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Each year, some friends and I form together like a grossly inappropriate Voltron to form team Light Recoil with one purpose: to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. This will be our fourth year of fundraising, and each year we’ve managed to up our game some; last year we raised over $1,600. This year I’d love to make it $2,000. If you want to help, donate now!

This is where we sweeten the pot; what’s in it for you?

  • We will stream our gaming sessions for the duration of the November 5th marathon! This is at times funny, sad, or ludicrously boring; but it’s always NSFW. My stream is over here, and we’ll post links to more streams later!
  • If you donate over $100 and message us your size, you get a team shirt! Each year we get together and create a shirt design, get them printed on high quality shirt stock, and order the shit out of them. Donate over $100 and get one of your very own! (Design should be coming soon)
  • You can micro-donate to make us play punishment games! In a nutshell, we have a series of ‘punishment games’ (things that are entertainingly terrible to be stuck playing, like EnviroBear and Winnie the Pooh Baseball) that will be streamed regularly throughout the LAN, and the teammate who gets the most donations for a given game is stuck playing it! Details as to the game schedule and how to donate to follow!
  • Your donation is tax deductible! Need I say more? Help sick kids, reduce your tax burden; you can be both democrat AND republican, all at once.
  • 100% of your donations go to the Children’s Miracle Network! Charity Navigator gives the CMN a 4-star rating and nearly 90% (88.8% to be specific) of the funds you raise go directly to helping sick kids; that’s just over 11% overhead. Your money is being well spent.

In short, this is a great cause and we really want your help, so click here to donate to me or click here to visit the Light Recoil page and select another teammate to donate.

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