Tweets of 2015

Things I Said on Twitter in 2015

As I say each year: The year in review, in micro-blog form. This is mostly for my own reference, but, you might be bored enough to look at this as well. Who knows!

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I continue to hover in the “just shy of 1k tweets” club for the second year in a row, dropping slightly to around 870 tweets. I assume most are about teenage drama shows.

  1. 2014 closed with a beautiful wedding and 2015 started among friends. Thanks to Brian and Natasa for allowing me to be a part of your day!
    2015-01-01 16:18:45
  2. Vacation: just watched Sebastian Bach singing “Hollaback Girl” on the Gilmore Girls. I’m not sure how I feel about this…
    2015-01-02 14:53:23
  3. Holy shit, “The Imitation Game” is an amazing movie. I will be seeing it again.
    2015-01-05 03:11:35
  4. It has been a long, long week…what do you mean it’s only Tuesday? #Balls
    2015-01-06 22:24:46
  5. I do not enjoy waiting, it’s not a thing at which I excel. I’m better at taking action. This is fine, until it’s time to wait! #Vaguebooking
    2015-01-08 01:00:56
  6. RT @ndh313: I get it, there’s no reason to expect a U.S. biz has anything but a purely profit-driven ulterior motive for every act, but it’…
    2015-01-08 01:38:54
  7. Several of us are raising money for charity…a reading charity…books. I <3 books! Donations would be appreciated:
    2015-01-08 02:13:41
  8. RT @ZachWeiner: Having free speech except when its offensive is like having an umbrella that only works when the sky is clear.
    2015-01-08 11:21:49
  9. “It calls for milk, I’m going to use whipped cream”…drunk cooking…
    2015-01-10 23:51:43
  10. Smash Brothers and the custom Spooge level… Only the taint is grabbable
    2015-01-11 04:14:25
  11. I totally do this MT @bridger_w Just to be safe when I get to my dark home at night, I walk in the door and ask, “How did you find me”
    2015-01-11 21:49:44
  12. QOTD: “I think dicks and glitter are the two best things” —@_chelseybaker
    2015-01-13 15:20:03
  13. New video card looks really, really good!
    2015-01-13 23:50:04
  14. RT @NickSwardson: I can’t imagine anything more adorable then a puppy sucking a kittens dick while a bunny watches jerking off. Just adorab…
    2015-01-16 12:30:21
  15. RT @Annaleen: Yep, it’s true. I’m now the editor-in-chief of Gizmodo! So excited.
    2015-01-16 12:32:03
  16. RT @eacarlson: Do you know an amazing lady developer, speaker and/or tech leader? Nominate her to speak at @WriteSpeakCode!…
    2015-01-16 17:32:37
  17. The one good thing you can say about Doubletree hotels, the paper-thin walls really let the jet-like sound of toilets flushing resonate!
    2015-01-17 12:21:30
  18. It’s a modern marvel that the doors are light enough to feel like they wouldn’t stop even a casual thief, but slam like a wrecking ball!
    2015-01-17 12:23:31
  19. Doubletree hotels help build a sense of community, allowing guests to hear the details of conversations in neighboring rooms with ease!
    2015-01-17 12:33:51
  20. Doubletree physics lesson…tepid air blown at hurricane force through a poorly made furnace sounds like a swarm of bees flying a 747!
    2015-01-17 12:45:53
  21. Doubletree home ec lesson: you can save money by fashioning bed linens from old toothbrush bristles and the sharp part of feathers!
    2015-01-17 12:48:33
  22. In all fairness…the cookies are amazing… RT @JRRParker @jer_ dude, they gave me a cookie.
    2015-01-17 13:05:44
  23. *Sigh*
    RT @saladinahmed It’s just a movie.It’s just a movie.It’s just a movie.(ht @LeslieK_nope)
    2015-01-21 02:10:27
  24. RT @ChrisWarcraft: Just a friendly reminder – Freedoms don’t generally disappear overnight. They slowly erode through a series of seemingly…
    2015-01-23 01:20:11
  25. You are excellent at parking. It would be a shame if something happened to your toy truck.
    2015-01-24 14:00:13
  26. Penn and Teller on the anti-vaccer nonsense. If you don’t vaccinate your kids, you’re too stupid to have them…
    2015-01-25 02:26:02
  27. As @eacarlson puts it, if you really love code + humans, you should go to Self.conference. Better yet, speak there!
    2015-01-29 14:00:41
  28. I’m…I’m so in love with this. I’m getting the brakes removed from my car immediately!
    2015-02-05 21:33:57
  29. RT @selfconference: Thank you, @penguicon, for being a *double* coffee sponsor for #selfconf 2015! <3
    2015-02-06 02:48:30
  30. Apparently, Florida makes my hair fuzzy. I look a bit like a Q-Tip
    2015-02-06 13:40:25
  31. The aforementioned Q-Tip hair…
    2015-02-06 21:22:58
  32. There are more yoga pants at this airport than at an actual yoga studio. I’m opposite-of-complaining!
    2015-02-06 22:31:51
  33. Happiness is having arrival and departure gates about 20 steps apart!
    2015-02-07 01:28:01
  34. RT @tinatbh: do you ever think about how bitchy and annoying you really are and wonder how anyone ever tolerates you
    2015-02-11 00:03:31
  35. It has been a profoundly long day amidst a long week in what is shaping up to be a long month. Things will, as always, work out. #vaguebook
    2015-02-11 20:21:11
  36. Related: I need a frigging nap in a big way. :)
    2015-02-11 20:21:27
  37. I think it says something about my current gig that, were I to win the Power Ball, I would probably only take an extra week off. #li
    2015-02-12 22:59:19
  38. 1000% true! RT @JRRParker @jer_ let’s be real, you’d also demand five days a year where you didn’t have to wear pants.
    2015-02-12 23:32:57
  39. RT @holman: The developer community continues to be a priority for LinkedIn. By that we mean fuck you we’re deleting our API.…
    2015-02-13 02:15:42
  40. In case there weren’t already reason enough to go to @selfconference, @spacekatgal is the keynote! Now go register!
    2015-02-13 02:18:39
  41. My mantra this week: Don’t Panic!
    2015-02-13 13:51:21
  42. Interesting article about Shinola’s real value to Detroit. I never questioned it, but food for thought here…
    2015-02-15 12:19:41
  43. This is pretty chilly. Today is a pants and hoodie day for sure!
    2015-02-16 11:47:25
  44. RT @YanniKuznia: We’ve brainstormed a bundle worth over $300 in the Humble Brainiac Book Bundle Presented by No Starch Press…
    2015-02-18 10:33:01
  45. RT @kroysemaj: Apparently, you have another opportunity to hear my Junior Developer Survival Guide at @Penguicon. Where’s the tail on this …
    2015-02-18 10:36:32
  46. RT @JimZub: “Be a band that releases albums, not a company that makes products.” – @kenwongart
    2015-02-18 10:41:23
  47. “You build customer loyalty and connection not by answering fast, but by engaging with respect and transparency” #li
    2015-02-18 23:53:19
  48. While I’m sad that my grandfather passed today, it’s hard not to be a little relieved. I’m glad he’s at peace now.
    2015-02-19 01:26:33
  49. When you’re talking shop about a problem vendor and an industry vet says “sounds like…” and names the vendor–not a good sign. #li
    2015-02-19 02:38:05
  50. RT @TheRealSpaf: “@standbythebody: Victim sets fire to her rapist. Tumblr users reply with how people reply to rape cases.…
    2015-02-23 02:17:24
  51. I don’t mind dealing with air travel now…finally!
    2015-02-23 10:26:33
  52. Southwest Airlines lines everybody up in number order. I’m A1. 20 feet behind me is A15. There are no numbers 2-14. #Awkward
    2015-02-23 10:32:27
  53. Monumental pet peeve: being asked by coworkers “what time is good” for a meeting. Right up there with double-booking my calendar. #li
    2015-02-23 14:57:05
  54. While I appreciate the free upgrade to a Camero, the fact that Rochester and Syracuse are glacial tundras suggests, perhaps, no…
    2015-02-23 18:10:05
  55. What I actually said to the guy was “so when I walked up to the counter, you were like ‘this guy needs to die’, huh?”…
    2015-02-23 18:12:39
  56. In hotels, you can most often find me wandering the halls trying to remember…was that room 213? 231? 321? You won’t see me ask though!
    2015-02-24 13:05:43
  57. Fun fact for my MI friends: it was -20 this morning. Few schools closed, most did a 2-hour delay to get to -15. Buy a coat. xoxo
    2015-02-24 14:48:09
  58. I do not understand Catholic grieving procedures in any way. This line of apology concept seems cruel.
    2015-02-24 21:31:25
  59. It just occurred to me that, while I still consider myself “from Syracuse”, I have how lived in Michigan longer than I’d lived in NY. Weird.
    2015-02-25 00:57:35
  60. I’m pretty terrified of bees…but I kinda want one of these. What a cool idea.
    2015-02-25 13:13:37
  61. Somehow, yesterday, I managed to break not one but two of the buttons on my over coat. The cold wins this round.
    2015-02-25 13:33:09
  62. Most of the time that I stay in a hotel more than a couple of nights, I get a sinus infection. This time, bonus ear infection! Woohoo? :)
    2015-02-25 22:09:39
  63. I don’t understand the hatred of theatrical reboots. You’re not mindless consumers. Viewing is not compulsory. Just—I dunno—don’t watch?
    2015-02-25 23:43:33
  64. Since the TSA Pre Check thing started, I have 100% gotten it in my outbound boarding pass and 0% gotten it inbound. Weird.
    2015-02-26 10:12:40
  65. QOTD: “How about that landing, folks? In the snow, in the fog, blindfolded!” -our flight attendant (I <3 you so much @southwestair)
    2015-02-26 18:21:38
  66. Flying ROC>BWI>DTW…arrived late to BWI so redirected to ROC>BWI>MDW…flight to DTW canceled. No more tonight. Now driving. #LongDay
    2015-02-26 19:20:13
  67. My hellish ordeal has come to an end. A drive back from Chicago with no cruise control might as well have been the Oregon Trail!
    2015-02-27 01:25:52
  68. When they make the made for TV movie of my experience, I’d like to be played by Patrick Duffy in a sleeveless hoodie…
    2015-02-27 01:28:15
  69. “Not Without My Luggage: The Jer Lance Story”…with Patrick Duffy as Jer and Meredith Baxter-Birney as his wife…
    2015-02-27 01:38:37
  70. The luggage is played by Suzanne Somers and Snooki from the Jersey Shore. The rental car is played by Kitt.
    2015-02-27 01:39:40
  71. Lmao…best response… RT @Asetisis @jer_ I’m sorry about Indiana
    2015-02-27 01:45:18
  72. Anybody else on t-mobile have an issue where text messages sent while your phone is off show up randomly over the next day or so?
    2015-03-02 02:03:59
  73. Awesome, my talk was accepted for @selfconference … Oh shit, I have to give a talk at @selfconference!!!!!! #li #panic
    2015-03-02 20:32:31
  74. RT @GDIAnnArbor: There is a STELLAR diverse lineup at @selfconference this year! This is an event not to miss! http:…
    2015-03-02 23:21:43
  75. RT @hjwp: “I used Hadoop to process 2gigs of chess data in just 26 minutes!” “I did it with awk+xargs and it took 12 seconds”.…
    2015-03-03 01:10:57
  76. Yammer would probably be way more useful to me if it had a desktop client for OSX…as it stands, it’s an afterthought I rarely check on #li
    2015-03-03 13:40:00
  77. RT @saladinahmed: What a wonderful document: Chuck Jones’s rules for writing the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. ht @AmosPosner…
    2015-03-05 02:40:28
  78. I wonder if colleagues that laud my successes would be as horrified as I at how many were guesses that I busted my ass to make real?
    2015-03-05 13:16:52
  79. Time is running out for earlybird (cheap) tickets for @selfconference…you should go get yours today:
    2015-03-05 13:25:43
  80. RT @brockwilbur: Me, every minute of every day to every single one of you.
    2015-03-06 11:15:27
  81. Dear Lync: It’s 2015. The problem of 2-way synchronous communication has been solved. Figure it out. #WalkieTalkies #ConferenceCallHell #li
    2015-03-06 14:37:44
  82. It’ll be on the restraining order RT @UberFacts You will remember a person’s name better if you hold their gaze as you’re being introduced.
    2015-03-07 14:20:31
  83. RT @vaurorapub: If this makes you feel uncomfortable, WELCOME TO DRINKING WHILE FEMALE AT A CONFERENCE
    2015-03-07 17:43:15
  84. Evil politicians are trying to tank peace talks before meeting with defense contractors? Why does my newspaper read like a Clancy novel?
    2015-03-11 10:17:22
  85. I love watching people that don’t understand what “common core” even is rail against it. Certainly, let me follow your “wisdom” on this.
    2015-03-12 15:39:49
  86. In all seriousness, illustrating how badly public schooling failed you doesn’t instill confidence that your views on education might work.
    2015-03-12 15:41:38
  87. This! MT @crebma If I could just have a gmail app with a “later” feature, I would be happy. Mailbox consistently upsets me, but I need that
    2015-03-13 14:13:32
  88. RT @DetroitLabs: Happy 313 Day! The team will be celebrating by hacking all night with Detroit’s new open data portal.
    2015-03-13 16:40:12
  89. Pies supplied for pi day by @jeffblankenship at #kalx15
    2015-03-14 13:33:06
  90. You can pick out the Microsoft employee at any event by their Bing search screen captures. I’ve never seen them from non MS folks.
    2015-03-14 13:44:13
  91. I love the number of speakers talking openly about failure and impostor syndrome. #kalx15
    2015-03-14 15:17:52
  92. QOTD: “The standard you walk past is the standard that you accept.” -David Morrison #kalx15
    2015-03-14 18:04:35
  93. Qotd: “Risk is the chance of an *irreversible* bad outcome” -@housecor #kalx15
    2015-03-14 18:22:34
  94. Absolutely fantastic talk by @housecor at #kalx15…Confessions of a Technical Speaker
    2015-03-14 18:32:10
  95. Balls! I’ve been putting together a slide deck using emoji to amusingly convey my point. The current speaker is doing the same, but better!
    2015-03-14 18:48:31
  96. Oh thank god, it’s not just me! RT @schmonz What if somebody’s talent was counteracting that damn buzzing noise? #kalx15
    2015-03-14 18:57:49
  97. Qotd: “Common convention dictates that I’ll be happiest catching a baseball with my face while crashing an airplane” -@jayharris #kalx15
    2015-03-14 19:03:30
  98. Passion = 💩, Hard work = 💩, Dreams = 💩… Talent + conviction = 😀… @jayharris at #kalx15
    2015-03-14 19:11:20
  99. Qotd: “Ada Lovelace didn’t have a penis, but she persevered!” -@digitaldawn #kalx15
    2015-03-14 19:36:13
  100. RT @g33klady: holding on is not helping you get to your goals, and sometimes it’s cock-blocking other people from reaching theirs @digitald…
    2015-03-14 19:41:25
  101. RT @alanstevens: Here’s the whitepaper of my Values Driven Development talk at @kalamazoox. #KalX15

