Weight Loss Update 2

To hell with writing a book in November…I think my contribution to NaNoWriMo should be to stop neglecting my blogs!

Today I weighed in and got my stats measured, and I am supremely happy with the results. To recap, my first measurements began in early July after I had lost about 20 lbs and were:

  • Neck: 17½”
  • Waist (for me, circumference of the fattest part of my gut): 51”
  • Hips: 46½”
  • Weight: 282#

When last I checked in, early in September, those same measures were 18” / 50” / 44¼” / 263# which I found to be a respectable trend. I was happy. Today, I continue to be happy! My neck is down to 16½ inches, which has apparently had a dramatic affect on my appearance as I have, very recently, been getting the “have you lost weight?” question from people. Mostly, I get the question in the last month, and even from folks that have seen me fairly recently.

My hips have shrunk to 43 inches as my weight sunk to 245 pounds. I estimate that this is probably the least I’ve weighed in the time I’ve known my wife. It is a good weight for me, at least as a temporary stopping point.

Most impressive, though, is my waist. The girthiest part of my body has shrunk from 51 inches to 41.5. My belt used to show about 1 inch when cinched to normal tightness…today, there is over a foot hanging out of the end.

So, a quick update, but an update nonetheless…weight continues to come off at around 2 pounds per week; size continues comparably. More on this soon, I hope, with an update of how it is all going in a qualitative sense.