Ending My Split Personality

For years, I maintained two separate personas on the Internet. One in my own name and one not immediately able to be assigned back to me personally (although a miniscule amount of digging would link us up quite easily).

As time went on, I saw less and less reason to keep these separate–first my two Twitter accounts merged into one, then I canned my Facebook page in favor of just directing all of that content to my personal Facebook account. The last vestige of this division, then, has remained my two blogs.

The fact is, I have kept two blogs despite never posting in the old one anymore because there are posts in the old one that I simply didn’t want to have front-and-center for everyone in my wife’s life to see. In retrospect, that means that I am maintaining an entirely separate blog for what amounts to perhaps 5 posts in a decade.

That seems ridiculous.

Over the next several weeks, then, I’m going to start merging the two. I will be porting over blog entries manually that I wish to retain, backing up those that I do not, and shutting the doors on the other blog.

I point this out for two reasons: first, I do not know what impact posting retroactive posts will have on my RSS feed, so be warned that it might get wonky for a while; second, I might post periodically to highlight some of the posts that I have ported over if they amuse or entertain me in revisiting them.