This is probably the best way to get in contact with me. There are other methods, but this is generally the one I respond to the most quickly. Just use ‘me’ at my domain name.


I *almost* exclusively use IM clients that provide end-to-end encryption. My preferred platforms are, in order of preference, Keybase, Telegram, and Signal. I also pay attention to Discord for a host of reasons that mostly boil down to laziness. Here are the deets:

  1. jer_ (
  2. Telegram: tehjer (
  3. Signal: my phone number (see why it’s not my fav?)
  4. Discord: tehjer_#0552

IMs/DMs/PMs on other platforms are very unlikely to be seen and even less likely to be responded to.


If you have my phone number, you should use it to text or Signal. If you call, I’m probably not going to answer. If I do answer, I’m probably only doing so to be mean. It’s really just better for everybody if you don’t.

Everything Else

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, or whatever; terrible forms of communication. I treat them like toys; I never check my direct messages, I intermittently check public messages, and I don’t consider them ways to communicate. You’re probably better off sending smoke signals than using social media to reach me. If you want to see the list of placed on the web you can find me so that you can leave messages I’ll never see, you can find it here!

Leave a Comment

You can now leave a comment right here to reach me. Don’t worry, your message won’t show up on the page, I have them all set to be moderated. Simply leave your name, some contact info, and some explanation as to why I’d need to reach out to you and I’ll probably do that. At some point. Probably. Maybe.

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