Extra Life 2016 – Update

I mentioned a couple of months ago team Light Recoil‘s annual fundraising efforts for Beaumont Children’s Hospital & the Children’s Miracle Network through Extra Life are coming up quickly. Already, thanks to your amazing generosity, we have raised nearly half of our goal of $2,000. Thank you all so very much.

The T-Shirt ($100)

If you donate moellr_2016_2re than $100 to any Light Recoil team member you become an honorary member of Light Recoil and get one of our nifty team shirts. This year’s design, by Blake Farrugia, is probably my favorite of all of the years. The shirts themselves are really high quality; I’ve been wearing ones from past years regularly and they still hold up quite nicely.

The TeamSpeak Server ($58)

If you donate over last-years average donation amount to anybody on our team, you can get access to the TeamSpeak server for the year. Yes, not only can you join in on the “witty” “conversation” during our LAN, but you can partake in all of our “entertaining” “banter” throughout the year.1 Just think of the joy you will derive from being privy to our “thoughts”. That’s got to be worth at least a cup of coffee (not, you know, from Starbucks…maybe from a local diner)?

Punishment Games (microdonations)

If you’ve watched us stream in previous years, you are obviously familiar with our punishment games.  For the uninitiated, throughout the LAN, we will occasionally set aside periods of time during which we track donations and whoever got the most donations gets forced to stream them playing a game as punishment. Such games in the past have included 2-Person Cooperative QWOP:

Or 2-Person Cooperative Surgeon Simulator:

It typically doesn’t take much cash to coerce your favorite (or least favorite) member of Light Recoil to play Enviro-Bear, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Turbo Pug, or Shower With Your Dad Simulator.

Tune into our streams throughout the weekend to see the fun and don’t forget to DONATE!

The streams:


1 Caveat: we only have room for one *really* annoying person and that role is already filled, so, if you turn out to just be an annoying troll, we do reserve the right to un-invite you.