    2015-03-14 19:42:29
  102. Also, kudos to the #kalx15 team for having nearly 50% female speakers and a really diverse crowd. I know how hard that is to do. Well done!
    2015-03-14 20:03:27
  103. RT @MandiSepter: The cool table…@EmSchw @JeniSpencerPM @digitaldawn #kalx15
    2015-03-14 20:20:36
  104. RT @schmonz: If you enjoyed @digitaldawn’s daring diction at #kalx15, come hear her and some other cool people at @selfconference! http://t…
    2015-03-14 20:48:10
  105. Hrmm, it feels like time to shave my head…could it be spring already?
    2015-03-16 22:55:46
  106. Ahh, the first head shave of the season…otherwise known as the spring blood letting and razor burning!
    2015-03-17 01:24:45
  107. It’s anybody else going to IT in the D’s Pink Slip Party tonight?
    2015-03-19 20:48:40
  108. There’s no room in America that I shouldn’t expect to walk in and see @nurigocay DJing… :) #PinkSlipParty
    2015-03-19 21:35:28
  109. I had so much I wanted to do this weekend. Instead I’m lounging around at home so I don’t give my sore throat to others :(
    2015-03-21 20:26:46
  110. Outlaw swimming pools! RT @UberFacts Swimming pools are 91x more dangerous than guns.
    2015-03-22 13:39:17
  111. There are hundreds of family members and acquaintences to whom I wish I could teach this simple concept. #Murrican
    2015-03-22 14:58:05
  112. Making a note for near-term future me…I do a bad job of recovering from burn out:
    2015-03-23 01:39:47
  113. If you missed KalamazooX 2015, @g33klady’s storify is a pretty great summary!
    2015-03-25 01:06:48
  114. I might need to road trip to Chicago on April 26th. That’s the closest Amber Tamblyn’s tour for her new book of poetry comes to MI.
    2015-03-25 08:06:00
  115. RT @mendezfe: A customer walks into a bar. He asks for a beer made out of wine. The project manager agrees. Both question the bartender’s c…
    2015-03-25 08:19:11
  116. And the answers have been great so far! MT @subpress Hey, we’re doing an AMA today. Come ask us your questions:
    2015-03-25 22:26:11
  117. Inflatable shark selfie…don’t worry about it!
    2015-03-26 16:10:18
  118. RT @noahsussman: Estimating time to deliver Feature X is a predictive practice thus not applicable to software systems, which are fundament…
    2015-03-27 16:57:25
  119. RT @noahsussman: We like to blog about the intractability of software systems but our management and planning don’t acknowledge it. We plan…
    2015-03-27 16:57:29
  120. RT @noahsussman: You don’t know what feature you will deliver. It’s as simple as that. You can’t estimate it. You can’t even fully design i…
    2015-03-27 16:57:31
  121. RT @noahsussman: In software, the map *is* the territory. If you fully describe a thing, you have implemented it. No other medium works thi…
    2015-03-27 16:58:31
  122. RT @noahsussman: In software the map *is* the territory.

    ∴ The territory is practically unmappable.

    ∴ Distrust those who offer to sell yo…

    2015-03-27 16:59:06
  123. A good PM has many traits, but chief among them is calm when things go off the rails . Panic breeds panic. #SettleDown
    2015-03-29 13:17:01
  124. I think my favorite part is the precisely 10 minutes between the last two… @aglance_
    2015-03-31 01:03:45
  125. RT @_chelseybaker: We just posted our diversity scholarship application for @selfconference :D
    2015-03-31 01:27:49
  126. Umm…I need to adjust this month’s budget! RT @JRRParker @jer_ did you know this was a thing:
    2015-04-01 10:30:24
  127. Has anyone storify-ed @pattonoswalt’s tweets showing us how to properly tweet comedy in 2015 yet? It might be the best thing I’ve read!
    2015-04-01 10:39:04
  128. Past me was an idiot with stupid opinions. We should stop holding people hostage to their past selves.
    2015-04-02 01:23:10
  129. RT @tom_peters: Repeat on my part. I love this soooooooo much: “YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL NEVER BE ANY HAPPIER THAN YOUR EMPLOYEES.” (Thx J.DiJu…
    2015-04-03 17:03:20
  130. A great sign you’re trying to do too much at once. You have 5 mostly typed emails that were supposed to go out sitting open, unsent.
    2015-04-03 19:32:02
  131. RT @truist Introverts as Leaders (Briefly) #blogs #li
    2015-04-03 20:35:39
  132. Two ladies I’m really rather fond of…
    2015-04-04 05:14:36
  133. Oh my god, Seth Godin on the Panic Tax It’s like he’s been following my life!
    2015-04-04 17:45:56
  134. RT @utt_jamie: As mostly White crowds riot, destroy property, & burn shit down, remember that they will b cast tomorrow in the media as pas…
    2015-04-05 12:56:12
  135. RT @mhsutton: I am puzzled how much we act like the requester of stuff knows what they are requesting. It is a discovery for everyone. #agi…
    2015-04-05 12:56:59
  136. It’s interesting that when a bunch of college kids burn shit, it’s “reaction” not “rioting”
    2015-04-05 13:17:13
  137. For the record, Ikea on Easter Sunday is so unbelievably dead.
    2015-04-05 21:33:10
  138. Today’s project. Shelves are in, now to move a few dozen cases of books…
    2015-04-05 22:39:06
  139. This just showed up at work. My day just went from good to great!
    2015-04-06 20:27:25
  140. Ugh. Banging my head against the “failing in the same old way is less scary than trying something new” wall today. My tolerance is nil.
    2015-04-07 14:24:07
  141. I’m not asking to be met half way. I’m not even asking to be met part way. I’m asking for you to stop moving the finish line away from me.
    2015-04-08 01:36:31
  142. RT @anildash: Cops shooting unarmed people does not deter crime. But it would be better to _have more crime_ than to accept people routinel…
    2015-04-09 10:20:07
  143. Most of our reshelving is done, now to get rid of 5 cases of books!
    2015-04-09 15:05:08
  144. Humbling: I’ve been unable to attach Twitter to my IG for weeks. I remembered today that I use 2-factor auth. Generated a temp PW and done!
    2015-04-09 15:06:04
  145. RT @iamdevloper: Found a really cool way to stop others messing with my code:

    // Autogenerated, do not edit. All changes will be undone.

    2015-04-10 20:46:12
  146. RT @MaryRobinette: I will buy a supporting membership to WorldCon for ten people who cannot afford it. Here’s why.
    2015-04-11 16:54:04
  147. First day back out on the (cold, cold) water!
    2015-04-12 18:23:00
  148. I forgot to take the water shoes out of my jeep last night. It smells…unpleasant this morning.
    2015-04-13 12:06:29
  149. RT @housecor: Time poor: People so obsessed with growing their material wealth and social standing that they can’t enjoy the splendor of th…
    2015-04-13 16:50:48
  150. RT @lauramarie222: I’m starting to figure this out… The Many, Many, Many Things You Should Say “No” To At Work via…
    2015-04-14 13:24:15
  151. 2015-04-17 01:31:44
  152. Celebrating day 1 of vacation with joint aches, vomiting, diarrhea, chills at 72 degrees, and a fever. Happy vacation!
    2015-04-17 14:41:03
  153. RT @alanstevens: I watched a bunch of presentations this weekend. If you are giving technical talk, *PLEASE* test your colors and font size…
    2015-04-20 15:52:15
  154. RT @dberkholz: Tech employees are expensive, their equipment is cheap. Don’t be afraid to spend the cash to make them productive.
    2015-04-21 00:23:55
  155. 4/20 is over, right? Social media can go back to the normal amount of insufferable now? #YourWeedPicsAreSoEdgy
    2015-04-21 10:29:57
  156. .@dnwiebe I find it odd that I, as a guy, am never a representative of my whole gender. Women, apparently, are? By ‘odd’ I mean ‘irksome’
    2015-04-22 11:58:29
  157. .@dnwiebe One woman in tech does not reinforce a stereotype. You promoting that she represents all women DOES reinforce that stereotype.
    2015-04-22 15:32:16
  158. There comes a time when you realize that sometimes it’s better to wait for ignorance to die off than to try to educate the old guard. *sigh*
    2015-04-22 17:26:06
  159. *SAYING* you are an ally (for anything) isn’t the same as *BEING* an ally. If you are downplaying experiences, you’re not *BEING* an ally.
    2015-04-22 17:29:11
  160. Posting the message: “Women in tech, be perfect or you’re failing your entire gender” is not an example of solving that problem. *sigh*
    2015-04-22 17:32:49
  161. Nota bene: I am not a great example of an ally. Too often I’m careless with my words/deeds. But I know bullshit when I see it.
    2015-04-22 19:17:10
  162. If people are frustrated with your org’s website, glibly telling them that they should email the contact address for info is infuriating!
    2015-04-23 10:00:13
  163. RT @jcarouth: “Identify your top three priorities. Throw away numbers two and three.”

    Best advice I’ve ever read.

    2015-04-23 17:43:20
  164. RT @eacarlson: 5 weeks until @selfconference! We’re limited to just 400 tickets this year, so register soon to guarantee your spot: https:/…
    2015-04-24 15:45:40
  165. Finally on my way to @Penguicon!
    2015-04-24 20:26:00
  166. Watch Greg and I and “Deep Blue Sea” during tonight’s film roast at 10pm. Bonus: I’ve never seen this movie before, so, hopefully it’s good?
    2015-04-25 00:58:30
  167. Film roast went well…but holy shit is Deep Blue Sea terrible. Well worth exactly one watch! #pcon15
    2015-04-25 03:54:55
  168. RT @crebma: I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I’m pretty excited about the fact that @selfconference has over 40% female speaker…
    2015-04-25 06:43:11
  169. I need a blond wig at Penguicon, immediately. @james.gamble has requested it in “whatever color @digitaldawn dyes her hair” #pcon15
    2015-04-25 15:55:38
  170. Janetter on Android had become ridiculously crash prone. Unacceptably so, actually. What else are android peeps using?
    2015-04-25 18:44:59
  171. Many great conversations after panels and board meeting. Now for some food and socializing! #pcon15
    2015-04-25 21:32:26
  172. One of the highlights of the con…being on a panel with @nurigocay and Dave from IT in the D! #pcon15
    2015-04-26 00:23:18
  173. We are being crazy lame and going to bed early. Apparently, I have become old! #pcon15
    2015-04-26 03:31:57
  174. .@Penguicon was a great time! I’m more than a touch disappointed in the attendees that just dumped their trash on the floors, though! :(
    2015-04-27 10:36:45
  175. Cecily Strong’s appearance at the Correspondence Dinner was amazing. Funny and on point! Spend the 20 minutes to watch it…
    2015-04-27 10:48:26
  176. While looking for an old graphic I found this: Me as a Dominion card (full post: #Amused
    2015-04-27 16:41:08
  177. RT @crebma: If I were to make some kind of Detroit Tech Potluck on Belle Isle when it’s warmer, would anyone be interested in joining?
    2015-04-27 21:09:41
  178. RT @housecor: Happiness as a software developer requires enjoying the journey.

    Because trust me, you’ll never “arrive”.

