Training Days

This and next week I will be performing a series of trainings for groups within our organization to describe how we’re using Scrum (initially, at least). This is easily my favorite part of my job.

Not the “performing training” part; while I enjoy that considerably, it is also utterly exhausting. No, my favorite part of the job is helping others understand things. Anybody can tell someone the answer. Some of those people can even tell someone the right answer. It is immeasurably more satisfying to walk someone through the though process by which the right answer was derived so that in the future you can watch them solve the next problem correctly.

To me, that’s what this training amounts to. Describe the principles, describe the tools, describe how we’re using the tools to support the principles, then describe how we use the principles to answer the questions that come up along the way. So simple, so difficult.

I’m going to need some caffeine.