seriously, at least this isn’t some shrill, know it all, bitch, am I right, bro? *chest bump* *buy canned food*…
    2016-12-24 00:44:27
  1459. Srsly! I’m tired of DC insiders playing political games, let’s get an outsider to focus on ‘Merica, right bro? *fis…
    2016-12-24 00:47:48
  1460. Fun fact, the first seven words of this tweet form the only true statement that Trump has released since his campai…
    2016-12-24 00:50:34
  1461. RT @robynkanner: It’s equally inspiring & upsetting to watch @laurenduca work through this man’s inane sexism. She’s an inspiration. https:…
    2016-12-24 03:43:03
  1462. I got what I want for Christmas: partisan hack @TuckerCarlson got abused by @laurenduca, all while @TeenVogue leaves Fox’s news in the dust.
    2016-12-24 03:47:16
  1463. When everyone is in favor…It’s almost certain that there’s confusion about what’s being decided. -@ThisIsSethsBlog
    2016-12-24 12:49:23
  1464. If you have a strong opinion on whether others should say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays; please gargle bleach and shut your hole!
    2016-12-24 13:10:41
  1465. Yep. The rest is finger pointing and blame shifting. Trump voters got tired of being made to feel uneducated, so in…
    2016-12-24 13:15:02
  1466. RT @nihilist_arbys: Hey kids! It’s Xmas eve. Anyway, Santa’s not real and soon your parents will be dead.
    Enjoy Arbys
    2016-12-24 20:07:09
  1467. 2016-12-24 20:10:35
  1468. Another Christmas, another album of the BEST music to listen to while opening presents tomorrow:
    2016-12-25 00:59:48
  1469. Took me so long at my last gig to teach what “experiment” meant in practical terms. Should have just used a differe…
    2016-12-25 04:45:49
  1470. This year, less presents, more charitable giving…but definitely still presents!
    2016-12-25 05:07:03
  1471. RT @nihilist_arbys: You’re just waking up. It’s 3pm. Your mouth reeks of semen & gin. The speed is gone. So is your family.
    It’s Xmas at Ar…
    2016-12-26 03:53:04
  1472. Merry Christmas…I might have played 15+ hours of Civ 6 today. I might feel absolutely zero shame about that fact…
    2016-12-26 06:28:58
  1473. Fucking terrifying…
    2016-12-26 07:10:20
  1474. Okay, I can say with a certain degree of certainty (because it stole around 18 hours of my day), Civ 6 is a huge improvement over 5. #SLEEP
    2016-12-26 08:32:29
  1475. I’m serious, I’ve been legit trying to go to bed for nearly 4 hours. It won’t let me. IT WILL NOT ALLOW IT!
    2016-12-26 08:37:08
  1476. About 5 seconds in, you get something awfully close to the Star Wars symbol for the rebel alliance. Coincidence? Ye…
    2016-12-26 18:19:36
  1477. Absolutely! Look at what the security council alone did this year:
    What did Congress do th…
    2016-12-27 04:26:40
  1478. And yet, expected spend per person is down: it’s almost like you’re taking credit for there…
    2016-12-27 04:31:35
  1479. Also, clearly your predecessor completely turning around a down economy couldn’t be a factor. Nope, definitely the month old election!
    2016-12-27 04:32:56
  1480. Seriously! Everybody knows pain isn’t relative! Only the worst can bitch. Lose an arm? Shut up, someone lost two! T…
    2016-12-27 04:34:55
  1481. *ALL* of which? All all? No salaries? No overhead? No giant paintings of your tangerine visage? Give evidence, news…
    2016-12-27 04:37:21
  1482. What about: lawsuit settlements, AG bribes, self donations, using yourself as a vendor. Also, cough up tax returns supporting “millions”
    2016-12-27 04:41:35
  1483. I’ve been rereading Transmetropolitan. It was more fun before it became apparent that @warrenellis could see the future. Depressing now…
    2016-12-27 04:43:43
  1484. Obviously @realDonaldTrump is The Smiler…but who’d have thunk @TeenVogue would be The Hole? @laurenduca’s the lead for Spider Jerusalem!
    2016-12-27 04:46:39
  1485. This has been today’s episode of “Staring, appalled, at what our next President actually says on public.” Join us tomorrow, sobbing…
    2016-12-27 04:50:04
  1486. RT @shanselman: I’m a fully-formed human with wide ranging and diverse interests. Follow the whole person or you’ll need to go elsewhere fo…
    2016-12-27 04:57:35
  1487. Only millions? I gave BILLIONS to charity, and raised TRILLIONS more. The dumb MSM won’t report on that either. Don…
    2016-12-27 05:01:17
  1488. Frustrating: twice I’ve tried to use @Edible Arrangements. Twice they’ve completely failed to do the only thing for which they exist.
    2016-12-27 11:57:36
  1489. I prefer local, but I’ll remember to stick with @DeanAndDeLuca rather than keep getting disappointed by @Edible Arrangements. Bummer.