    2015-04-27 21:12:44
  179. Something for impostor syndrome sufferers to consider, too. Your favorite success stories “fail” routinely!
    2015-04-27 21:14:08
  180. Thinking about firing up a Slack for Penguicon. Also thinking about not wanting to maintain it. Also eyeing @jamesdotgamble….
    2015-04-27 23:54:30
  181. A Slack has been made for @Penguicon … still setting up admins, but email or tweet me for access if you want to watch the setup :)
    2015-04-28 00:28:22
  182. RT @crebma: Interested in supporting an inspiring & inclusive tech conference in Detroit? @selfconference could use another sponsor or two!
    2015-04-28 00:53:36
  183. Too much commentary lately: “Those people that we keep murdering are protesting too violently for my tastes.” Go figure.
    2015-04-28 10:23:27
  184. “Who are these people destroying their own city” you ask? I ask the same thing after major sporting events.
    2015-04-28 16:50:36
  185. RT @SlexAxton: “I do not condone violent protest under any circumstances”
    “I have a right to own this gun in case I need to rise up against…
    2015-04-28 22:11:06
  186. RT @RheaButcher: BREAKING: White people urge black people to just stop riots, straight congresspeople ask LGBT folks to just wait a little …
    2015-04-29 01:57:26
  187. I’ll make a deal: I’ll listen to your “rioting isn’t the answer” shtick when the damage total exceeds that from the Ravens’ Super Bowl win.
    2015-04-29 02:17:21
  188. “When people have nothing left to lose, then the only thing left to them is rage”
    2015-04-30 10:30:52
  189. RT @saladinahmed: When Iran’s Supreme Leader starts using the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Wow.
    2015-04-30 16:54:39
  190. RT @ndh313: Job hunting protip, tell me what you can do or want to do. Saying you can do anything and everything is way too much work to fi…
    2015-05-01 01:19:52
  191. This is why! The Oxford comma never makes things LESS clear, but it does often clarify. It’s dumb not to use it!
    2015-05-01 12:27:19
  192. Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife @aglance_…thank you for not fleeing when I pulled my phone out at the altar 6 years ago! :) <3
    2015-05-01 16:12:16
  193. Also notable today…it’s the 1st of May! And what a lovely day outside…
    2015-05-01 16:13:35
  194. RT @selfconference: Learn how to build strong teams and healthy communities from @jer_ at #selfconf
    2015-05-01 20:09:44
  195. If you think people should be punished for disrespecting the American flag, you don’t really have much of a grasp on what it stands for.
    2015-05-01 21:13:02
  196. Dinner with good friends that share our anniversary, now Avengers…best kind of anniversary!
    2015-05-02 00:41:34
  197. RT @atxryan: Every single significant pay increase during my career came from switching employers, not raises. #talkpay
    2015-05-02 04:59:11
  198. RT @ElizabethPW: Congrats, you just licensed Microsoft to use your photos however they want. Taadaa. #HowOldRobot #HowOldNet…
    2015-05-02 15:32:30
  199. Finally got back on the water!
    2015-05-02 23:51:02
  200. I love that people are donating the money they would have spent on the #MayPac PPV to domestic violence charities instead.
    2015-05-03 11:46:04
  201. RT @andylevy: somebody should tell mayweather he’s supposed hug his wife and punch the guy in the ring not the other way around
    2015-05-03 11:50:02
  202. May is an insanely busy month. Coming straight out of Penguicon, I have an anniversary, both kids’ birthdays, and self.conference.
    2015-05-03 12:51:23
  203. RT @austin_d23_: People on twitter seem pretty upset. Maybe a Mayweather hug will help
    2015-05-03 12:52:28
  204. The correct order to watch the Marvel Universe movies…release date, or in-movie chronology? Discuss…
    2015-05-03 21:36:03
  205. About every 6-10 weeks, I reread this and laugh-weep… Programming Sucks:
    2015-05-04 03:19:11
  206. This, always this… RT @_chelseybaker: I want to stay in bed forever. It’s safer and happier 😔
    2015-05-05 11:55:15
  207. Holy shit, that is some terrible logic there *sigh* RT @Khanoisseur: Fire your brogrammer
    2015-05-05 12:17:12
  208. I would pay a huge sum for a few minutes with this RT @carollelogram: I want a magical flute that lulls bureaucracy into a compliant stupor.
    2015-05-06 12:24:40
  209. Who microwaves fish in an office? I’m eating fucking kimchee for the rest of the week in meetings. I’m inviting whoever made the fish!
    2015-05-06 16:30:16
  210. Girl that I had the biggest crush on in high school just dropped some hard-core comic book nerd science in a message thread. *swoon*
    2015-05-06 22:41:23
  211. So, the whole Sad Puppies thing is impossibly boring now…but this satirical book review is too good to pass up:
    2015-05-07 12:40:11
  212. I’m a princess, so when scheduled across lunch, I require that lunch is provided. Favorite PM obliged!
    2015-05-07 15:11:42
  213. RT @joelanders: This little hacker girl sshing into her dad’s computer and SIGKILLing his Sublime Text is my favorite thing ever.
    2015-05-07 18:32:36
  214. I have a 18 year old child now. That doesn’t seem “possible” or “rational” or “accurate”. Happy birthday Cody!
    2015-05-08 11:36:42
  215. Turns out, hearing the same thing repeated ad nauseam from the same person on the same call is absolutely INFURIATING to me. Live and learn.
    2015-05-08 14:16:39
  216. Have you seen the homophobic billboards on Telegraph and elsewhere? Donate to put up some of our own!
    2015-05-08 22:20:32
  217. Humility is important, but so is hubris. I cannot succeed if I don’t assume in going to. Stop being so humble you fail…
    2015-05-09 18:18:28
  218. …and yes, I mean hubris, not self confidence. I have to be more confident than my skills warrant to push beyond my limitations…
    2015-05-09 18:19:47
  219. Omg, I would file for Attention Bankruptcy so much! The thing that I’m most terrible at estimating!
    2015-05-11 09:16:03
  220. Companies don’t seem to understand; their culture is built on the small, insignificant details. It’s also destroyed by the same details.
    2015-05-11 12:55:52
  221. RT @sarahmei: I’ll never win a programming contest. But my dev skills in combination with my communication skills win every time. I build t…
    2015-05-11 12:56:48
  222. RT @crebma: Looking forward to the 2015 version of this photo at @selfconference in just under 3 weeks!
    2015-05-11 15:37:57
  223. Tech conference, in Detroit, focused on diversity, using more than white dudes? Sign me up! Thanks @crebma
    2015-05-11 18:06:21
  224. Not to shit on white dude speakers (I am one), but I’ve heard plenty from them about diversity in tech. Let’s hear from marginalized folk!
    2015-05-11 18:07:30
  225. I’ve got your cubic inch of bone!… Oh :(
    2015-05-12 09:58:42
  226. This has been going around, but…Dear White People’s “Racism Insurance” is hilarious…
    2015-05-12 12:16:37
  227. RT @selfconference: Regular ticket prices end tomorrow at noon EST. Make sure to get yours before they jump to late registration prices! ht…
    2015-05-12 14:11:15
  228. RT @Spacekatgal: I know you think Peggle is a casual game. YOU KNOW NOTHING. Peggle is a dance of death where the weak perish. I am the Sep…
    2015-05-13 08:34:43
  229. “We’re all unreasonable people and progress depends on our changing the world to fit us, not the other way around” #SoTrue #HCF
    2015-05-13 11:34:49
  230. Wanna know how I know elliptical machine running isn’t like real running? I’ve run 2.5 miles in under 30 minutes twice this week…
    2015-05-14 10:46:02
  231. In training. 10 minutes before the class even started I got in trouble for an F-bomb. This could be rough!
    2015-05-14 14:38:58
  232. Scrum training today was instructive, plus I finally figured out how to rewrite the middle of my @selfconference talk. This is a good day!
    2015-05-15 00:05:10
  233. A thought…estimates on anything complex enough to be interesting are little more than polite fictions meant to respond to bad questions.
    2015-05-15 13:52:34
  234. .@OakParkGirl frequent work conversation: “How long will this take?” “8h” “that seems long” “okay, 2h” “??” “who cares, it’s all lies”
    2015-05-15 18:38:21
  235. Long day. Bleh. Ready to nap now!
    2015-05-16 01:14:24
  236. Well, I’m a certified ScrumMaster now! That’s a thing :) #li
    2015-05-16 01:50:42
  237. Several hours of emergency patching after 9 hours of training could have sucked. Not with our team though. It sucked less! :) #li
    2015-05-16 01:59:53
  238. To round out the “I’m Old” symphony, happy birthday to my now 17-year-old daughter! These numbers do not even make sense!
    2015-05-18 11:11:38
  239. I love Outlook so much; it quietly stopped sending outbound mail on Wednesday night, and just sent them all today. Why do people use this?
    2015-05-18 11:57:17
  240. I get it, sometimes things happen; but Outlook failures are consistently the core use cases and silent. It’s a bad combo, gang…
    2015-05-18 12:01:53
  241. Watched Pitch Perfect 2 for Amber’s birthday. While I prefer the first movie, I really enjoyed the hell out of this one too!
    2015-05-19 01:43:49
  242. I will be forever inconvenienced by the fact that my “thinking about what you said” and “angry” faces are identical. #BitchyThinkingFace
    2015-05-19 02:19:02
  243. I’ve posted it before…but it bears repeating: Seth Godin on the custom bully…
    2015-05-19 12:38:07
  244. RT @housecor: Extremely continuous delivery: Amazon deploys to prod every 11.6 seconds?! Wow.


    2015-05-20 09:05:33
  245. Damnit, @BestBuy, I gave you my email on Thursday. Since then I’ve gotten NINE SPAM EMAILS. Are you paid relative to my blood pressure?
    2015-05-20 09:12:03
  246. Mixed messages…
    2015-05-20 12:21:03
  247. RT @hellogeri: And so @FortaCloud joins @GoDaddy in my Sexist Hosting Companies To Avoid Forever list.
    2015-05-20 13:44:18
  248. I’m a male between 18 and 42, and this tells me to shop elsewhere…
    2015-05-20 16:56:33
  249. RT @eacarlson: Wondering what a tech conference with 45% women speakers looks like?
    2015-05-22 14:50:24
  250. Things I think about when people talk about having gotten to where they are “all by themselves”…
    2015-05-22 17:40:09
  251. RT @Capsnatcher: If anyone wants to attend @selfconference, but can’t afford it, I have a ticket available for free. @ me.
    2015-05-22 17:53:40
  252. Beautiful day for getting some paddling in on the new boat!
    2015-05-23 23:38:33
  253. Today was also apparently a day to test out some sunburn on my skull! Nice day!
    2015-05-24 02:52:19
  254. A deer just walked straight down our street. Unlike our neighbors, it managed to use the correct side of the road…
    2015-05-24 13:08:29
  255. The aforementioned deer using the correct side of the road. No turn signal at the corner though…
    2015-05-24 13:12:04
  256. RT @danagould: I never understood how a guy could misidentify with his gender so strongly he’d have reassignment surgery.

    Then I saw the E…

    2015-05-24 15:35:36
  257. Cody and I were gonna go out paddling, but it seems we met the storm at the lake! It’s a bit damp and windy…
    2015-05-25 17:59:50
  258. The weather blew over and we got a couple more hours out on the lake…now to see if my sunburn got worse…
    2015-05-25 20:16:04
  259. I will take even the most flimsy excuse to go to Manuel’s Taco Hut…”look, there it is” was today’s…
    2015-05-26 22:47:05
  260. I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve listened to this twice already today. I’m not NOT proud either. #DontDreamItsOver
    2015-05-27 12:27:34
  261. Hmm, my sunburned head is full-on peeling now. That looks SUPER CLASSY!
    2015-05-27 14:16:10
  262. Don’t forget, @selfconference starts on Friday. Message me for $25 bucks off. You should go there and watch me try not to swear!
    2015-05-27 19:26:08
  263. RT @Kurt_Vonnegut: I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you different.
    2015-05-28 09:25:06
  264. RT @crebma: We could still use an attendee party sponsor or two for @selfconference!
    2015-05-28 09:25:36
  265. Working on my next sunburn…
    2015-05-28 20:30:20
  266. Stickers!? Why didn’t you say so? First in line!
    2015-05-29 02:39:28
  267. Hrmm, I hadn’t thought of this…
    2015-05-29 09:23:08
  268. .@DaveandChuck out of style clothing I still wear: I still cut the sleeves off of most of my shirts…was that ever in style?
    2015-05-29 11:21:31
  269. I’m super proud of penguicon for sponsoring @selfconference #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 12:57:49
  270. “Good code performs a function and communicates intent” -@searls #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 13:17:47
  271. I generally feel like slide shows detract from a good talk. @searls has done an amazing job of enhancing a great talk with his. #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 13:24:16
  272. For the record, I’m jealous. I am borderline incapable of making slides that I feel contribute in any meaningful way to my talks. #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 13:26:07
  273. RT @BrianGenisio: When I grow up, I want to communicate as clearly as @searls #selfconf
    2015-05-29 13:32:14
  274. RT @daniel_davis: @searls – WET stands for “write everything twice” #selfconf
    2015-05-29 13:39:32
  275. RT @bfarrugi: Noted by @jer_ – WET = We enjoy typing. @searls #selfconf
    2015-05-29 13:39:34
  276. “Your clever code makes me feel stupid” -@searls … For real! #selfconf
    2015-05-29 13:42:52
  277. “Putting people in the position of having to say ‘no’ is rude” -@kwugirl This explains so much, I’ve never felt this way! #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:11:20
  278. “If [ask culture people] ask for a lot of things, they come across as confrontational”-@kwugirl… Very close to home, here… #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:18:02
  279. I suspect that most of my company skews toward “guess culture” rather than “ask culture” which explains so much… #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:20:14
  280. RT @selfconference: Hey friends! The ht for this weekend is #selfconf, not #selfconference. <3
    2015-05-29 14:20:30
  281. RT @onealexharms: #selfconf @kwugirl: some companies have a culture where you don’t get help if you don’t ask directly.
    2015-05-29 14:23:14
  282. I’m loving the practical examples of wording in @kwugirl’s talk. “I’m curious & would like to hear more” over “explain it to me” #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:35:02
  283. Omg…I’ve always thought I was weird to seek near real-time feedback when I’m coming across as abrasive! It helps me! #NotAlone #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 14:37:59
  284. RT @dawnisabel: Resist the urge to soften a “No” – good advice from @kwugirl for us “Guess Culture” peeps #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:39:45
  285. RT @radiomorillo: “I’ve an observation, not a judgment – please tell me more, I’m curious!” – this phrase by @kwugirl would work in Twitter…
    2015-05-29 14:40:09
  286. Lmao.. Truth!
    2015-05-29 14:41:05
  287. RT @bfarrugi: Ask Manager and Guess Report – “positive reinforcement for no” is a great start. @kwugirl #selfconf
    2015-05-29 14:58:28
  288. “Best practice exists solely in the obvious domain” -@mindweather We are, at best, looking at good practices, not best #selfconf
    2015-05-29 15:13:44
  289. RT @_chelseybaker: Thank you to the reg table volunteers :) #SelfConf @jeffburtjr @curlersandcode @judykitteh
    2015-05-29 15:14:03
  290. Add a manager, I don’t know what will work, I need to empower the team to adapt, experiment, and learn. #SelfDirectedTeams #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 15:22:10
  291. My job, then, as a manager is to eliminate roadblocks and ensure my team feels safe in experimenting. #SelfDirectedTeams #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 15:23:12
  292. “We don’t, yet, iterate and experiment with our processes. We should.” -@mindweather Oh my god yes! #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 15:36:05
  293. I’m wearing a Pebble watch, which is basically the 3rd world of wearables here. “Is that an Apple Watch? Oh… Nevermind” #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 15:44:26
  294. RT @ajlburke: Current #selfconf Apple Watch sighting count: 5
    2015-05-29 15:46:03
  295. .@selfconference correctly figured out that the easiest way to separate me from the hamburger buffet was a fire alarm!! #selfconf
    2015-05-29 16:56:12
  296. Now for a talk about software estimating! #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 17:03:07
  297. RT @localpcguy: “We’re Agile, we don’t estimate hours” – Someone is translating points into hours & dollars somewhere…make sure you are i…
    2015-05-29 17:12:24
  298. Prerequisites to estimating: scope, constraints, assumptions. -@JaredTheNerd #selfconf
    2015-05-29 17:15:48
  299. I felt a lot smarter before I found out that my process for really rough estimates has a name: Fermi Estimation #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 17:23:30
  300. I didn’t get to tweet any awesome advice from @Kate_Catlin about being social at networking events; I was too busy learning #selfconf
    2015-05-29 18:51:03
  301. “Your confusion is not more important than someone feeling like it’s okay to live” -@onealexharms #DiversityAMA #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 19:25:26
  302. RT @radiodavidj: Is it a little scary that most presenters at #selfconf assume we are all already doing TDD?
    2015-05-29 19:35:52
  303. Instead of gender, ask the question you’re really trying to ask, like which t-shirt? -@onealexharms #SelfConf
    2015-05-29 19:53:29
  304. Folks dance at #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 02:30:33
  305. RT @selfconference: Hi friends! We fell short on our funding this year. Can you help us keep #selfconf alive?
    2015-05-30 02:37:50
  306. RT @cassandrafaris: First tech conference I’ve been to that featured a dance party. Super fun way to end the night! #selfconf
    2015-05-30 03:29:02
  307. Excellent day the conference, but now to grab a bit of sleep before a busy day 2. Thanks for a great time! #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 03:30:28
  308. Breakfast accomplished, ready to start day 2 of #SelfConf…thank you @_chelseybaker and @crebma for kicking ass!
    2015-05-30 13:04:57
  309. RT @fleurchild: “I didn’t become a software engineer to talk about feminism” @Spacekatgal @selfconference #selfconf
    2015-05-30 13:58:46
  310. “I’ll stand beside you as you speak your truth” -@Spacekatgal #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 14:02:18
  311. Watched @RobAboukhalil’s talk on using and now I want to go build a bunch of socketed apps! #DevProblems #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 14:41:20
  312. My talk went really well; I had an amazing audience. Great quotes are being tweeted. Self-indulgently, I shall re-tweet some. #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 16:18:57
  313. RT @radiomorillo: .@jer_ discussing his management style – focusing on his team as a community, NOT a team of his “workers”. #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:19:21
  314. RT @radiomorillo: Cooperation is loaded w/obligation. Collaborative = both working towards a goal, together. @jer_ #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:19:30
  315. RT @radiomorillo: “Escalation is toxic for managing conflict. You can’t prevent conflict – trying to creates a hostile environment.” @jer_ …
    2015-05-30 16:20:02
  316. RT @radiomorillo: “If there’s no conflict: you’re hive minded or nobody is passionate abt what they’re doing at all.” @jer_ #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:20:06
  317. RT @dawnisabel: “Conflict prevention is the most toxic way to manage conflict!” @jer_ on building strong teams at #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:20:20
  318. RT @Rhanasaurus: “You make your environment enjoyable a human being at a time.” everyone needs to hear this. @jer_ #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:20:33
  319. RT @MandaLaceyS: Focus on clarity, not just that communication is happening. Subtle but important @jer_ #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:20:44
  320. Lmao… I definitely said this! :)
    2015-05-30 16:21:15
  321. RT @dawnisabel: “Low-level conflict isn’t always recognized as conflict” and may not be correctly dealt with as a result – @jer_ #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:21:21
  322. </self indulgence> thank you all for your kind words, your attention, and your enthusiasm for this industry. You were a great audience!
    2015-05-30 16:24:24
  323. RT @MetaDevGirl: @Spacekatgal “Women in gaming have to be unashamed about promoting each other.” @selfconference #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:27:29
  324. RT @radiodavidj: It is extremely enjoyable to work for and with someone who is entirely genuine. @jer #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:29:09
  325. I am thinking about doing a panel discussion about this at @Penguicon next year. I think it would be really valuable
    2015-05-30 16:32:12
  326. “Be an advocate for listening to women” -@Spacekatgal #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 16:36:29
  327. Every time I take questions, women ask me how to express things so they’ll be heard. Men never ask. Why do we require women do this?
    2015-05-30 16:37:57
  328. RT @searls: “The absence of privilege is not oppression.” – @Spacekatgal, holding court in a Q&A at #selfconf
    2015-05-30 16:45:46
  329. A thought for speakers: I trimmed my talk down to 30m to give bonus time for QA. I think it tremendously improved my message. #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 16:48:02
  330. I will say, as one of the first talks that I’ve done with PowerPoint, it wasn’t the worst…but I’d still rather use markers… #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 16:58:36
  331. RT @widox: So much good stuff going on at @selfconference that I want to tweet, but I can’t break my concentration enough to do it. Check o…
    2015-05-30 17:02:14
  332. RT @j3: IMO there are no “soft” talks. There are “technical talks” and “people talks.” There’s nothing soft or easy about people. #selfconf
    2015-05-30 17:43:57
  333. RT @yaninadtorres: that’s what usually happens, unfortunately, when you’re promoted, you’re not given #tools to effectively #manage https…
    2015-05-30 17:50:06
  334. RT @dawnisabel: Do a “pulse check” of your team to see who benefits and who is ostracized by company culture – @AishaBlake at #selfconf
    2015-05-30 18:02:38
  335. RT @keithrbennett: Enjoying @jennybloomer talk about at #impostersyndrome at #selfconf.
    2015-05-30 18:12:12
  336. “You don’t have to be a fucking wizard, you just have to show up and try” -@jennybloomer on Impostor Syndrome #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 18:13:45
  337. Oh god, my fucking Twitter icon is a wizard. Irony? :)
    2015-05-30 18:16:43
  338. RT @ajlburke: “All that most people want from their leaders is RESPECT – and the numbers reinforce this” @Nylons #selfconf
    2015-05-30 18:17:07
  339. “Don’t let thinking that you’re less make you be less” -jennybloomer #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 18:20:56
  340. RT @Rhanasaurus: “This frog can skateboard more than I can. At least it has a fucking skateboard.” -@jennybloomer #selfconf
    2015-05-30 18:21:11
  341. RT @jkup: .@jennybloomer’s imposter syndrome talk has the entire room engaged in conversation. We all feel this way. #selfconf
    2015-05-30 18:32:21
  342. RT @bfarrugi: Thank you for surrounding me with other “imposters” who clearly know their shit. Great talk! @jennybloomer #selfconf
    2015-05-30 18:33:21
  343. RT @selfconference: Reminder: You can leave feedback in any session in both the iOS and Android apps for #selfconf!
    2015-05-30 18:36:24
  344. Hrmm, I give hugs that come across as punches. I am doing this wrong! #SelfConf
    2015-05-30 18:41:55
  345. RT @ajlburke: So Taylor Swift is in Detroit today – imagining her dropping by #selfconf for a closing keynote about password encryption @Sw…
    2015-05-30 20:31:40
  346. RT @searls: Overwhelmed by how great #selfconf was. Diverse perspectives & *great* talks. And now they need our help to continue https://t.…
    2015-05-30 20:31:51
  347. RT @j3: “We can’t recycle time. Don’t be afraid to quit when it’s not any fun.” —@triciacervenan #selfconf
    2015-05-30 20:34:15
  348. RT @_chelseybaker: Can’t express how thankful I am to have had @Spacekatgal at #SelfConf. Thank you so much for speaking 💜…
    2015-05-31 00:18:45
  349. A final request for those that attended my talk today, I’m trying something new. Please give me feedback: #SelfConf
    2015-05-31 00:40:52
  350. RT @YesThatGiraffe: “Help! I’m on fire!”
    “Well, don’t be that.”-How most helpful advice sounds in an emotional crisis.
    2015-05-31 10:44:17
  351. RT @kroysemaj: I am worn out after #selfconf. If you’re not exhausted after a conference, you didn’t do it right. Thanks @selfconference!
    2015-05-31 22:29:07
  352. Next time, I’m going to record my talk and post the audio. Sorry to those asking, I didn’t record this time :( #SelfConf
    2015-06-01 14:21:33
  353. The biggest impediment to “doing things” is arguing with narrow imaginations. Leaps are not made by “How do I make this comfortable”
    2015-06-01 21:53:06
  354. No matter how you feel gender is defined, it’s pointlessly rude to call someone by a different name or gender than they ask. Don’t be a dick
    2015-06-02 01:19:58
  355. RT @_chelseybaker: I desperately need a life coach
    2015-06-03 01:55:48
  356. Sure, I don’t need to sleep… Why would I need to sleep?
    2015-06-03 05:26:31
  357. We’ve been at Cody’s graduation for about 8 minutes, @aglance_ is already copy editing the program book…
    2015-06-03 22:29:37
  358. People here are freaking out like they’ve never seen their kids before. You just drove here with them. They’ll be at breakfast.
    2015-06-03 23:09:41
  359. The MC: Please hold applause until the end
    The Audience: NOPE!
    2015-06-03 23:20:52
  360. The fact that this did not last 90m did not prevent a number of people around us from ducking out to quickly bathe in cigarette smoke.
    2015-06-04 00:21:31
  361. Almost all of our meetings have a reminder time set to 15m. 15m is exactly enough time for me to forget between reminder and meeting. #Oops
    2015-06-04 12:19:11
  362. RT @housecor: Want to increase your chances of innovating or making a huge impact?

