Leading Questions (a Podcast)

A few weeks ago, Dawn and I were participating in a leadership conversation in a slack that we both frequent when the idea of us doing a leadership podcast was brought up.

Neither of us have ever waited to be asked twice to throw ourselves out there publicly, so we hastily pulled together a concept, some material, recording equipment, and set to work making a thing.

Yesterday, we posted the first episode of that thing!

The central conceit1 is a bi-weekly2 podcast that seeks to take one listener-supplied question about leadership and answer it in around a half hour drawing from our experiences and education on the subject.3

Despite some sound issues (in episodes 1 & 2 my audio can best be described as “bassy” and “filled with echos”), I’m really proud of what we’ve gotten so far, and I look forward to sharing more of this with you all.

If you get a chance, please spend a half hour and give us a listen. If you enjoy it, consider sharing it with a likeminded friend. If you don’t like it, YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!4


1 Yes, I chose the word “conceit” on purpose…see what I did there? (back)

2 I really hate that “bi-weekly” means both twice-per-week and once-every-other-week. That is stupid. English is stupid. (back)

3 So…mostly experience, natch. (back)

4 Or, you know, provide constructive feedback…both are good. (back)