Gift List

Gift giving is awkward; gift receiving is worse! Here’s the deal…generally speaking, things I want fall into one of the following categories:

  1. I wanted it, so I obtained it
  2. I want it, but what I want is impossibly specific, so I haven’t yet obtained it
  3. I want it, but it’s prohibitively expensive, so I haven’t yet obtained it

None of these make great gifts. Honestly, I mostly have what I want, and I’m slowly trying to get rid of extra stuff that doesn’t add value to my life. That brings us to this page. If you wish to get me a gift, I would suggest donations to any of the following:

  1. The Human Utility (formerly Detroit Water Project)
  2. RAINN
  3. ACLU
  4. Extra-Life (this one is seasonal, if the link doesn’t work, I haven’t updated for the next year’s event yet)

If you really want to provide a gift, I’ve put together some options that you are welcome to choose from…or not…I’m not the boss of you!

  1. Public Wish List on GiftWhale
  2. Gift cards to Home Depot or pretty much anywhere else that sells lumber
  3. Books. I love books, and you really can’t go wrong there. My Goodreads has an adequate listing of what I own and/or have read.

Hopefully this is helpful!