I’m a southeastern Michigan dwelling leader, programmer, public speaker, project manager, educator, and geek of varied interests, especially those related to development, team dynamics, writing, and event management. You can find me strewn about the web at places like Twitter, Wandering.Shop (Mastodon), Facebook, LinkedIn, and probably a million other places (most of which I’ve listed here).

Other fun facts about me:

  • I’m co-host of the Leading Questions Podcast with Dawn Kuczwara, a bi-weekly podcast where we answer leadership questions
  • I love kayaking, camping, cycling, reading, swearing, writing, board gaming, and watching cheesy teen melodramas
  • My wife has two dogs named Bowser and Yoshi that live with me…but they’re not MY dogs
  • We have also added a third dog to the family, Koopa, that also lives with me…and is only slightly more MY dog
  • I have two children, one of whom also has a pair of children
  • I update this really infrequently, so, all of this data is probably no more than 5 years old at this point