    2016-12-27 12:05:06
  1490. RT @TheDickCavett: I will find a job for any Rockette dismissed because she would prefer not to have her anatomy leered at by a Predatory P…
    2016-12-27 12:48:47
  1491. I want to do this so much. This looks absolutely amazing! I have a dearth of outdoorsy folk in my life ;p
    2016-12-27 16:37:03
  1492. RT @Asetisis: PSA: You are not the judge of your level of racism
    2016-12-27 17:53:00
  1493. I’ve tried to explain what growing up under the certainty of nuclear devastation was like; now it’s an entirely new…
    2016-12-27 17:58:10
  1494. Carrie Fisher drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. Her legacy that mental illness should not be shameful or secret lives on.
    2016-12-27 18:23:39
  1495. Trump supporters, your snowflake candidate won’t stop crying. Someone wipe his chin, change his diaper, and put him…
    2016-12-27 23:13:06
  1496. Excellent, “Misguided and Overly Literal Interpretation of Christmas Music” season now extends being Christmas. More ‘think’ pieces please!
    2016-12-28 00:19:26
  1497. If you were in this theater, you would probably be able to see the very clear Windows 2000…
    2016-12-28 00:28:22
  1498. Rogue One: If you love Star Wars, it’s fantastic; near (or even at) the top of the series. If you aren’t a Star Wars fan, it’s still fun!
    2016-12-28 04:20:38
  1499. It was bittersweet seeing a Star Wars film on this, of all days. Watching A New Hope followed by Rogue One doubly so.
    2016-12-28 04:21:38
  1500. Hah, nice. Of course I get hit with several links to Christmas music think pieces for my earlier sarcasm. Only one was new to me though…
    2016-12-28 04:27:55
  1501. Favorite quote: “It doesn’t matter. When someone says no, you stop”…that sound you hear is everyone with a safe word cringing at once.
    2016-12-28 04:31:21
  1502. Pro tip: if taking about your racism made you vote for a racist, that’s an example of your racism being the problem…
    2016-12-28 12:47:59
  1503. “they called me thief so I stole”–you’re a thief…”they called me racist so I voted for Trump”–you’re a racist, or an apologist for one.
    2016-12-28 12:51:17
  1504. I made it to a listicle on BuzzFeed’s Tumblr. I’ve never typed a more millennial sentence! I’m kind of a big deal.
    2016-12-28 13:00:09
  1505. This has been YOUR BEST? You’ve said some ignorant shit, but that beats it all. This childish meltdown you’ve been…
    2016-12-28 14:21:39
  1506. RT @thepooluk: There’s an accepted narrative for famous women with mental health issues – Carrie Fisher had no time for it.…
    2016-12-28 14:32:09
  1507. RT @aglance_: Are we doing pets and books? I’ll do pets and books! @SubPress
    2016-12-28 18:22:06
  1508. This quote is pretty much my motto…fuck waiting for the confidence to do shit, I’ll do it now somehow, and hopefu…
    2016-12-28 18:22:58
  1509. Very judgy at the local diner…”flip-flops, shorts, and a winter hat?”…my hair is messy, I hate pants, and my socks were in another room!
    2016-12-29 12:29:25
  1510. RT @Gary_TheDog: If Carrie was here I bet she would make a joke that it was just like her mom to upstage her even in death. #FindingHumorIn…
    2016-12-29 12:29:44
  1511. If I believed in a god, it might look like he’s pulling the best folks from the game board before the upcoming shit show dystopia. #GoodGame
    2016-12-29 12:42:46
  1512. I’m curious how much Amazon paid Twitter to make every third tweet an ad for one of their shows (that I now refuse watch out of principal)
    2016-12-29 12:48:19
  1513. I love that @twitter lazy loads tweets even in a time-boxed search…so if I want to see the first tweet in the span…endless page-down!
    2016-12-29 22:10:57
  1514. RT @ldlapinski: GUYS I AM CRYING
    2016-12-30 01:50:34
  1515. On this day in the late 80’s, a pretty awesome human was born; but she’ll always be TWENTY-TWOOOO to me. Happy birthday @_chelseybaker!
    2016-12-30 11:22:52
  1516. Dentist time! Happy new year?
    2016-12-30 13:27:04
  1517. I suppose after nearly 2 decades since my last dental visit, one cavity seems reasonable. That it required a root canal seems like justice!
    2016-12-30 16:09:33
  1518. I’m not sure how root canals usually go, but in-and-out and relatively pain-free was not a bad experience. Dr DiPilla in Detroit A++
    2016-12-30 16:12:58
  1519. Numbness has worn off and I remain relatively pain-free; very minor headache, but I suspect that’s my sinus infection rather than teethers.
    2016-12-30 19:52:38
  1520. I’m curious, DJ…does Putin write this stuff down for you, or do you think it up and just vet it with him? What’s…
    2016-12-30 21:30:12
  1521. I think the most humbling part of parenthood is seeing your young-adult greatest hits played back. Lots of “oof, I remember that decision!”
    2016-12-30 22:08:34
  1522. Trump voters…well done! This is the kid you put in the White House. Fellating Russia while filling the swamp. Pro…
    2016-12-31 13:12:36
  1523. I forgot how gorgeous the Fox Theater is…
    2016-12-31 23:35:10
  1524. A better picture of the Fox Theater, Instagram won’t let me post it without significant cropping!
    2016-12-31 23:51:34