I’m a southeastern Michigan dwelling leader, programmer, public speaker, project manager, educator, lover of lists and bullet points, and geek of varied interests–especially those related to development, team dynamics, writing, and event management. You can find me strewn about the web at places like Bluesky, Wandering.Shop (Mastodon), Facebook, LinkedIn, and probably a million other places (most of which I’ve listed here).

Quick hits

  • I’m co-host of the Leading Questions Podcast with Dawn Kuczwara, a bi-weekly podcast where we answer leadership questions (plus or minus one very long hiatus)
  • I love kayaking, camping, cycling, reading, swearing, writing, board gaming, and watching cheesy teen melodramas
  • My wife has three dogs–Bowser, Yoshi, and Koopa–and I am allowed to live with the four of them
  • I have two children, one of whom also has a pair of children
  • I’ve been in technology for a number of decades that concerns me greatly, and have been leading teams or leaders of teams for more than a decade
  • I am a huge fan of hiking, camping, kayaking, reading, comedy, swearing, traveling, music, board games, and technology
  • I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who has been clean and sober for north of 20 years
  • I update this really infrequently, so, all of this data is probably no more than 5 (and no less than 2) years old at this point

More depth

  • I was born and spent my childhood in and around Syracuse, NY
  • During my youth I pretended to be athletic participating in baseball, soccer, gymnastics, track & field, lacrosse, and wrestling
  • I was good at exactly zero of them
  • I joined the Army shortly before my 18th birthday and lived in Georgia, South Korea, and Virginia before making Michigan my home
  • I’ve lived in Michigan longer than anywhere else at this point, and consider it my home
  • Within tech, I’ve supported many industries: hospitals, marketing and advertising, fintech, biotech, hospitality, higher educaction, automotive and manufacturing, and a host of others
  • At various times I’ve run companies ranging in size from solo consultancies to a small 6-person marketing firm
  • Despite tremendous stage fright I have spoken at numerous conferences and taught at several colleges over the years
  • I spent a couple of years burned out on the tech industry, so I worked as a carpenter–stick-frame residental, roofing, remodels–for varying sized companies, managed at a fast food restaurant, hauled around heavy objects as a mover, and got dirty as a landscaper (most of these overlapped considerably)
  • Trying new things is my jam; I generally will say yes to new experiences if I’m not super likely to die or do prison time from them
  • Somewhere around 20% of my body is covered in tattoos at this point, and I fully expect that number to grow