    Change your mindset from “This has to work” to “This mi…

    2015-06-04 19:21:52
  363. I don’t know if Lync works worth a damn on Windows, but it is the worst phone bridge I’ve used in over a decade. It is comical how bad it is
    2015-06-05 13:16:54
  364. RT @ThatConference: We’re happy to announce…. @unclebobmartin is one of our #ThatConference 2015 Keynoters!
    2015-06-06 09:17:13
  365. These are great! I work really hard on the delivery of my talks…these are things I keep in mind.
    2015-06-06 09:27:06
  366. It is way more red than this shows. Several hours in direct sun learning cricket. Harsh burn…
    2015-06-07 04:59:18
  367. Sometimes I’m weary of being the person helping others to see then fix gaps in their knowledge. The ghost of Dunning-Kruger present…
    2015-06-07 22:29:52
  368. RT @Spacekatgal: New Watch OS features look life changing. For the three hours of battery life you’ll get. #WWDC
    2015-06-08 18:37:30
  369. Seriously…they chose “MENtoring” over “MANsplaining”? Opportunity missed… #laughToKeepFromCrying
    2015-06-09 22:46:35
  370. Yeah I want one of these…Social Justice Warrior Pride! #Represent
    2015-06-10 11:54:16
  371. RT @LettersOfNote: Maurice Sendak would’ve turned 87 today. Obligatory annual airing of the perfect anecdote & one of his envelopes: http:/…
    2015-06-11 10:46:42
  372. RT @kitfoxnews: If you’re a man and you run, please read this piece by @petersagal. Great insight on something we don’t understand http://t…
    2015-06-12 10:14:39
  373. RT @canislatrans: So if I understand this correctly, a scientist who said women in science cry when criticized quit his job after 48 hours …
    2015-06-12 10:20:04
  374. It shouldn’t need it’s own category…it REALLY shouldn’t get so much allocated!
    2015-06-13 04:24:51
  375. RT @Hinchable: I wish I used my free time appropriately.

    Instead I’m getting drunk and eating microwave nachos.


    2015-06-13 16:12:05
  376. The first leg of travel was jammed full…here’s hoping that the 4 hour part is less so! Also, hello Chicago, for the next half hour!
    2015-06-14 18:17:03
  377. It’s 2015…how do we not have a faster way to LA yet?
    2015-06-14 23:26:30
  378. LastPass email addresses and auth hashes have been compromised. If you’re a user, go change your master password #li
    2015-06-15 23:25:43
  379. Note: The LastPass issue is not a tremendous concern, especially if you: use 2FA, have a decent PW, and don’t use the same PW elsewhere #li
    2015-06-15 23:26:35
  380. .@therealdonaldtrump When and where will you be publishing your long-form birth certificate for the public’s review?
    2015-06-16 19:39:30
  381. Currently going through Magento2 training, and I’m deeply in love with the handling of templates, etc as compared to current Magento <3
    2015-06-17 00:01:01
  382. RT @schmonz: To continue to care is an act of personal bravery, and sometimes defiance, that can have tremendous impact.…
    2015-06-17 14:53:27
  383. At least while I’m stuck in sunny LA it’s miserable at home. What? It’s lovely there, and the rain starts when I return? #Balls
    2015-06-17 14:56:13
  384. Work has made a terrible mistake; they sent me to training where I get to write code again…I forgot how much I missed it! :(
    2015-06-17 19:17:08
  385. After seeing @scalzi talk it up, I have to try In-N-Out Burger while I’m here…the massive line bodes well…
    2015-06-18 01:12:57
  386. I was not lead astray, that’s a tasty burger. Well worth the trip. Not, mind you, the trip to LA…but across town, certainly!
    2015-06-18 02:01:39
  387. I enjoy interviewing…but…these will really kick it up a notch:
    2015-06-18 04:18:22
  388. I was just accosted by Scientologists on Hollywood Blvd. They seem pretty legit. I’m just gonna wander on in…
    2015-06-19 04:00:18
  389. I’m so glad to be home! Heya, Detroit area…let’s go kayaking!
    2015-06-20 00:28:15
  390. RT @jnthnwwlsn: The designer of the second national flag of the #Confederacy, explaining what it stood for:
    2015-06-20 01:49:54
  391. RT @housecor: Wow.

    Simple, but powerful wisdom.

    2015-06-20 15:40:31
  392. Dear @steam_games … please stop asking me to verify my email address weekly. It’s still my fucking email address. I promise.
    2015-06-20 18:31:30
  393. RT @JusticeWillett: This rips your heart out.
    2015-06-20 19:24:41
  394. But…protection…
    2015-06-21 06:07:42
  395. I’ve re-platformed and redesigned my website; now maybe I’ll post to it from time to time…
    2015-06-22 05:23:32
  396. Island Lake Rec area. If it costs $13 to camp, and it costs $8 to reserve the camp, and you don’t get the $8 back, it costs $21 to camp.
    2015-06-22 17:30:09
  397. This was taken from my front porch…he let me walk out the door and take the picture without fleeing.
    2015-06-22 22:06:23
  398. People who bleat about how other folks should not be so phone-obsessed are the new “I don’t even own a TV” hipsters. They should be beaten.
    2015-06-23 21:42:18
  399. Guess what!? Mobile phones will change communication, like email killed the letter. Things change. Adapt or don’t, but we won’t wait for you
    2015-06-23 21:49:52
  400. It has been a really, really long week for such a short week…
    2015-06-25 01:16:54
  401. Tonight we’re going camping…my wife has been reading this: I suspect I’m in for a long night…
    2015-06-26 11:21:05
  402. RT @eacarlson: Forever campaigning to stop referring to people as “resources.”
    2015-06-26 11:31:44
  403. Thank you, Supreme Court. Congrats to all of the people who will now get to express their love for their partner regardless of gender! <3
    2015-06-26 15:13:23
  404. All geared up for camping and kayaking!
    2015-06-26 16:17:57
  405. From a gear perspective, there is no real difference packing for 1 night of camping or 5. Food packs and underwear basically.
    2015-06-26 17:11:23
  406. Step 1) Give marriage licences to gay folks that show up asking
    2015-06-26 21:34:33
  407. The US Passport application process is such a painful one. The people are nice enough, but the process is complete hell.
    2015-06-29 16:11:02
  408. “Carrying around a list of everyone who thinks you’re not good enough is exhausting.” Oh, Seth Godin, how I love you!
    2015-06-29 18:25:06
  409. RT @_chelseybaker: I come back from “vacations” more exhausted than when I left 😂😂 #WorthIt 💁🏼🌅🌊👙
    2015-06-30 03:24:06
  410. Celebrated 2yrs at work by guiding a challenging project into a major milestone and launching an exciting new initiative. Vacation time! #li
    2015-07-02 03:03:52
  411. Today’s deliverable has reminded me that I still don’t take it well when I feel like maybe I could have done more/better. :( #bummed #li
    2015-07-02 03:21:15
  412. How did I forget about the Little River Band? “Cool Change” was one of my favorite songs in my teens.
    2015-07-03 15:39:29
  413. And after far too much driving, we’re in Syracuse. I have to assume it’s because of tectonic shift, but it seems longer every time…
    2015-07-03 23:06:51
  414. RT @alanstevens: Most of what we are taught about the confederacy are lies.

