Idle Hands Are a Good Thing, Right?

Today the majority of my team and I were let go from work. Laid off. Reduced. RIFed. Whatever the right term for that is. This being the third round of layoffs it isn’t entirely surprising anymore, although the degree of commitment represented by the depth of the cuts does take one back.

This is not the end of the world for me. Truth be told, I’ve been sitting on a blog post describing why I—at the start of the month—stepped down from my position. This is the logical consequence of resigning. I am, however, tremendously concerned for several members of my team, and I’ll be reaching out to many of you in the coming weeks to see if I can find homes for developers and a PM.

For me, I’m going to take some time to figure out what the right next step is. I initially took a managerial role with my current organization not because I desired a managerial role, but because it was the right fit for me at that particular time with that particular organization. That was no longer true post-acquisition, so I would hate to step right into another management role simply because it’s what I last did.

Honestly, lately, I’ve been thinking that the role of Agile Coach is more up my alley. I love doing it, it contains most of the things that I loved in my role as manager, and I am given to understand that I’m pretty good at it. In the year and change that I’ve spent coaching agile teams directly, I have felt like it dovetailed my love of process, my ability to deliver quality, my enjoyment of teaching, and my skill in mentoring teams all together nicely.

As it stands, I have some time to make a decision, and I fully expect to make a fully reasoned, calculated one. This is going to be a good thing, I think.

That or I’ll be posting here in a month or so saying “holy fucking shit, I’m broke, I need a job, someone please help me!!”. One or the other.

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