    2015-07-04 14:51:57
  415. RT @margaretpearce: I love #code samples so well written that you intuitively understand and learn how to use a new library
    2015-07-08 02:23:58
  416. Heading out for a few days of kayamping!
    2015-07-08 12:11:34
  417. The view from our island. Impossibly, I have data coverage here…
    2015-07-09 11:26:02
  418. Members of my household that enjoy wilderness camping? 2. Unfortunately those 2 are Yoshi and I. Everyone else is ready for home…heh
    2015-07-09 23:27:19
  419. Half way through the long drive home.. Beautiful weather for it, though…
    2015-07-10 21:22:38
  420. Finally home…I have missed you, bed! I have missed you, shower! I have missed you most of all, central air! I’M NEVER LEAVING YOU AGAIN!
    2015-07-11 04:58:14
  421. RT @jplotkin: Received email admonishing me on use of female pronouns. Pedantic misogynists take note.
    2015-07-11 16:13:11
  422. RT @neilhimself: For anyone who was taught ‘it wasn’t about slavery’, primary sources: cc @johngreen @scalzi
    2015-07-12 02:36:02
  423. RT @RebeccaSlatkin: What recruiters think I want: Beer cart, ping pong table
    What I really want: Silence, coworkers with good table manners…
    2015-07-13 09:37:28
  424. You will never appreciate your vacation more than on your first day back when you’re running wind sprints around the office catching up. #li
    2015-07-13 18:16:20
  425. RT @SchneidRemarks: Re: Ellen Pao:
    Remember when Reed Hastings wanted to change Netflix to Qwikster? That was dumb. Remember how NO ONE THR…
    2015-07-13 18:18:15
  426. Who snuck into my room last night while I slept and hit me in the head with a hammer repeatedly. Gonna be hard to concentrate today…
    2015-07-15 10:17:30
  427. 1 last whine: I have far too much to do and far too little time in which to do it. I planned my 1st week back poorly. Now back to work! #li
    2015-07-15 10:29:10
  428. Corollary: if you CAN email password in plain text, it means you store them in plain text. Never do that either!
    2015-07-15 10:30:41
  429. Long, tiring, gratifying day. I’m glad it happened…I’m glad it’s over :)
    2015-07-16 23:08:27
  430. My twitter-review of Armada: I enjoyed Ready Player One, I didn’t need to read it again. A fun read, but it’s time for a new gag…
    2015-07-16 23:09:38
  431. In the last half hr, I’ve heard Guided by Voices, Modern Lovers, and Captain Beefheart; amazing picks @radiodavidj!
    2015-07-17 01:15:52
  432. Omg, and now Morphine? You’re playing straight out of my album collection here!
    2015-07-17 01:20:16
  433. Charlie Daniels’ antics would feel more sincere if he hasn’t spent his career following his audience right-ward to keep the cash flowin’
    2015-07-17 18:22:32
  434. Swap the gender pronouns and yeah, that’s me…
    2015-07-18 10:21:11
  435. “An amateur memorizes. A professional looks for metaphors.” — Seth Godin
    2015-07-18 23:06:02
  436. Okay, week, let’s make a deal…you be like, 50% less frantic and I will not stab a pen into my eye…’kay?
    2015-07-20 10:36:21
  437. Okay week…you’ve chosen to escalate. Well played. It’s on!
    2015-07-20 14:09:30
  438. Why shouldn’t it take over an hour to successfully submit a single time card? This seems to be a great use of my time.
    2015-07-20 15:50:44
  439. For @aglance_…
    2015-07-25 13:20:36
  440. Look at those delicious blueberries @aglance_!
    2015-07-25 13:28:55
  441. A fantastic takedown of the police’s hyper-militaristic tactics from one who would know: a former infantry soldier
    2015-07-25 23:06:29
  442. RT @crebma: Wouldn’t it be easier if we just focus on communicating openly & honestly about software work instead of avoiding arduous conve…
    2015-07-28 02:57:22
  443. RT @crebma: Lots of teams gather a kind of tech debt that is based around not bothering to have those conversations with clients/mgmt.
    2015-07-28 02:57:24
  444. My calendar for this week looks like a super depressing game of Tetris where if all of the blocks fit, I swallow the business end of a gun.
    2015-07-29 15:58:07
  445. RT @jonathantimar: Congrats, @Microsoft, on setting a new standard for unhelpful error messages. This will never be topped. #Windows10 http…
    2015-07-30 00:51:22
  446. Finished filling out all of the paperwork for a travel Visa for India…I suspect there’s a 5-10% chance I got it all correct!
    2015-07-31 00:47:28
  447. Nope…found 2 errors already. I need a QA person for this…
    2015-07-31 01:08:05
  448. “Brave” by Sara Bareilles… <3
    2015-07-31 22:02:19
  449. Kayaking on the Huron…too nice a day for indoors…
    2015-07-31 23:13:37
  450. I’ve read these before, but here are 9 management mistakes:
    2015-08-01 03:01:30
  451. The reaction to the planned parenthood videos is what happens when conspiracy theorists with low verbal skills are lied to by extremists.
    2015-08-01 13:01:55
  452. Just watched two cyclists almost get run over because they were riding on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road. Very dumb.
    2015-08-01 14:52:38
  453. RT @housecor: REST Considered Harmful – Thoughts on where the REST paradigm breaks down.

    2015-08-04 00:24:04
  454. I fucking LOVE all of the folks contributing positivity to the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag. Keep the photos coming folks!
    2015-08-04 19:39:15
  455. Quote of the day from work: “Nobody puts Jer in a time box”
    2015-08-04 21:31:47
  456. I’ve written software for money dollars for over 20 years, and every woman I know in #ILookLikeAnEngineer is more of an engineer than I.
    2015-08-05 10:44:15
  457. It’s also notable that I’ve literally never had my credentials questioned; not when I was in over my head at 21 or in over my head now.
    2015-08-05 10:45:26
  458. “What vaccines have you had in the past?” I don’t know, I was a baby/toddler/small child.
    2015-08-05 12:09:49
  459. I am genuinely considering getting my PMP; I’ve certainly got the hours, and having reviewed the exam prep, that won’t be terrible.
    2015-08-05 14:46:37
  460. RT @GlennF: If you’re a guy and say, none of the women I know in tech have experienced harassment, it’s because they don’t trust you enough…
    2015-08-06 01:04:45
  461. “…you end up spending all your time with cranky, disenchanted, difficult people who are stomping their feet”
    2015-08-06 11:33:11
  462. Jon Stewart elevated the daily show from quick, cheap jokes to smart commentary. What’s stopping you from making your mark at work?
    2015-08-07 09:56:18
  463. I cannot stop laughing at this; it should not be that funny…
    2015-08-07 12:41:51
  464. I’m only half joking when I say I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the fact that I keep losing words. I just had to google guacamole.
    2015-08-07 14:22:11
  465. As I start to load my library into GoodReads, I’m reminded why I don’t already have it done…I don’t even make it 10% in before I bail…
    2015-08-07 20:32:19
  466. RT @monteiro: Stop asking clients to make the decisions they’re paying YOU to make!
    2015-08-08 03:40:56
  467. Waitress has called me “honey”, “sweetie”, and just now “babe”. I’m about to try to make out with her, since we apparently are really close.
    2015-08-09 12:58:27
  468. RT @kwugirl: “may not be so much that liberals don’t care about sanctity/authority…they are culturally encouraged not to admit” http://t.…
    2015-08-09 13:00:06
  469. We’ve added “love” to the list of nicknames. Which nickname makes it acceptable for me to call her some of my favorite nicknames? #SweetTits
    2015-08-09 13:03:49
  470. That escalated awkwardly!
    2015-08-09 16:12:25
  471. RT @ShaunKing: If you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Civil Rights Movement, and what role you would play, you are in it…
    2015-08-10 19:28:40
  472. I really needed today’s day off. How much I needed it is an indication that I’m overdoing it at work again. Time to reel it in again…
    2015-08-10 19:44:17
  473. Holy shit! Huge news from Google^H^H^H^H^H^H Alphabet…interesting.
    2015-08-10 20:51:10
  474. Why wouldn’t I be wide awake at 330am? It’s not like I’m exhausted all day…
    2015-08-11 07:36:55
  475. My Visa application has been accepted, so it’s off to India with me this fall!
    2015-08-11 07:39:36
  476. Average Manager vs Great Manager
    2015-08-12 09:36:13
  477. So many email threads today call for a bucket of popcorn..shit just got entertaining!
    2015-08-12 14:47:20
  478. Remember: no good deed goes unpunished. If you step in to help out, you might find yourself the owner of the thing you helped. #NotIt
    2015-08-12 15:45:24
  479. Unrelated to my previous post…Holy shit I just got a lot of shots!
    2015-08-12 15:49:48
  480. At some point, it’s hard to even be properly annoyed at gross expectations from folks…it’s it possible to be exhausted *at* people?
    2015-08-13 04:57:31
  481. Post @selfconference, @kwugirl put together a storify of quotes from her fantastic “Ask vs Guess Culture” talk…
    2015-08-13 11:30:34
  482. I used to drive a 5h round-trip twice in a weekend to pick up a friend from UNC to party; now I barely bother to put on pants… #OldAge
    2015-08-17 11:11:23
  483. RT @muskrat_john: 100 worst ways to communicate with me (cont.)

    97: Note tied to Rock.
    98: Message in Bottle.
    99: Tin cans and string.

    2015-08-17 21:26:04
  484. RT @SarahKSilverman: Perfect
    2015-08-17 21:26:48
  485. Bowser seems to have missed me…
    2015-08-18 21:21:47
  486. I find it ironic that the same people that think the govt can’t do anything right think only the govt can run an email server.
    2015-08-18 21:26:53
  487. Every…single…night…
    2015-08-19 00:57:31
  488. Why do I fight for 40h work weeks? Because after you pass your 6th hour, work effectiveness starts decreasing; after 8 it’s a steep dive.
    2015-08-20 10:29:18
  489. Demanding long hours says “profit matters, quality doesn’t” more loudly than your mission statement’s claims to the contrary.
    2015-08-20 10:31:56
  490. There’s considerable research out there to back up the 40h-or-less work week concept…we are way beyond ignorance of this being an excuse.
    2015-08-20 10:34:24
  491. If you develop software in the Detroit area, you should join up!
    2015-08-20 11:24:20
  492. Just opened LinkedIn on the desktop for the first time in a while…I have apparently accumulated some 47 unread messages. Oops?
    2015-08-20 11:29:06
  493. Left eye is bloodshot, left arm is sore, told wife that she needs to learn to use the toaster better. She was not as amused as I! :)
    2015-08-20 21:56:53
  494. Today’s tweets about work hours and company values got some attention; some more words on corporate integrity: #li
    2015-08-21 01:06:25
  495. Omg, two of my favorites!
    2015-08-21 01:28:18
  496. RT @jessitron: ^ “keep overworking, and you’ll progressively work more stupidly on tasks that are increasingly meaningless.”
    2015-08-21 01:38:41
  497. Something to ponder…fire the workaholics some really good points in here…
    2015-08-21 21:23:10
  498. I only voted one category to “No Award”, but I predict 2 will go there. Also sad/rabid puppies will claim victory no matter what #HugoAwards
    2015-08-23 02:52:36
  499. RT @saladinahmed: Reports coming in that #HugoAward audience members are being forced en masse to convert to Gay Muslim Socialism. Stay saf…
    2015-08-23 03:00:17
  500. Wow, no award in 5 categories, Let’s remember, political ideology didn’t lose a #HugoAward tonight. Bad writing and toxic behavior did.
    2015-08-23 07:59:38
  501. Let’s focus on the good, folks…like @wes_chu winning the Campbell. An exciting writer joins a prestigious group!
    2015-08-23 08:04:52
  502. I just finished reading the voting data–so many good works displaced by bad fiction in bad faith, and for what? For no awards.
    2015-08-23 09:32:47
  503. Puppies/sympathizers: nominate great works that you actually enjoy and join a celebration of SF. You exclude yourself pointlessly #HugoAward
    2015-08-23 09:35:43
  504. Sidebar, Pups: We all have heard of the Xanatos Gambit…the illusory victory for the villain to drive story. The good guys still win.
    2015-08-23 16:44:12
  505. RT @queenlilshit: i could sleep for 2 weeks straight and still be tired..
    2015-08-23 17:22:39
  506. RT @grmpyprogrammer: When I hear folks say “the world is too politically correct” I know it means “I want to stay overtly racist, homophobi…
    2015-08-23 18:33:43
  507. Holy shit, just went down the SP rabbit hole where there’s a grand conspiracy of one person. A narrow conspiracy to be sure. #CuttingItThin
    2015-08-23 19:37:37
  508. If anybody on the SadPuppy slate wrote fiction that was as good as their fake versions of the last year, they’d have won a Hugo or two…
    2015-08-25 02:46:43
  509. My head feels like it’s in a vice…and the glands in my throat area ache when I swallow. Not great, probably!
    2015-08-25 10:29:04
  510. Torgersen is the sort of abuser who’d blacken his wife’s eye, then chastise her for scaring the kids when she yells
    2015-08-25 10:52:52
  511. RT @mattbarcomb: Are you doing “water wheel agile”? Iterating and iterating but going no where and getting dumped on by waterfall? http://t…
    2015-08-25 16:28:01
  512. RT @_chelseybaker: It’s amazing how much better I feel mentally and physically when I’m not working every free second of the day 😁😁
    2015-08-25 16:28:12
  513. This year is the year of feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. I’d like to not be sick now, please!
    2015-08-25 17:34:25
  514. I’ve certainly needed this in the past!
    2015-08-26 10:55:32
  515. Hive mind: has anybody ordered personalized planning poker cards that they liked? #li
    2015-08-26 16:20:58
  516. My delayed post puts up blog entries, but I still need to make a “tweet about it” solution. When to Hit the Gas…
    2015-08-26 21:37:46
  517. Folks…it’s national dog day. Every day is national dog day. There is never a day that it isn’t awesome to be a dog. #WishIWereADog
    2015-08-27 02:24:50
  518. RT @bbogsnes: A target is what we want to happen, a forecast is what we think will happen. A budget says the two are the same
    2015-08-27 10:30:44
  519. Yep. At least twice a week I look longingly at my roof and think “hanging shingles wasn’t SO bad, right?”
    2015-08-27 10:34:19
  520. STOP EVERYTHING (and buy me this): (assuming the link ever comes back up)
    2015-08-27 18:58:52
  521. Just legit had to send an email asking how “grown up” I had to dress for a work thing. I’m not good at being a grownup.
    2015-08-27 19:25:31
  522. It’s fitting that Bloom County is back, since I feel like our political landscape is straight out of the comic lately…
    2015-08-28 12:04:08
  523. At a certain point, I lose my ability to filter nonsense and talk to an extremist in any language but troll. Those are my favorite times.
    2015-08-28 19:13:02
  524. Aww…my toy broke itself and just devolved into boring, bigoted, paranoid tirades. Boo!
    2015-08-28 20:42:03
  525. RT @_chelseybaker: Dear “polite” drivers that wave me to go when you have the right of way: Worst. You’re the worst.
    2015-08-30 02:04:26
  526. Just watched Palin’s Trump interview. Holy shit do I hope he gets the republican nod. A democrat ferret could beat him in the race.
    2015-08-30 02:23:29
  527. It was weird watching mutual masturbation without worrying about anybody walking in and catching me. PG-13 mutual masturbation! #PalinTrump
    2015-08-30 02:25:11
  528. Last year, #ODDBALLFest was pretty sparsely attended…it’s definitely not this year. It is JAMMED!
    2015-08-30 22:41:09
  529. Pretty awesome that #ODDBALLFest has a section with an ASL interpreter!
    2015-08-31 01:11:01
  530. God I love Anthony Jeselnik! #ODDBALLFest
    2015-08-31 01:16:52
  531. Mason and Cooper are the stars of this show, the comics are just here to fill time! #ODDBALLFest
    2015-08-31 01:21:28
  532. RT @markokloos: I wonder what the Venn diagram overlap is between people who bitch about message fiction and people who have Atlas Shrugged…
    2015-08-31 21:34:03
  533. What the pups don’t get; all good fic is message fic. If there’s no message, why bother reading it, I already know what you have to say.
    2015-08-31 21:36:55
  534. Yesterday, @jaythenerdkid laid out some really compelling thoughts on “Hate the sin, love the sinner” bullshit: <3!
    2015-09-02 16:44:25
  535. I know some of these crazy folks :)
    2015-09-02 16:50:46
  536. Wow, great story by @crashwong
    2015-09-02 23:02:42
  537. When faced with something terrible, sometimes all you can do is meet it head on:
    2015-09-03 01:12:30
  538. It is against my religion to pay taxes. Please prepare yourself to defend my religious freedoms @GovMikeHuckabee!!!!
    2015-09-03 18:09:22
  539. I want…no, I NEED my own BB-8. @aglance_, if you loved me…
    2015-09-03 21:10:15
  540. I posted a bit earlier than my Wednesday schedule to comment on Kim Davis’s attempt at merging church and state:
    2015-09-03 22:50:52
  541. Did Harbaugh win UofM the super bowl yet? It’s after 830! #Footballs
    2015-09-04 00:44:04
  542. Most of my career success comes from an ability to repeat myself incessantly, slightly tweaking wording, until understood/listened to!
    2015-09-04 19:22:21
  543. RT @housecor: The smaller the company/team, the more likely you are to be judged on your contributions instead of your ability to play poli…
    2015-09-05 10:40:11
  544. What dog sleeps like this? Weird dog…
    2015-09-05 11:15:52
  545. RT @JhonRules: Well, well, well, if it isn’t the guy from Twitter that told me to go fuck myself
    2015-09-05 14:54:57
  546. RT @saladinahmed: I don’t think there’s a satirist alive who could match the shit Kim Davis’ husband’s been tweeting from her account. http…
    2015-09-06 08:18:57
  547. This can’t be real, right? I mean, he has my write-in vote…but…seriously?
    2015-09-06 18:38:22
  548. RT @dylanotes: The implications of Dick Cheney failing to realize that Iran went from 0 to 5,000 centrifuges under Bush and him, not Obama,…
    2015-09-07 10:32:22
  549. I’m not offended at @NicoleArbour fat shaming; what do you expect, she only has her looks. I’m offended that people call it “comedy.”
    2015-09-07 10:52:31
  550. Her shtick would still feel hacky and old in front of a brick wall in a blazer with rolled sleeves. Is the next video about airline food?
    2015-09-07 10:55:48
  551. “Comedians”: learn the difference between punching up and down! (Also, learn the definitions of ‘satire’ & ‘censorship’ for fuck’s sake)
    2015-09-07 11:11:21
  552. RT @lightrecoil: November 7th…#ExtraLife is happening again. We’ve broken $1000 for two years in a row now; let’s break $2000 this year!
    2015-09-07 18:12:29
  553. RT @lanettecream: I’ve seen more developers lose their health due to unreasonable demands than I’ve seen them be lazy. I feel protective wh…
    2015-09-09 12:16:27
  554. Ho…ly….shit. This is painful to read. This is fucking Time Cube bad. This is embarrassing on so many levels.
    2015-09-10 15:21:47
  555. RT @TammiJames13: Looking for a female that does ethical hacking to speak at a women’s event (part of MTAM) in October in Troy. 20 minute t…
    2015-09-10 21:26:15
  556. I wax rantisophical about new awards, message fiction, and internal inconsistency. It’s what I do…
    2015-09-12 23:59:54
  557. RT @tronguy: @jer_ And I reply to it here:
    2015-09-13 00:45:38
  558. Before things get needlessly shitty, I’d like to point out: I like Jay, and I can disagree with his position without thinking him an asshole
    2015-09-13 01:12:42
  559. I’m happy to call folks assholes when I think it’s earned, but disagreeing with someone’s idea isn’t the same as them being wrong.
    2015-09-13 01:13:22
  560. None of that, mind you, prevents me from disagreeing in snarky, sarcastic ways…because…that is the dialect of my people! (Assholes)
    2015-09-13 01:14:07
  561. I enjoy when life spins gold from straw. Yes, I’m being vague. I’m excited about things I see blossoming! :)
    2015-09-13 02:15:22
  562. RT @ozlifeadvice: If you never leave the small comfortable ideological circle that you belong to, you’ll never develop as a human being.
    2015-09-13 02:30:55
  563. I actually fixed social signin for my blog. I’m genuinely curious if I ever remembered to get it working to start with? Ooops :)
    2015-09-13 03:46:01
  564. RT @scalzi: When you use the phrase “Social Justice Warrior” or “SJW” to denigrate someone you lose all your points in my Web of Trust. Jus…
    2015-09-13 19:08:34
  565. RT @catvalente: Shit, I accidentally proposed a version of the storytelling award that would actually excite the hell out of me: https://t.…
    2015-09-13 20:42:00
  566. I’m fairly certain that twitter randomly unfollows one person a week for me…weird. I also feel like I’ve said this before.
    2015-09-13 21:01:03
  567. I’m looking forward to my trip to India, but I’m bummed to be missing TedxDetroit and TourDetroit! Next year…
    2015-09-13 22:53:07
  568. RT @RlDICULOUSNESS: every freaking day.
    2015-09-14 09:51:38
  569. Just caught up on the Blackgate thread, and wish I hadn’t. Spare me from nerds using “Cool Kids” pejoratively in earnest. *sigh*
    2015-09-14 09:58:23
  570. I say this as someone who name-calls a lot–you don’t get to name call AND be the victim of “mean people”. You reap what you sow..
    2015-09-14 10:01:21
  571. I hope this is fake, because I can’t stop laughing…Oh god, please be fake…
    2015-09-15 02:22:52
  572. RT @CompSciFact: More CS courses that don’t exits but should:

    Reverse engineering undocumented software
    Living with ambiguous & contradict…

    2015-09-15 16:53:52
  573. The Harry Potter series is now available in house themed collectors editions…time to order my Hufflepuff set!
    2015-09-16 00:08:10
  574. I’m told that I’m less a Hufflepuff and more of a Slytherin. That sounds about right…
    2015-09-16 00:21:36
  575. When every person involved–teachers, principal, police–all fail in such a tragic way, our culture is to blame:
    2015-09-16 11:55:23
  576. RT @Shehr0ze: Both of these photos were taken in Texas. Let that sink in for a moment.


    2015-09-16 13:34:25
  577. In my defense, I start each day hoping to avoid posting political shit. Every day something ups the ante and makes me feel like I must. :(
    2015-09-16 13:35:02
  578. RT @POTUS: Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes Am…
    2015-09-16 19:19:21
  579. This morning’s post was a reflection on how good my team makes me look…
    2015-09-17 00:30:48
  580. RT @schmonz: If your job goes a little better thanks to @AgileIn3Minutes, consider a little kickback to help me do mine :-)…
    2015-09-17 00:46:45
  581. One leg down on my trip to India…my first stop is ‘Chicago’. After I get some work done, it will be time to attempt the local cuisine!
    2015-09-17 18:16:50
  582. Almost got sidetracked on the way here…became confused when I hit Indiana, which is apparently in no way affiliated with India.
    2015-09-17 18:17:21
  583. RT @ITintheD: DJ @nurigocay in the house. #pinkslipparty
    2015-09-18 02:56:04
  584. On the plane, ready to head to India (not Indiana!)
    2015-09-18 17:41:01
  585. We were just fumigated. Like, literally, someone walked the aisles with cans of something spraying into the air. Comforting?
    2015-09-18 18:18:24
  586. The food in the Plaza lounge at the Delhi airport is astonishingly good. Not what I’d expect out of airport food.
    2015-09-19 17:59:55
  587. It is fucking hotter than shit! It’s not even a dry heat. I’ve been so lied to!
    2015-09-19 17:59:55
  588. After a long layover and some delays, we have arrived in Nagpur!
    2015-09-19 18:07:27
  589. I’m always pretty happy when I arrive at a place and they don’t turn me right back around…so being greeted with flowers was a nice touch!
    2015-09-19 19:14:58
  590. Alright, gonna try to sleep now…in spite of being utterly exhausted for the last 20h, I’m pretty awake now. Dislike!
    2015-09-19 20:16:10
  591. This breakfast buffet has ruined me for other breakfast buffets. Insanely broad variety, I must look like a rube taking some of everything.
    2015-09-20 04:56:32
  592. Words to live by…
    2015-09-20 06:19:16
  593. Just had someone stop and ask to take a photo with me…the we waited while our group was photographed. Everyone is friendly here!
    2015-09-20 09:17:56
  594. Number of people that have said I look like the Big Show (WWE) in the last half hour: 2. I’m gonna go ahead and take that as a compliment…
    2015-09-20 09:52:20
  595. I apparently wear the largest size shirt in a normal India store…vanity size 6! Also, the ‘Big Show’ reference makes more sense now…
    2015-09-20 09:53:00
  596. This bar has awesome music, LL Cool J, Warren G…basically a high school dance soundtrack…
    2015-09-20 13:28:01
  597. …Straight Outta Compton…I’m never leaving this bar…
    2015-09-20 13:30:18
  598. Quote of the day: “I think our belly buttons just touched”…the elevator was…snug
    2015-09-20 16:15:50
  599. Woke up at 3am, bolt upright, by a loud noise outside. I am now very, very awake. Hooray for being a light sleeper!
    2015-09-20 22:06:02
  600. Always prepared!
    2015-09-20 22:08:28
  601. So, #piggate can’t be real, right? Someone got confused and thought Black Mirror was a news program? Right?
    2015-09-21 00:19:13
  602. I could fairly successfully be a vegetarian if I lived in India… So many variations that I rarely miss meat when it’s absent…
    2015-09-21 02:22:26
  603. Interesting note by Seth Godin about path finding… I find a path by trial and error; but that can be time consuming
    2015-09-21 02:35:51
  604. People that have taken Malarone…if it made you queasy, did you ever adjust? Or were you just always queasy? I’m on like day 5 of bleh…
    2015-09-21 12:30:27
  605. Lunch. All you can eat Mawadi(sp?) food. About $2. So good!
    2015-09-22 09:11:09
  606. Preparing to eat ALL OF THE FOOD!
    2015-09-22 16:51:35
  607. Wake at 6. Work for an hour or so. Breakfast. Work until 8 or 9pm. Dinner. Emails. Sleep. Repeat. SO TIRED! SO WHINY!
    2015-09-23 01:53:31
  608. Long, productive day spent trying to speak intelligently on a topic about which I feel very passionate. I think things went well!
    2015-09-23 18:20:19
  609. Oh, I’ve been posting quick blog entries about my trip. So far: the trip and shopping
    2015-09-23 21:48:49
  610. I’m intrigued when someone says they spend a half hour prepping for an hour training. I spend a half DAY prepping for an hour training.
    2015-09-24 08:01:28
  611. I’m running through my third listen of the last several episodes of Agile in 3 Minutes ( #AgileIn3MinutesIn9Minutes
    2015-09-24 11:01:20
  612. When I’m prepping for a retrospective, or to speak on agile, or to perform some coaching, I like to run back through my wealth of resources.
    2015-09-24 11:03:36
  613. Omg, just ate so much delicious meat…forget that crazy talk about being a vegetarian…the meat is amazing!
    2015-09-24 17:27:09
  614. Not quite as spicy as it looks…
    2015-09-24 17:34:50
  615. A sand mandala in the hotel lobby this morning…it’s way prettier in person…
    2015-09-25 05:52:44
  616. I slept wrong and tweaked the shit out of my neck. Looking directly forward hurts. I have a series of 1:1 meetings today. Ouchie? #Whining
    2015-09-25 05:56:28
  617. Mind…blown….I need a light colored desk so I can dry erase on it…
    2015-09-25 11:08:49
  618. The worst part is, a dev in my office writes on his desk…but until it happened on my desk, I didn’t even think of it as a thing I could do
    2015-09-25 11:18:12
  619. After a week of being in vehicles here, I can safely say I’d never be able to drive in India. Everybody here is a way better driver than I!
    2015-09-25 13:38:33
  620. The roads are completely chaotic, and everyone constantly avoids accidents by being attentive vigilant drivers. I lack the skill.
    2015-09-25 13:39:54
  621. For its anniversary, the hotel has turned the lobby into a disco!
    2015-09-25 14:46:46
  622. My post about the food here went up sometime today (timezones, am I right?):
    2015-09-26 17:31:37
  623. Something I’ve never said before: if these meetings prevent me from attending this dance party, I shall be very cranky!
    2015-09-28 13:39:07
  624. It is with great sadness that I share…I missed the dance party. Work has, yet again, interfered with my party plans :)
    2015-09-28 13:52:35
  625. RT @kellan: Still meeting smart folks with the “we can’t afford to fuck up” mind set. If you can’t afford to fuck up you can’t afford to wr…
    2015-09-28 17:00:09
  626. Not yet 530 in the morning, and each email is worse than the one before it. I just don’t get people’s “problem solving”
    2015-09-29 00:02:13
  627. I’m supremely grateful to “my team” out in Nagpur for showing me a great time tonight. It really means a lot. Mahol! :)
    2015-09-29 17:23:36
  628. Saying goodbye to the Nagpur office…
    2015-09-30 10:47:19
  629. I reflect on finding a better path:
    2015-09-30 16:55:19
  630. Prepping for 30h of travel…I’m ready to see my home again, but I’m not ready to do the airport shuffle!
    2015-10-01 05:03:15
  631. First security checkpoint down…29 hours to go…
    2015-10-01 06:54:32
  632. We made it to the Delhi airport…time to cool our heels for a half day. Also, time to plan my sleep to offset jet lag…
    2015-10-01 10:38:39
  633. How could none of you tell me about ‘The Newsroom’? I just watched the first episode; the first time I recall being glued to a show…
    2015-10-01 12:24:21
  634. I have returned! Chicago, I am in you!
    2015-10-02 11:53:07
  635. A beautiful 56 degrees out! Shorts weather!
    2015-10-02 13:02:55
  636. I missed my car…it’s fun driving again!
    2015-10-02 15:22:58
  637. I finally have my wife back…all is pretty much right with the world now!
    2015-10-02 18:04:53
  638. 1 way to be a modern man…don’t read fucking articles about being a modern man. Just do what you want!
    2015-10-02 19:26:10
  639. RT @_chelseybaker:
    2015-10-02 21:42:54
  640. RT @saladinahmed: If profiling were actually about anything other than racism, white men would be policed at theaters and schools the way I…
    2015-10-03 13:44:05
  641. I have, in my head, at least one more post about my trip to India that I cannot formulate. *sigh* More dick and fart jokes, I suppose!
    2015-10-03 13:55:09
  642. Wedding selfie!
    2015-10-03 22:00:58
  643. Finally in my home again. Dogs are cuddled very close…they might be glad to see me…
    2015-10-04 19:33:53
  644. I suspect that Yoshi missed me…he couldn’t be much more pressed against my face.
    2015-10-04 21:52:28
  645. Email on my phone makes me terrible at vacation. I actually had to turn it off after answering “just one more email” today.
    2015-10-05 20:32:22
  646. First day back in the office after nearly 3 weeks. As expected, today is wall-to-wall meetings. Yay?
    2015-10-06 10:33:20
  647. I’m in!
    2015-10-06 10:49:48
  648. Some thoughts about the perception of me as a ‘social justice warrior’ on social media…
    2015-10-06 18:18:52
  649. Rough day. I don’t know that I’ve been back-patted and kicked in the teeth in such rapid succession before. Leaves me with much to ponder…
    2015-10-06 20:29:01
  650. Whoever the hell said that season 2 of The Newsroom was weak: you have no soul. None. Zero. Seek help.
    2015-10-07 00:31:30
  651. We live in a world where Trump is so crazy that Ben Carson looks borderline sane in comparison.
    2015-10-07 00:46:16
  652. Carson “won’t let” the gunman shoot him and would, if president, just “go to the next” shooting. This is the GOP’s COMPASSIONATE candidate!
    2015-10-07 00:48:18
  653. Pet peeve: sending an email about a project while at no point specifying which project in the subject or body. I deal with a dozen projects.
    2015-10-07 11:11:53
  654. Only Good Guys with Guns can protect us from…shoplifters?
    2015-10-07 21:10:29
  655. RT @OakParkGirl: Think coworkers should “check emotions at the door?” Not gonna happen, and it’s a good thing! ~@jasonlittle #LeanChangeMan…
    2015-10-08 01:27:20
  656. RT @caseyjohnston: inspired use of the medium
    2015-10-08 15:30:31
  657. RT @schmonz: We hardly ever know anything, especially at the beginning. Let’s try not to leave all the validating till the end.


    2015-10-08 21:01:53
  658. All I want is this sore throat, crushing headache, and sharp pain in my ear to go away. And a pony.
    2015-10-09 01:45:00
  659. The same is true when most people ask the same question :(
    2015-10-09 15:25:12
  660. Donate $100 to any one (or any group) of folks to get a t-shirt…help out sick kids y’all!
    2015-10-10 18:51:25
  661. Or even regular correctness!
    2015-10-11 01:18:42
  662. What do you mean this isn’t what you expected? I said Netflix and chill…so chill out and get your hands off me, I’m missing the movie!
    2015-10-11 13:15:59
  663. Is anyone going to @AlterConf in Detroit next weekend? I’m thinking about going, but hoping to run into folks I know there…
    2015-10-11 23:37:12
  664. An excellent history lesson that helps to explain how the GOP got into its current quagmire…
    2015-10-13 23:47:13
  665. I was just talking about this with someone…the number 1 snowiest major city here is where I grew up…
    2015-10-13 23:52:54
  666. Reading a blog post about moving to agile; somehow it didn’t occur to me that the term for all of the coaching I do is…agile coaching #duh
    2015-10-14 00:15:45
  667. Happy #AdaLovelaceDay. There are tons of brilliant women in STEM to follow. Among them: @digitaldawn @OakParkGirl @_chelseybaker (1/2)
    2015-10-14 10:51:53
  668. More to follow: @crebma @margaretpearce @ConFigures @ecstrato @eriquita @radiomorillo @ranti (and I’m sure many that I forgot) (2/2)
    2015-10-14 10:52:09
  669. Oh yeah, the Grace Hopper conference is going on Houston(?) right now!
    2015-10-14 11:38:41
  670. RT @anitaborg_org: With over 12,000 attendees and 500 speakers #GHC15 is going to be the largest gathering of women technologists ever
    2015-10-14 16:03:15
  671. The appalling part of this is the plaintiff thought this explanation somehow makes suing an 8 year old rational.
    2015-10-14 16:06:50
  672. I expect to be there, if that suddenly makes you want to go (I’ll probably skip, if *that* makes you want to go)
    2015-10-14 18:48:06
  673. A bit about my writing process, and my plans to improve posting consistency…
    2015-10-14 21:43:03
  674. RT @alicemazzy: anyway the fact that ada lovelace swore a ton and consumed copious intoxicants only cements her place in history as the fir…
    2015-10-15 10:35:02
  675. So today is the day we all share the “Watch this 15 year old inelegantly recite NRA talking points, it’ll blow your democratic mind!” video?
    2015-10-16 11:28:49
  676. I only ask because nothing in the video:
    * Shows Obama taking guns
    * Conveys new or compelling info
    * Strays near an original thought
    2015-10-16 11:30:39
  677. I mean, at its core, the video’s central conceit is “tons of people have to die so I can go to a good college on a shooting scholarship”
    2015-10-16 11:33:28
  678. I’m not saying that we should take away all (or even any) guns; is just love some non-ignorant arguments in favor of guns for once.
    2015-10-16 11:35:18
  679. Thus endeth my rant. Back to my normal stupidity!
    2015-10-16 11:35:45
  680. I’ve kidnapped @bfarrugi and arrived at #AlterConf…pleased to see @DetroitLabs and @agilesoftware sponsoring!
    2015-10-17 15:53:03
  681. This is the first time I’ve gotten to see @GrandCircusCo’s digs. Kinda sweet! (And guest star…
    2015-10-17 16:06:44
  682. Awesome talk by @EvaGantz about microfinance. Note to self, check out @StellarOrg! #alterconf
    2015-10-17 16:43:16
  683. Interesting bathroom art choices… #AlterConf
    2015-10-17 16:47:56
  684. I hate that we live in a world where anybody has to decide if honest critique is worth inevitable doxxing, death threats, etc #alterconf
    2015-10-17 17:07:01
  685. RT @nikhiltri: Strategy lessons for staying safe from doxxing: archive comments you moderate. Anonymize yourself *and* your parents online …
    2015-10-17 17:12:56
  686. #ILookLikeAnEngineer used their presence to present their story offline as well; a powerful thing to do with your viral spotlight #alterconf
    2015-10-17 17:28:11
  687. “You never need to ask anyone for permission to leave any room, ever.” –@nikhiltri Awesome thing to remember… #alterconf
    2015-10-17 17:51:40
  688. RT @EvaGantz: Healthy vs toxic masculinity is an important distinction because masculinity isn’t inherently bad #alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:00:04
  689. It’s frustrating hearing types of sexual violence defined and being able to think of examples you can note in your community. #alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:07:10
  690. RT @aemeredith: Supporting sexual harassment survivors:
    * I believe you
    * It’s not your fault
    * You have options#alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:10:09
  691. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before…the MC came on after a talk to address a troublesome bit of verbiage. Fucking awesome! #alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:21:42
  692. I think it’s cool how many of these talks focus on what the speakers are actively doing to solve problems, rather than on theory. #alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:39:34
  693. The Detroit Water Project is an inspiring lesson in solving a real problem as “just a developer” that cares. #alterconf
    2015-10-17 18:41:54
  694. RT @GDIdet: There are resources to help solve “pipeline problem,” but how do women in STEM fields sustain themselves? #alterconf http://t.c…
    2015-10-17 18:43:33
  695. A diverse, comfortable environment doesn’t mean there’s no conflict…the conflict is just addressed productively and managed. #alterconf
    2015-10-17 19:01:53
  696. RT @onlyalishak: Watching @GamingInColor #alterconf
    2015-10-17 19:56:01
  697. Why are all of these people who don’t properly appreciate it getting snow. Bring it here! #SnowSnowSnowSnow
    2015-10-17 20:50:26
  698. Watching @anthonyjeselnik’s new special on Netflix. Amazing. If you’re a fan, watch it. If you’re not, get a sense of humor, then watch it!
    2015-10-17 23:27:07
  699. QOTD: “You just bought into the propaganda of Waldo, they want you to find him…” –@Marshel
    2015-10-19 15:24:24
  700. A good, productive day capped by a good, productive conference call this evening. Things are good. And productive!
    2015-10-20 02:34:19
  701. Today marks 14 years free from drugs and alcohol. I vividly remember panic attacks at the idea of not using for 90 straight days. A miracle!
    2015-10-20 02:39:10
  702. I see this morning that I typed “14” last night when I meant “13”…13 years. Oops!
    2015-10-20 10:05:09
  703. I’ll take your quiz, Buzzfeed, but if @DaveSFoley isn’t my soul mate, I think we all know it’s bullshit!
    2015-10-20 10:36:00
  704. I will soon be gaming to support Beaumont Children’s Hospital. Please donate, every little bit counts:
    2015-10-20 21:55:01
  705. Thank you for your donation, @_chelseybaker!!! if you want to join Chelsey in donating!
    2015-10-21 01:11:50
  706. Today’s post mulls over the concept of not letting tools drive your development process.
    2015-10-21 16:24:27
  707. It seems that Vox Day “doxxed” me over on his blog, in so far as you can dox someone that posts their name in their url. I’m revealed! Gasp!
    2015-10-22 10:59:03
  708. I think the long reach of the “voice of god” might be over sold, though; it took me half a month to notice the tiny uptick in blog traffic.
    2015-10-22 11:01:12
  709. RT @7heBigBadWolf: @jer_ Vox Day “army”: This Jer guy is a dick. Jer’s Friends: Yes. Annnnnd?
    2015-10-22 17:27:31
  710. I completely fail to understand the logic of “I don’t think I’ll win that fight, so I won’t engage at all.”
    2015-10-22 19:22:14
  711. RT @lightrecoil: We just ordered this year’s shirts: Donate over $100 to help kids AND get a cool shirt: https://t.…
    2015-10-24 00:05:34
  712. RT @HenrikJoreteg: perseverance > intelligence
    kindness > being right
    execution > ideas
    listening > talking
    done > perfect
    honest > richl…
    2015-10-24 13:49:41
  713. On a day when I’m pressed for time, the road to Cassel’s is closed. The whole universe is against me today…time to try a new place!
    2015-10-24 13:53:44
  714. Upgrading to El Capitan…let’s hope I’m still capable of being productive come Monday!!!
    2015-10-24 15:32:31
  715. I love the relationship between House and Wilson. I mean, it’s dysfunctional as hell, but it also feels genuine…
    2015-10-24 19:34:31
  716. So @danieltosh did a remake of @selenagomez’s “Good For You” video, making it 10% harder to masturbate to:
    2015-10-24 20:31:38
  717. I love this podcast!
    2015-10-24 20:47:47
  718. The road to Cassel’s has reopened…all is right with the world!
    2015-10-25 14:22:44
  719. Bowser thinks we’re “together”…
    2015-10-26 01:54:21
  720. RT @jaredbkeller: BuzzFeed will withdraw from SXSW unless the organizers reinstate gaming panels canceled over threats of violence https://…
    2015-10-27 19:20:24
  721. Some notes about transitioning a waterfall team to scrum from deep in the trenches… Part 1 of ???
    2015-10-28 17:17:53
  722. The only thing that will protect our doctors from bad patients is a good guy/gal with a gun!
    2015-10-28 22:08:14
  723. re: CNBC’s new reality show tonight…1/5 stars. Unrealistic characters and troubling portrayals of mental illness. Needs new writers!
    2015-10-29 02:34:17
  724. People who gripe about 2yrs of election coverage being too long; perhaps the problem is you wanting to only be informed around elections?
    2015-10-29 02:38:22
  725. RT @TheLexTimes: Every person who interviews developers needs to read this.

    2015-10-30 10:04:39
  726. But wait…armchair scientist assholes can’t possibly have been wrong all this time, could they? Mind…blown…
    2015-10-30 11:04:16
  727. RT @WiredUK: There is probably no such thing as a ‘male brain’ and a ‘female brain’
    2015-10-30 11:05:37
  728. It’s almost like “nurture”, rather than “nature”, accounts for most of the stereotyped differences among genders; how…entirely predictable
    2015-10-30 11:07:51
  729. I enjoyed Clarity…but Zedd’s “True Colors” is fucking amazing…I think I’ve listened to it straight through 4 times since Monday…
    2015-10-30 12:08:22
  730. Son of a bitch…Zedd was in Detroit a week ago..I found this album literally days too late…
    2015-10-30 12:52:50
  731. The 2 whole albums I bought in 2015 were @Zedd’s “True Colors” and @SteveMartinToGo & @ediebrickell’s “So Familiar”…not super similar…
    2015-10-30 17:50:32
  732. That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of great music in 2015; but those were the two albums that I loved from front to back. Beautiful stuff!
    2015-10-30 17:51:23
  733. When planning, “I believe so” is shorthand for “this is the part of the plan that will fuck us over later”…bookmark that decision!
    2015-10-30 18:19:48
  734. RT @lightrecoil: Our shirts are here! Donate $100 or more to our team and get to dress like us!…
    2015-10-31 03:47:35
  735. RT @DetroitDevDay: Don’t forget–ticket sales for our conference end tomorrow. Don’t miss out!
    2015-11-02 14:49:30
  736. QOTD: “I don’t envy your conundrum… that I created…” –@digitaldawn
    2015-11-03 02:04:41
  737. Everything is the sum of all of the decisions that you made along the way. There are no small decisions. There are no large ones either.
    2015-11-03 19:14:08
  738. So, let’s see if I get this right, the brown kid that made a clock was a potential terrorist, but this guy isn’t?
    2015-11-03 22:45:52
  739. I’m at almost 50% of my goal with just a few days left. If you have a moment, please consider donating:
    2015-11-04 12:27:46
  740. The definition of done (and, the definition of NOT done) in a new agile project…
    2015-11-04 23:13:39
  741. I REALLY want to see the new Deadpool movie, but it would ALMOST be worth long term delays if we get more @VancityReynolds promos! #Almost
    2015-11-04 23:51:59
  742. A couple of months back, a member of the Ada Initiative stopped contributing to Linux–loudly. This annoyed old-school OSS folk. (1/2)
    2015-11-05 11:40:06
  743. Now, surprise, there’s a vast “conspiracy” by the Ada Initiative to destroy “leaders” of the OSS community: (2/2)
    2015-11-05 11:42:58
  744. Lmao… 100% perfect shirt from digitaldawn
    2015-11-05 21:10:54
  745. And Vox has kept into the fray, thereby proving that this esr lie will be a new flag for MRAs and bigots to wave. *sigh*
    2015-11-05 21:53:16
  746. RT @GDIdet: Getting set up for our 3rd birthday party at @GrandCircusCo!
    2015-11-06 11:37:36
  747. Oh Ben Carson…non-hollow pyramids were biblical silos? The hieroglyphics were recipes for some artisan breads, I assume?
    2015-11-06 11:48:33
  748. Our live streams are likely rated R for language, adult situations, violence, brief nudity…you know, fun!
    2015-11-07 13:04:57
  749. All set up, ready to game!
    2015-11-07 15:28:18
  750. Time for some Left for Dead 2…the live stream is up!
    2015-11-07 15:47:49
  751. RT @lightrecoil: First punishment: Shower with Your Dad will be played by the person who gets the most donations from now to 1PM EST! https…
    2015-11-07 17:02:12
  752. RT @lightrecoil: Josh narrowly beat Scott with $26 in donations in the last hour. Tune into to see him play Shower …
    2015-11-07 18:06:17
  753. RT @lightrecoil: All donations between now and 3pm will choose which two people get stuck playing 2-player Surgeon Simulator! Donate: https…
    2015-11-07 18:06:20
  754. Wow, Josh is amazingly good at simulated showering with a dad!
    2015-11-07 18:29:17
  755. RT @lightrecoil: So @coryskelly and @bfarrugi were the big winners for two-player surgeon simulator with a combined draw of $121!! https://…
    2015-11-07 20:02:00
  756. Rocket League is so ridiculously fun….streaming 4v4 off and on…
    2015-11-07 21:16:31
  757. RT @lightrecoil: Next punishment game….2-person QWOP for the highest donations by 8pm EST… Donate to punish som…
    2015-11-08 00:00:01
  758. RT @lightrecoil: The big “winners” are Scott and @jer_ … about to play 2-player QWOP on Jer’s stream:
    2015-11-08 01:08:07
  759. We’ve finished about 21 hours of the marathon…about 50% of which was spent playing Rocket League. Such a fun game…
    2015-11-08 12:15:38
  760. Thank you for helping us have an amazing event. We raised over $1300 and had a lot of fun. You can still donate:
    2015-11-08 16:00:40
  761. Failure is a certainty…worry about what happens when you succeed instead…
    2015-11-12 11:16:30
  762. Hey headline writers…I get it, grammar is annoying…but…sometimes it’s pretty important!
    2015-11-13 19:28:36
  763. Reading @_chelseybaker’s tweets about watching Star Wars for the first time pretty much made my night. Hurry up, get to the next movie!!
    2015-11-14 15:26:07
  764. RLRT: “I’d like the filet, butterflied, extra well done!”… So, $50 beef jerky?
    2015-11-14 22:04:33
  765. “It’s hard to have ideas, and it’s easy to give up” –Tomorrowland
    2015-11-15 00:10:19
  766. RT @selfconference: Enjoying #DetroitDevDay? You might also enjoy #selfconf next May!!
    2015-11-15 00:43:12
  767. My favorite part of the #DemDebate: seeing candidates that grasp the nuance inherent in foreign policy. Posturing repubs need to grow up!
    2015-11-15 02:36:20
  768. “That immigrant bashing carnival barker @therealdonaldtrump”… God that was nice to hear #DemDebate
    2015-11-15 02:53:41
  769. Candidates debate the specific facets of plans to fix issues. RNC, this is what a mature debate looks like! #DemDebate
    2015-11-15 03:20:41
  770. I’m so sick of the only actual candidates being Democrats. Bring me somebody that a sane human can vote for, RNC! Enough with the side show.
    2015-11-15 03:22:31
  771. I <3 watching @realDonaldTrump tweet disparagingly about #DemDebate. As in his campaign, he thinks merely stating his lies makes them true.
    2015-11-15 03:45:07
  772. I would have paid cash for HRC’s crisis to have been: “you see, I had all of these incriminating emails…” #MissedOpportunity #DemDebate
    2015-11-15 03:54:51
  773. It makes me proud to see all the candidates engage in mature, civilized debate. Everyone on stage sounded like a leader. #DemDebate
    2015-11-15 03:58:28
  774. I say this despite the fact that HRC summoned up 9/11 repeatedly as a shield in a very Bushian way. #PrettyGross #DemDebate
    2015-11-15 04:09:06
  775. RT @pattonoswalt: When I mock Hillary & Bernie it’s cuz I want two already great people to do better. When I slam the GOP I’m pissing on gr…
    2015-11-15 04:09:53
  776. RT @sassysamosa: 15 mosques in France have been attacked in the past 48hrs, but I guess the term terrorist only applies if the crime is com…
    2015-11-16 17:32:17
  777. Yeah, the failure mode for “joke response” is “obstructionist asshole”!
    2015-11-16 19:29:25
  778. RT @FrankConniff: Make sure you’re a good Christian by saying Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays when you’re turning away refuges.
    2015-11-16 20:13:41
  779. RT @owillis: if only we had a seasonally appropriate story about middle eastern people seeking refuge being turned away by the heartless
    2015-11-17 00:03:53
  780. There’s our governor, yet again, overstepping the bounds of his authority. It’s not his job to know the law, right? *sigh*
    2015-11-17 03:15:18
  781. I would love it if a Christian that is against letting Syrian refugees into the US could explain how they reconcile that with the Bible.
    2015-11-17 03:33:11
  782. The highs and lows of my day. TOOL IS TOURING! Tool is touring only the south and in January so far. #FirstWorldProblems
    2015-11-17 18:52:23
  783. RT @raganwald: If you have an open office space, and everyone has headphones on, and people escape to breakout rooms, what should that tell…
    2015-11-18 06:24:55
  784. Roll over, find end table
    Roll over, find end table with elbow
    Find end table with elbow at impressive speed
    I’m pretty awake now.
    2015-11-18 06:34:32
  785. My thoughts as our team benefits from a newfound ability to adapt to change…
    2015-11-18 21:26:58
  786. RT @tinyrevolution: Thank god we’re not letting in lots of Syrians, we wouldn’t want an influx of fluent Arabic speakers who could work for…
    2015-11-19 01:27:20
  787. After a week of reading opinions about refugees, I have learned this: many folks need to seek professional help for their paranoia.
    2015-11-19 10:40:41
  788. Hrmm, the bonus 40 minutes isn’t awesome…
    2015-11-19 22:51:38
  789. Several months ago, I wrote an essay that I never posted about Trump. I’m rethinking not having posted it…
    2015-11-20 02:14:55
  790. Since they’re in the neighborhood, perhaps some Republicans in the legislature could swing by and give it a read?
    2015-11-20 18:10:51
  791. I…want…this…so…much…
    2015-11-20 19:06:27
  792. RT @honest_update: Service has been restored via a terrible hack that we’re gonna pay for later. You’re welcome, future us.
    2015-11-21 02:06:07
  793. Without a doubt, the most beautiful time of the year…
    2015-11-21 22:26:08
  794. Sounds eerily familiar…
    2015-11-21 22:40:09
  795. Seen on the Internet: “Snopes is no longer credible.” I think you mean to say “Snopes data doesn’t coincide with my inaccurate world view.”
    2015-11-23 12:00:03
  796. I suspect that were I to seek out a date for May’s Ellie Goulding concert, I’d have a hard time finding one old enough to drive…
    2015-11-23 19:18:03
  797. RT @JamilSmith: White men with bulletproof vests shot four civil rights protesters in Minneapolis, and I’m supposed to be more scared of a …
    2015-11-25 11:37:21
  798. I’m not afraid of Muslim terrorists killing my family. I’m terrified of Christian politicians killing my country. 1 of these is a real risk.
    2015-11-25 11:40:36
  799. Brown terrorist threat: no aid for refugees
    White terrorist acts: can’t fix that…we’d violate our country’s principlesFuck you!
    2015-11-25 11:46:56
  800. Veterans need VA support: nah, foreign policy is more important
    Syrian refugees need support: no, wait, what about the veterans!Fuck you!
    2015-11-25 11:48:23
  801. Foreigners come up from Mexico bringing violence to our peaceful people.
    That brown guy probably deserved to be roughed up.Fuck you!
    2015-11-25 11:49:40
  802. We will do whatever it takes to stop terrorism!
    Foreign policy that actually helps people in need?
    Whoah…I meant war stuff!Fuck you!
    2015-11-25 11:52:04
  803. I’m feeling pretty “fuck you” this morning, in the wake of another white gunman’s rampage being less of a concern than refugees…again.
    2015-11-25 11:53:36
  804. RT @steve_buchheit: @jer_ Ah, I think I’ve found where my weekly supply of Fucks was mis-delivered. #justintimemanufacturingoffucks
    2015-11-25 17:36:38
  805. RT @saladinahmed: An unarmed woman going to pray.

    A masked gunman following her.

    Can YOU spot the terrorist?

    ht @_shireenahmed_ https://…

    2015-11-25 21:25:31
  806. Thoughts on why I’m grateful this year…
    2015-11-26 14:26:31
  807. Can you imagine fifty people a day…walking in, singing a bar of “Alice’s Restaurant” and walking out? They may think it’s a MOVEMENT!
    2015-11-27 04:06:59
  808. RT @AndyRichter: …Diseases “baby parts” are helping to cure:
    Birth defects
    2015-11-29 20:49:12
  809. RT @AndyRichter: …”Baby parts” were used to develop the poliovirus vaccine, which saves 550,000 lives yrly. That is pro-life…
    2015-11-29 20:49:15
  810. RT @AndyRichter: To call fetal tissue “baby parts” shows a childish ignorance about medical research. Imagine a Dr. calling muscle tissue “…
    2015-11-29 20:49:26
  811. I don’t argue about timeline any more than I argue about gravity. I’ve told you what the ball will do, throw it straight up if you dare…
    2015-12-01 11:20:59
  812. Last night, @aglance_ was inexplicably clingy. Woke up this morning to check the thermostat…62. Yep, furnace is dead. #romance
    2015-12-02 11:16:13
  813. RT @neiltyson: 3,400: Americans who died by Terrorism since 2001

    3,400: Americans who died by household Firearms since five weeks ago.

    2015-12-02 23:50:40
  814. RT @sageboggs: Maybe if we dress all the guns up like innocent Muslim refugees, they won’t be allowed in the country anymore
    2015-12-04 16:11:26
  815. RT @sageboggs: jeb bush: we shouldn’t accept refugees
    donald trump: we should nuke the refugees
    ben carson: wizards are real and i’m made o…
    2015-12-04 16:12:08
  816. I’m so deeply in love with this. This is a great idea…rational gun laws:
    2015-12-04 19:54:40
  817. Remember last time there were new Star Wars movies? Remember the over-hype? Remember the letdown? If you over-hype again, you will be sad!
    2015-12-04 20:13:17
  818. When you get your opinions from Fox News, you don’t get to be upset when the grownups ignore your “contributions” to the discussion.
    2015-12-05 03:56:18
  819. Hey, Republicans that keep saying “don’t blame us for Trump”…how about this fucking sociopath?#That’sSomeGoodHate
    2015-12-05 04:06:56
  820. RT @RobChahin: Idea: the “X-Middle-of-Nowhere” HTTP header which tells websites you have 1 bar of 2G reception, so stop loading videos and …
    2015-12-05 17:45:19
  821. Every time someone complains about how “unit tests take to long to run” I think “you manually test your own code quicker than unit tests?”
    2015-12-06 15:51:20
  822. 1 of the CA shooters was entered the US using an easier-to-pass vetting system than what refugees would face..and that’s a reason against?
    2015-12-06 16:09:40
  823. I’ve completed “Probably a Fire Hazard” – Day 6 – Advent of Code #AdventOfCode
    2015-12-06 23:23:11
  824. This is my new favorite Christmas song. It’s not very safe for work…
    2015-12-06 23:59:50
  825. Office secret Santa’s stuffed animal dressing is on point!
    2015-12-07 15:50:22
  826. Fuck…Yes… Okay, rest of the media, time to stop treating this clown like a real candidate or an actual human
    2015-12-08 01:57:38
  827. RT @bennett_nj: Without TDD and pairing, hiring testers or “QA” to sit at the end of the process and lob back simple bugs is counterproduct…
    2015-12-08 03:58:13
  828. Trump’s hate is selling. His lack of slick finish will prevent his election, but the next well-spoken hate monger is gonna win the GOP.
    2015-12-08 04:01:25
  829. If you’re a Republican and don’t recoil in horror from Trump, Carson, and Cruz, you might need to revisit your definition of extremist.
    2015-12-08 04:03:48
  830. On my way to Milwaukee to do some training…one of my favorite most exhausting things to do!
    2015-12-08 17:28:45
  831. How did I forget this was a thing?
    2015-12-08 20:30:38
  832. Training day 1: exhausted, feeling good. Tons of great questions were asked today, which I definitely love. Time now for sleep!
    2015-12-10 03:05:13
  833. It’s almost like combat veterans think they know better than politician and gun nuts…
    2015-12-10 13:52:20
  834. “You seen a lot less angry with hair” -everybody, to me, all winter long
    2015-12-10 14:02:41
  835. I messed up…I went back to my room to change and laid down on the bed. The chances of me making it to the party just plummeted!
    2015-12-10 23:06:11
  836. I’m profoundly dependent on caffeine for social situations. I just taught for a full day on one cup of coffee with breakfast. I win!
    2015-12-10 23:08:11
  837. Extremely well stated, sobering, and hard to read. We are really not the Americans we claim to be…
    2015-12-11 02:42:01
  838. Every time I drop a towel on the floor in a hotel next to a “help us conserve” sign, I feel like I’m Montgomery Burns making gorilla vests.
    2015-12-11 12:33:25
  839. And it DEFINITELY wasn’t that they could get a non-minimum wage job without taking on $50k in college debt…
    2015-12-11 13:00:37
  840. I’m not a fan of Clinton, per se…but this is why I’m amused when people say that she’s a liar: Compared to whom?
    2015-12-12 17:05:08
  841. Hey kids…if you want your political POV to be respected, get a POV that isn’t comprised of partisan news soundbites. Seriously.
    2015-12-12 22:29:38
  842. Wait. Do you mean to tell me that people expressing hate toward Muslims are doing so from complete ignorance? *gasp*
    2015-12-13 14:45:00
  843. What you don’t get, when you ask “must you antagonize all of the idiots on Facebook,” is that I bite my tongue 90% of the time…
    2015-12-14 11:45:44
  844. Hrmm…very interesting. I must read more about this. How many slaves work for you?
    2015-12-14 15:15:00
  845. I’m making a list of everyone posting the “please no spoilers” spam. You are getting targeted messaging after I see the movie. #Enjoy
    2015-12-15 13:28:10
  846. Based on the last GOP debate, they’ve finally cracked the code: say whatever you want, Republican votes go to bombastic hate and ignorance!
    2015-12-16 11:31:10
  847. Before roughly 65% of Republicans point out that you aren’t all idolaters of hate, you want moderate Muslims to denounce THEIR crazies!
    2015-12-16 11:33:56
  848. RT @sageboggs: rubio: we must avoid the next 9/11
    fiorina: i helped after 9/11
    christie: i was there on 9/11
    bush: my brother did 9/11. wai…
    2015-12-16 11:41:43
  849. As two exhausting weeks of providing training end, I still found the time to complain about slideshows:
    2015-12-16 17:43:05
  850. The title of my slideshow post was almost “Slideshows Are Great (for Showing Your Audience You Hate Them)”…it felt too on the nose…
    2015-12-16 17:44:23
  851. A really awesome interview with a person I love that works at a company I love…
    2015-12-16 18:16:31
  852. So much this! (courtesy of @ConFigures)
    2015-12-17 23:36:57
  853. By the way, can we stop with the declarations of what is “American” already? The only truly un-American thing is excluding folks.
    2015-12-18 02:09:08
  854. Time to watch some Star Wars…
    2015-12-18 14:50:32
  855. Star Wars: go see it, you will not be disappointed.
    2015-12-18 18:41:40
  856. If the airport scene at the end of “Love Actually” happened in America today, that kid would have had the holy hell beaten out of him.
    2015-12-22 16:06:24
  857. . @realDonaldTrump I can’t find an alternate definition of ‘schlong’! Do I blame main stream media or public schooling? Please help!
    2015-12-23 01:25:42
  858. Just one of the many services I provide, here is basically the perfect Christmas album: Enjoy!
    2015-12-23 21:44:42
  859. Holy crap, it’s time for my family’s leech to educate me about the “takers” of the world stealing both of his tax dollars.
    2015-12-24 22:57:23
  860. It turns out I’ve hit the limit of classist, racist, xenophobic, or nationalist shit I can quietly listen to…two days too early!
    2015-12-25 01:32:22
  861. My wife @aglance_ got me mypley (Netflix for Lego)…she wins at Christmas!
    2015-12-27 03:24:15
  862. Bill and badawnkdonk just get me! <3
    2015-12-28 01:55:20
  863. It’s pretty slick out here, SE Michigan…be safe!
    2015-12-28 16:22:02
  864. It’s not a problem if you prepare for it… #li
    2015-12-30 11:15:40
  865. RT @saladinahmed: Indonesia has the most Muslims in the world.

    The US has the most Christians.

    Guess which country has normalized mass ki…

    2015-12-31 10:57:54
  866. My head hurts so bad it’s making me nauseated. That’s a thing? How is that a thing?
    2015-12-31 11:25:02
  867. RT @possumskull: HOLY FUCKING SHIT

    Daisy Ridley deadlifting 176lb like a fucking boss

    2015-12-31 22:10:45
  868. Dropping off social media until tomorrow so the ball drop isn’t spoiled for me…that’s what all you SW:TFA spoiler whiners sound like! ;p
    2015-12-31 23:12:13